making forgiveness easy

making forgiveness easy

Over the years,people have offended and been offended,and after a while if not immediately,the need for forgiveness arises.The issue of forgiveness is not human but divine.The human race has being subjected to this act and this has to has to continue for anyone who believes in and wants to see God.
WHAT IS FORGIVENESS? I’ll simply say forgiveness is overlooking one’s wrongdoing and forgetting it at the same time-and forever.NeveR referring to it again,for life.Yes all of this is how I define FORGIVENESS
This I forget to intimate you on the difficulty of this?…TASKING…but the human mind as unique as it is,created for adaption can adapt and learn to forgive at Every point in time,given the fact that as Christians we’re alive as a result of Christ’s forgiveness.We ought also to learn to forgive so as to be like him.(Forgiveness is his nature).
To forgive and to do it well one might as a matter of fact find the right reason.Its not just enough to say “I’ve forgiven you” and later return to referring to the things he reportedly have forgiven about.
Forgiveness means Forgetting-forever…Never referring to it again,No matter what,and to do this effectively,here are my five suggestions.
1:-Know the reason:Remember forgiveness dosn’t just appear,there’s always a reason for it.Also be reminded that its not your choice to forgive but Gods command and must be obeyed. If you don’t find the right reason you’ll always think its up to you,but in the real sense-its not.
2:-Learn to choose your words:-If you’re conscious of the words you,you’ll be less prone to referring to one sin committed by Mr xyz…and if you don’t mention it after a long time,you’re poised to forget it.
3:-Desire to forgive:-perhaps this should have being number 1 or 2 because of its priority.When you desire to do something,only God can stop you and truth is,God won’t stop you from doing the right thing.Desire to forgive and you’ll find the spirit of forgiveness.
4:-Pray:-I’ve learnt right from childhood that prayer is the master key…and I’ve found that to be true.If you pray,you’ll constantly remind God that you’re but a human and request for His forgiving spirit and we all know God answers prayers…Don’t you?
In conclusion remember forgiveness is compulsory. As a matter of fact I’ve not seen a religion that doesn’t preach it.Its one of the most preached virtue. We know how painful his evil is..he snatched your wife or husband..did he kill any of your loved one’s?… God still requires you to forgive.
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