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Understanding yourself better with your “Self Talk”

Self talk

Do you talk to yourself when you are alone? If you do, what do you say to yourself? If you don’t, why? Oh! You don’t want to be seen as losing your mind I guess, or what other reasons do you have? Perhaps you hate soliloquizing.
Well, after this post, I want to believe your perception of self talk would change, (I hope for the better). Then, if you have been into it, I believe you would appreciate it even more.

What is the self talk?

Self talk is simply engaging in a conversation with your self – Period! It is as simple as that. When you start talking to yourself, irrespective of what you are talking about, you are engaging in the art and act of self talk.

Why do you need to talk to yourself

If it is not good, important or beneficial, I will not be introducing it to you or anyone for that matter. There are needs for you to talk to yourself.
When you get involved in self talk, you get closer to yourself. There is need for you to know about yourself and your pressing needs. One might ask, “Don’t I know myself?” “but I live with myself and do everything about myself”, but I say to you, When you get involved in self talk, more, truer and clearer facts and truths will become revealed to you.
By self talk I don’t mean you should murmur to yourself or think inside of you. Thinking is normal, most of us do (well, permit me to say “most of us think”), but not all of us talk to our self. By self talk, I mean you should talk to yourself, vocally-Audibly, Aloud. Speak out to yourself. You need to get those truths out of your mind. Ask yourself real questions and the manner with which you’ll answer will amaze you.

Importance of talking to yourself

When you talk to yourself, you understand yourself better, you find that person inside of you that can be smart, shrewd and composed. You can discover your weakness and areas of strength through this simple act.
More to that, you can learn to be more positive about yourself this way. You know areas in your life where amends needs to be made and once you decide to change, growth is sure.
You can find solutions to your problems this way, if you talk to yourself. You need to be honest with yourself anyway, for this to work. There’s no point lying to you, by yourself.

How Do I talk to myself, and not be seen as insane?

Once you decide to start talking to yourself, the next thing you’ll think of is whether you’ll not be seen as insane, or one who needs to see a psychiatrist. You’re not alone. But then, you need this, so the way out is to find a place, calm and perhaps lonely. A place where you can think and converse with yourself is necessary. Such is the place you need to talk to yourself. Search, you will find that one place that’s cool and calm enough for you.

How frequent should you get involved with yourself talk?

It won’t be too much if you talked to yourself everyday, however, Time is one luxury many cant afford, so perhaps twice a week, or at least once a week will do. But, you have to stick to your schedule. Too little time will also not make much sense. If this is to be a daily habit, maybe five to ten minutes will be just fine. But on a weekly basis, no less than thirty minutes will be okay to review the previous week, and look forward to the next week, years and others personal issues that need attention.

Sample questions you can ask yourself

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself. It’ll be great to ask these and very many more questions, and give honest, and sincere answers.(you can ask yourself in the first person, but asking in the second person is just as fine), remember, this is you asking yourself.

1. How do you feel about yourself today?
2. How do you feel about doing some things to improve yourself
3. On the average, how do you rate your attitude daily
4. What makes you feel best about yourself?
5. What are some good things you do that you’ll like to do more of?
6. What do you think you’ll like to work on the most about yourself?
7. Is there anything you think can be holding you back from being your best?
8. What do you think you can do about that?
9. How is your self talk improving? Is there any progress?
10. Do you think your life is going in the direction it should be?
11. What attitude do you choose to have right now?
12. What is your philosophy about (this, that and that)
13. Are you making progress the way you should be making?

Those are few of the thousand possible questions you should ask yourself and give honest answers to too. Don’t ignore any, they are instrumental to your personal growth.

Over to you. Do you think the idea of self talk is possibly going to improve you? What are those areas you think the self talk will positively or negatively affect about you? Can this process or program be improved and enhanced for a better result, if yes in what way? Share with us using the comment area below.


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