life’s challenging you? refuel your mind here!

life’s challenging you? refuel your mind here!

  Life has its dynamics.every life has its own challenges. What are yours? Why are you not achieving your goals yet. What are your favorite excuses? The time has come to stop complaining and start
achieving. You might not be fulfilling destiny yet because of one limitation or the other, but I tell you,there is no such limitation. Its only a mirage.
Stop giving yourself reasons why you can’t succeed and start giving yourself reasons why you must succeed. Truth is,there are so many people who have being in your situation and have successfully come out and victoriously too. If you read on you’ll see a few examples why you can be a success no matter what.
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life challenges

The Abraham Lincoln case study

I suppose you know the greatest American president(arguably),born into a very poor home,educated for only a year,Lincoln had the desire to learn and to succeed. His desire made him above all odds realize his dreams.He led through the end of the civil war.(a Google search about abraham lincoln civil war would shed more light on this). Today,Lincoln is amongst the most admired American leaders.Your desire would make a path for you if you work hard and hold onto it long enough.Today many speakers use Abraham Lincoln quotes in their speeches … Do you think your case is worst compared to Abraham Lincoln? Check this out,

 The Ben Carson Story

Benjamin Carson was raised by a very poor single mother(Sonya Carson). Ben and his brother Curtis were extremely dull in class,and this was a Time America was very racial,you don’t want to combine being dull,poor and black in such a community, (now that’s what I call extreme) but sadly that was the case of Ben Carson. They always come bottom in class until their mum took a DECISION. That Ben and Curtis would not play until homeworks were done,read and write a report of them weekly to her(though she couldn’t read). Ben and Curtis were not happy with this new development,but the obeyed anyway,they read two books weekly and gave written reports to their mum.

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 The Jinx is Broken

Day went by and turned into weeks and months,One day in class the teacher asked a question. No on could answer,not even the most intelligent could identify this rock. ALAS!!! “I sir” Ben Carson wanted to answer(can you imagine how the other students would have felt? Like what is he doing?) But the teacher recognized and asked him to answer. “Obsidian” Ben answer. He had just answered his first question. He went on to explain beyond the teachers’ expectation. From then onward, Ben didn’t slow down,he achieved so so much,Getting all forms of scholarships. At the unheard age of 30 he became the director of pediatric Neurosurgery. He was the first to lead a team to successfully separate a conjoined set of twins both surviving.His brother Curtis Carson develops brake systems for aircraft. Friends what is holding you back from succeeding.? What is that self limiting belief you are holding? Set yourself free and relaunch your passion and desires. The truth is that you can succeed and you will.Like dr carson’s  Mom,take decisions that would positively affect your life.I recommend you read his book Gifted Hands ,it a must read book for everybody who wants success the right way.

tough times never last,but tough people do

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If you are reading this post then you have eyes,people who don’t have eyes still succeed,you don’t agree? You should or read this,

 physically challenged  yet successful people

If you are conversant with hymns and their authors,you would have heard of Frances Jane Cosby.she was one of the most prolific hymn writers,with over 8000 hymns(yes Eight thousand hymns) despite being
blind. She wrote “Blessed assurance” “Jesus is tenderly calling” “To God be the Glory” to name a few.
Also blind was Adams Hellen Keller(miracle worker) and Louis Braille who by the way gave the blind a way to read and write. Tell me what can keep you from succeeding if you really want to succeed. Absolutely NOTHING.
The Good book also told us of Joseph amongst others who became a ruler in a nation he was taken to has a slave. That is an achiever any day any time. Actually you can sucked to,you can win,how do I know?
Because you are not alone in that situation. So many others were,many are and many will be. It has always being like that. And because others have succeeded, I want you to draw strength and achieving your
purpose. these are physically challenged yet successful people,what is holding you back?
have I left out anything? share your inspiring stories or challenges with us,use the comment box below,if you like the post do share to help someone.
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