Introducing: #MovieFriday

Introducing: #MovieFriday


Hello lovely people, its my pleasure to introduce a new section to you today on this blog.
To make it a nice place and start the weekends on a lovely note, I have decided to introduce a source of entertainment which would both inspire and educate us all. Some people would call it Edutainment.

What’s this new section? It’s an open forum where everybody is welcome to send in their posts about a movie that has inspired them, educated, transformed and informed them. I do accept guest posts, but this is no guest post because it is open to non bloggers too. (although if as a blogger you want to call it a guest post, no problem).

So I’d dedicate my Fridays to you all. It’s now open, you can send in those lovely movies you’ve seen. Even their links on sites (e.g. YouTube). Also you’ll write a review however descriptive of the movie. You don’t have to be the best of writers, just give us a breakdown and how you’re touched. I’d start by posting about a movie I just saw, although it’s quite an old movie,but due to my tight schedule which affords me no luxury for movies I just had the grace to see it and I loved it so much, so I thought there are people out there too who would love to share one or two of their experiences with movies.
Write how best you can and we at biscoibitade would be happy to read from you.
Do send your entries to And once I get it, I’ll place it on queue for the MovieFriday of the week. You can share links to our #MovieFriday stories on social media using hash tags ( i.e. #MovieFriday #BiscoIbitade #RobinHood) supposing you wrote about Robin hood.
Thank you, and I hope we would do well to keep this idea alive and interesting. I look forward to seeing your stories.

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submit stories here

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