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Bisco is a high-performance coach, a personal finance strategist and an online business consultant. As a pro-blogger, I can help you succeed in or taking your business online.

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    Nonso Nwagbo

    This is really a well-researched article that is potent enough to push anyone to the fore-front of writing. I really love your point on storytelling.

    Storytelling and relatable illustrations are important facets of writing that can make readers more engaged and involved in a piece. It’s one of the best ways to keep them glued till the end, and it’s a technique that can be used in business writings too.

    As an addition, articles should be evenly spaced. Most business articles never get read because of poor readability. Poor punctuation and inefficient paragraphing repel readers off.

    Thank you so much Bisco, this article is totally worth the read.

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      Sure, storytelling is very important. The few business writings I have enjoyed have one or two stories. They have a way of making the article natural.

      Thank you Nonso, for coming.


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