12 reasons never to reject any idea

12 reasons never to reject any idea

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A lot of times we are inspired with wonderful ideas. We get ideas and they come in their numbers. The average man gets over 50,000 thoughts per day (some statistics put it over 70,000) 80% of which are negative anyway. The others are positive.

As thoughtful as our minds can be, as busy as they are, they churn out ideas with reckless abandon. By my statistics (and of course simple mathematics, if the average mind produces say 50,000 thoughts per day, that is a massive 1.728 thought every second of the day). Now the big question is this, if you have lived at least 20 years, what have you done with these ideas you’ve constantly gotten? How have you treated the ideas you’ve been “hosting” on a daily?. these Ideas an come as small business ideas, community service ideas,ideas for business,event ideas etc.

It’s not enough just to think, everybody does( even the mentally derailed on the street do think, that’s why they don’t jump in front of oncoming vehicles, they give way), every mind has the ability to produce these ideas and indeed everybody gets these ideas, but how we treat them defines us.

At the end of this post you’ll see 12 ways you shouldn’t treat your ideas. Many people knowingly or unknowingly, consciously or unconsciously are discarding their ideas this way, needless to say that’s why they are still caught up in the rat race(according to Robert Kiyosaki), so follow me as we x-ray old habits which have to be given up to achieve that goal or dream of yours.[Read:How we made our first million]

` 12 ways of not approaching your ideas

Here are my top 12 ways of never discarding your ideas:

1. Never discard an idea because it will cause you pain: There are some ideas we get an would love to realize, some dreams are just going to put us through a lot(and what dream wont?). Sometimes we are subjected to go through a lot to help others achieve their dream and this makes us give up on those dreams. This is cowardice if you ask me. I’ll quickly illustrate by telling you a short story about the two time leader of Nigeria, once a military leader and then as a civilian leader, if you are conversant with the history books you should have known who that is by know. He is no other than the amazing and sometimes controversial ex-president Olusegun Obasanjo, former president and military head of state of the most populous black nation on earth-Nigeria.
Years ago, in Obasanjo’s church, money was needed to repair the keyboard; because the church was broke they couldn’t afford the repair. Seeing this Olusegun Obasanjo’s dad wasn’t happy about it and sort for ways to raise the money for the church. Being broke too he decided to borrow money from money lenders, now he was face with the challenge of a collateral. Having non that’s accepted, he offered his son. Here’s the deal. The money would be made available to Pa Obasanjo (the ex presidents’ dad) and Olusegun the son (i.e. the president) would be offered in return, he’ll work till he covers the entire amount, then he’ll be set free.
After completion of the “transaction” and Olusegun returned home, he went to church on Sunday and the who was momentarily emotional ask prayed for Olusegun and he(the pastor) tore his clothes and used it to robe Olusegun, Prophesying that a nation would a nation would serve him twice.
Later in life Olusegun came from prison to become the head of state of the country and later went on to become the Civilian president and he served for two terms.(currently, as of the time of writing this, no other president has ruled Nigeria for up to 8 years at a stretch as Obasanjo did in his time)
I cannot emphasize it enough the adverse effect of giving up on an idea because it’ll cause you pain.[Read:four bloggers who influenced me]

