Keep your FREE advice!!!! -These 3 people do not need them!

Keep your FREE advice!!!! -These 3 people do not need them!

Free Advice

Keep your FREE advice,There are some people you might come across in life and being who you are, you might try to offer helps or advice to these people when they seem to need help. But what would they do? Spit your help back at your face to say the least.
Theses people are somewhat gullible to fraudsters and are very susceptible to mistakes and failure, but they’ll remain adamant and obstinate when sincere advice and assistance is been thrown at them. They so belief they know it all. My advice for you is to look somewhere else for good friendship because these people would affect you negatively.
Without any further ado, lets delve into the list to see who these set of people are

Three categories of people who don’t need your free advice

1. The cynics:- A cynic is simply someone who doesn’t believe in sincere advice or intention. He believes whatever anybody is doing is to the advantage of that person and perhaps the person wants to exploit him. Cynics are very difficult to deal with. Maybe I should explain better using two men, John wants to buy a car, and his friend Andrew told him to buy from store “x” which is trusted, but john thinks Andrew has connived with the store owner to inflate the price of the product. John is a cynic.
A cynic thinks every thing you do is to hurt him and take advantage of him, not only in the area of cash, it applies in every aspect of their life. They don’t give a damn how far you go to satisfy them, the more you attempt to prove your loyalty to them, the more they believe you have something up your sleeves. He’ll always give your advice a cynical definition.
That is just a short explanation to make you understand cynics. They’ll never believe your ideas are from your heart to help them, they’d rather think your ideas are from your head to exploit them,even if it is a relationship advice.
So why waste your precious time on such people? Let them be and save your breath. You have better things to do with your time and emotions.

2. Traditionalists:- Yes, traditionalists, were you surprised to see that? Well, your idea of a traditionalist might be different from the one I have here.
This is what somebody called a traditionalist(John Mason specifically) -“A traditionalist is someone who welcomes a new idea provided it is the old idea” hahaha, confused? Don’t be. It simply means a traditionalist never welcomes a new idea. He believes he knows it all and wants everybody to abide by what he suggests. How on earth do you get along with such a person? A person whose idea is the only right idea. An opinionated fellow!
No matter what you say to this set of people they won’t agree. If they accept to your face, they’ll do something else once you’ve left.

3. Complainers and “blamers”:- This type of people might amaze you. They appear to you as friendly and comely. They take your advice on one condition. “NOTHING MUST GO WRONG” from the moment you give that advice to the end of time, if anything goes wrong, even though they caused it, they’ll point accusing finger at you. You’ll hear things like, Aahhh Ibitade made me do it, I didn’t intend to buy this but Rose told me to buy it. Like number one above, they are never wrong, whatever goes wrong is not from them but from the nearest person to them, but when it’s right, they take the glory.

This people don’t ever take responsibility for their actions(when it goes wrong especially), they’ll always shift the blame onto some other people, how pathetic! They’ll complain and blame.
You’ve seen, these people must be avoided like a plaque; else they’ll weigh you down emotionally and ultimately drag you to their mentality.

Have you encountered any of these people? Are you a member of one or more of the groups above? If you where, how did you overcome, if you have. What’s your take on this? Do use the share button to share with me what you think.

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