Larry Page – 12 top quotes on entrepreneurship from Google’s Co-Founder

Larry Page – 12 top quotes on entrepreneurship from Google’s Co-Founder

Larry Page gives his entrepreneurial quotes

Larry Page is the CEO of Alphabet and co-founder of search engine and tech giant GOOGLE. Alphabet is Google’s parent company. In this post are 12 amazing quotes (in pictures) from Larry page on a variety of topics, including Motivation, leadership, success, hard work, mindset, challenges, dreams, empowerment, future, getting started, leadership, opportunities, and risks .

Larry Page along with Sergey Brin founded Google, the worlds’ leading search engine and her headquarter is in the United States.

Google’s primary purpose is to serve the world with information, and they are doing just that. With Google search engine for texts, photo, and videos on YouTube, Google has lived up to expectation and have not failed to surpass expectations. If there is anybody worthy of emulating by entrepreneurs’, it would definitely be the brain behind it. Google have done well, and have kept their words.

How did Google start?

The glorious history of Google. starts with two students Larry Page 23 and Sergey Brin 24, who were pursuing their Ph.D. at Stanford University, when they got the idea to create a new search engine. Supposedly, Larry Page and Sergey Brin did not like each other initially.

Google has become the go to source for knowledge and this guy Larry Page is right behind it.
Page is worth $49.3 billion according to forbes in January 2017

Here are Larry Page ’s top 12 quotes on entrepreneurship

When asked, Larry page had this to say about challenges!

Larry Page on Challenges

This is what Larry said about Dreams

Google Dreams

How about Empowerment, this is what Larry Page had to say

Larry Page on empowerment

This is how he sees the future.

What does Larry think about starting up or getting started?

Larry page, google and start ups

About hard work, this is his Philosophy

Hard work pays,Larry PAge
What is Larrys’ Message on Motivation?

Larry Pages Motivation

How about leadership? This is Larry Pages’ thought

Larry Page on leadership skills

What is the mindset of Larry Page on “mindset”?

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LArry PAge thinks on mindset

We all see opportunities differently, and this is exactly how Google’s cofounder and CEO of Alphabet sees it.

Opportunities at google

What do you think about taking risks? This is what Page thinks about Risks

Risks at google

And finally, this is his thought on Success.

Larry Page thinks of success


Over to you, there are amazing quotes by this amazing individual, these quotes hold facts in them and they when followed can guide an entrepreneur to success.

Like I said, Google’s primary purpose is to serve the world with information, and they are doing just that. Other search engines are just playing catch up .

What is your best of these quotes? Do you think Larry Page is doing well as a CEO of Alphabet, how often do you use google? Is Google your preferred search engine? Share your thoughts with us using the comment area, and don’t forget to share this post so someone somewhere can be inspired to do more.


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