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But Then, Life is a Competition!

is life a competition

Is life a competition  to you or not? Many people believe that life is not a competition. A lot of these people when asked do not have a clear explanation why this is true. For me, I’ve never accepted that statement to be true. I believe life is full of competitions, I believe the beginning of every of human activities is underlined with the intent of competing, even religion. Of course, this is why it is my opinion, and we are all blessed with the “right to our opinions”. While I see life as a competition, I believe we will all do better if we live it with as much ease as possible, if we “pretend” the competition is not there or does not affect us, we will be behind our contemporaries and eternally be on the defensive, and this is why this discussion is very important.

In my next post therefore, I will lay out some simple steps in being ahead of competition in as much endeavor we find ourselves.

Is life a competition?

A straight answer to that question for me, is a direct and resounding YES! No more no less.

Why do I see life as a competition?

Before I progress to showing you how to cancel as much competition as possible, let me first explain a little, why life is a competition to me.
As a child, you are enrolled in a crèche or day care, and then you are moved to a nursery school, then to a primary/basic school where you are expected to learn and master the letters, this is partly because everyone is getting “schooled” and your parents do not want to leave you in the dark, while in this school, your parents expect you to top your class, BECAUSE THEY WANT YOU TO BE SEEN AS BETTER THAN YOUR PEERS-What do you call that?

You progressed to secondary school and you keep late nights, just so you can outsmart your contemporaries in tests, exams, continuous assessments et al- What do you call that?

You move to a university and plan to graduate with a first or second class at least so you can gain the respect of your friends, and probably secure a better job(even though this is a wrong reason to attend a university, it is the common reason people have in mind)- What do you call this?

After graduation, you seek a better paying job, you get employed in a beautiful office and you announce to your friends, and when celebrating, you walk an inch taller, your claim life is not a competition yet?

As a bloke, you admire the most beautiful girl among the lot, just so you can flaunt her to your friends, you keep her errors a secret and publicize every beautiful thing she does, and you come to my face to say that is not a competition.

Or as a lady, Only the most intelligent or physically strong guy catches your fancy, you always want to tell your friends how good a footballer he is, how strong he is and how he wrestled with five “lions” and defeated them all with a single punch- Yet you say life is no competition? ( meanwhile, forgive my exaggeration there, I was just trying to express what I’d have done If I had my way).

The Truth

The truth is, whatever we as humans do, is because of the “competitive instinct” we posses. Even the lower animals still compete.

Biology thought me that man is in constant competition for survival, and the survival of the fittest is the order of the day for every animal with blood flowing through their veins, even plants.

I believe the cliché that life is not a competition is an alibi and a cheap get away from reality of what is upon us. I see it as a plot to escape the shame of failure when one fails to live up to standard of his contemporaries or a way the successful try to remove pressure from off their shoulder.

I also think it is a flimsy excuse the weak give to exonerate themselves from failing to get ahead of the “actual competition and competitors”.

Take another case study

Yahoo! Is dead, we all know it, the purchase by Verizon for $4.8billion has not done much so far to prove otherwise. If life was not a competition, we would still have a lot of folks using yahoo, but because facebook and Google stepped up their tempo, brought a more superior offer to the table, users had no choice than to swing allegiance, and the result was yahoos’ crumble, perhaps yahoo too believed in the cliché that life is not a competition.

What facebook and Google are doing now is to eradicate further competition and kill off competitors and this explains why they are paying through the nose for every service that threatens them, or for those that’ll complement their effort. Facebook bought Whatsapp for billions of dollars, remember?

I strongly believe life is a competition and the earlier we all wake up to these realities, the better, because we will be better prepared to battle, and we will begin earlier than others who think otherwise.

Over to you

What do you think? Do you think Life is a competition too? What is your take on this and what is your reason(s)? Just share your thoughts with us via the comment area, don’t forget to share too, it makes me glad!


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