Eight little Fun things that can cause failure

Eight little Fun things that can cause failure

Interesting facts about people

One of my Interesting facts about people is that nobody wants to fail. There are no little failures. A failure is failure and there is no other name for it, however there are some that are too bitter a pill to swallow, especially when they come about from the little thing which where unimaginable to cause such “colossal”  or minute setback.

In this post I have made a list of little things you might not know are causes of failure. They are the little things we do every day and we have fun doing them too. But they go beyond the fun they provide to either make us fulfilled or profound failures. The major bane here is doing it in Excess. It’ll be great if you understand and do these stuffs a little more less. In the movie karate Kid, Jackie Chan said it better, “Too much of good stuff is bad stuff”

8 little things we do that makes us failures

Below I would list just eight of these little things we do in excess that makes us fail in the long run.

“Too much of good stuff is bad stuff”-Jackie Chan( in Karate Kid)


  1. Food: food is good and when prepared well tastes very great. But many do not know they are where they are especially financially and academically because of how much they eat. When you eat and you are heavy, you hardly find the ability to stay alert, you feel dizzy. When you are also a glutton all you think of is your next meal and this inhibits your ability to think of other creative things necessary.


  1. Sleep: When you sleep a lot, you lose time. The little time you need to increase your productivity-you waste it on the bed, then there is a problem.



  1. TV: Do you watch the TV too much?. Come to think of it, those you watch on TV are already made or are being made. I believe you should also spend time on yourself so you can be watched by others too. If you exhaust all your time in front of the TV, you are indirectly reducing how far you can go.


  1. Social Media: Do you spend all your time on facebook, twitter, instagram, google plus and other social tools? Like I said about the TV, those who created this sites and tools didn’t use them while they were growing up. They (the tools or sites) were created as a result of the hard work and creativity of their respective owners, and these sites are earning millions of dollars for the owners, how much have you earned from these sites? I earn a lot from social media, but that does not rule out the fact that I too need to spend lesser time on it myself. We all need to develop ourselves offline and be better people.



  1. Sex: Do you think of sex all day? Are you surprise seeing this on the list? Oh! Don’t be. Many people spend all their time on the thoughts of sex. A whole lot of others spend so much money on Commercial sex workers or a Gigolo (depending on gender)This definitely negate success rate.


  1. Friends: Watch the friends you keep. How valuable are their company to you? What value are they adding to you? If a friend is not adding to you, he surely is deducting from you. Be careful of the friends you keep. Many would drag you to the mud, you should know that you need to choose your friends carefully and not your friends choosing you.



  1. The Wrong Spouse: You need to be careful too in selection of your spouse. Many people would not realize their destiny because their spouse would militate against its realization. When choosing a wife or husband, know what you want and don’t ignore little details.


  1. School: I can’t say it enough, school is one of the reasons many people would fail in life. What schools does to some people is more of harm than good. Many people who graduate from the university lose the ability to create,(not all, just many) they believe after University life, Paid employment is the next and compulsory. Today a lot of individuals blame the government and when I see graduates in the number, it breaks my heart. The Idea of education(although greater than the scope of schooling) is to develop the mind of the individual to see opportunities and seize them or create where there is non, but most of our graduates only look for the opportunities on the “Vacancy boards” outside offices. A lot of rich people in Nigeria and the world today are un-schooled. A visit to the large markets would prove me correct, they own big chain stores, and investments that employ schooled graduates, I thought the reverse should have been the case.


There you go. Eight little good things you do that could make you not succeed. You might think otherwise and want to replace any of the listed, do use the comment area below to share your mind and ideas with me

Over to you, what are your thoughts? Is school supposed to be on that list for whatever reason? Do you agree sex is on of the reasons people fail in life? What do you think of the wrong spouse? Share your thoughts with me using the comment area below.



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  1. Dope:I sincerely think that revelling should be added to that list. There is a human tendency to always want to enjoy and have fun with every available time, but folks misconstrue the ideal of enjoying life and they think that it is all about jumping from one party to another until life is spent and they end up not achieving because they haven’t had time to “THINK”

    • Nice One Steven. People really do misconstrue the idea of enjoying life. And I like the phrase in your conclusion “LIFE IS SPENT”. truth is, until people realize they spend life, they won’t make the most of it. Every second as its ticks is been used up, profitably or otherwise. thanks for stopping by, and I appreciate your comment.


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