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2. Never reject an idea because the authority is against it: Is the government against your idea(s). Are your religious leaders against it for one reason or the other? Here’s a good news, you’re not alone in it. Yes you are not alone. I’ll share a quick inspiring story I heard about the late Bishop Benson Idahosa, about how his cathedral was threatened by the then head of state Gen. Ibrahim Babangida .
It was the headquarters of the church Assemblies Of God Church, located in Benin city, Nigeria. It was located close to the airport in the area and the government wanted it demolished. The then government did everything possible to bring down the building and they were making progress. They alleged that the tower would pose a threat to air planes when the land or about taking off.
Finally a day was chosen for the said demolition and plans were in top gear. The Bishop instead of sulking and whining only wrote to the Head of states’ office, the response wasn’t what he anticipated. One week to go, people expected the Bishop to raise alarm and seek the publics’ sympathy. But that didn’t happen. Rather the Bishop was going about his daily activities unfazed. Five days to go, he (the Bishop) reportedly went to the barrack and requested to see the head of state, and because of his position, he did get the chance to meet with him. Upon meeting with the military head of state, he asked why his church was being demolished (Like seriously? As if he didn’t know?). So the head of state started explaining why the church must be demolished. After all said and done, the Bishop prophesied and said “as I speak, you are impeached! There are four better candidates waiting on the outside for your position. (It’s high time you found somewhere to hide-[I added this]).
Immediately, a General who knows how powerful the man of God is and how his prophesies come to pass, quickly rescinded the decision and started begging, immediately sending orders to put a stop to the demolition.

Some business ideas might first seem illegal,a good understanding if the law might show you loop hole which you can explore.
When you decide something amazing, life presents you with an equivalent opposite. So never surrender your amazing ideas to the government or authorities[Read:what religion is turning us to]

3. Never reject an idea because someone is threatening you: most times, good things don’t come without facing oppositions. When you have an idea and there is no opposition then check it to see you are doing something right. You’ll always be a threat to people and others would threaten you just so you give up, or compromise, but you need to hold on and be firm.
A lady was been disturbed by the head of a cult group to be his date. She rejects the request and the guy is not taking it lightly. This have been on for a while and the lady has held on, one night on her way to vigil, she meet the guy who would also not give up. He threatened fire and brimstone and seized her head gear, threatening to attack and kill her. On getting to the church for the vigil, she didn’t raise any alarm, during the prayer sessions, the pastor in charge- Apostle Johnson Suleiman noticed she wasn’t herself and stopped the prayer to know why. She narrated her ordeal and the Apostle suspended the prayer session and headed straight to the man’s house (this was in the dead of the night). On getting there he knocked and upon opening of the door, he challenged the cultist for being a pest and warned him never to disturb her again. A fiercely looking cultist upon the sight of the Apostle was scared to death and couldn’t even utter a word; he was only nodding in affirmation to not going to disturb her again. ‘I will kill you” the Apostle repeatedly threatened. And from then onward the lady got her peace and confidence back.
Her idea of being chaste was kept even though she was seriously threatened, even unto death

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4. Never Discard an idea because you don’t have the power to handle it: some other reject ideas only because they do not have the ability to make it work. The idea of synergizing is still in existent if you’re such person. Never reject an idea because you can’t make it happen. Meet and consult with people, seek help when necessary and see the impossible become possible. Many invention ideas  began when it seems so impossible to achieve, but the resilience of the potential inventor  brought the invention idea  to fruition.

5. Never reject an idea because it might fail: Some people are just so sure what they conceived will fail so they give up on it. May I let you know every possibility holds chances of failure too? Its possible success lies in how you make the most of it, how you work it out and how much passion and belief you show.  Your ability to detect a possible problem and convert crooked ideas to creative ideas defines you. Never reject an idea because it would fail, work it out![Read:How to know if you will fail]

6. Never say no to an idea because it will make other happy: some other people are so selfish they won’t do anything that has the potential of making other people happy. Before I go to bad, I always ask myself, who did I affect today? On whose face did I add smiles? Who have I affected positively and who would remember me. One of our duties as super humans is to add value to those we come in contact with on a daily. If you are in the habit of making sure those around you sad then it’s high time you changed. People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.
Show the world love and care and it’ll do the same I return.

People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care


7. Never discard an idea because it will succeed: Many will be surprised about this one. Most will not agree there are people who give up because it will succeed, but truth is they do. Some people are what I call “success shy”. If it will bring the success, they’ll shy away. They don’t want the fame that comes with success to be attached to them perhaps. Some would hide under the pretext of false religious humility. I don’t think there is any religion that preaches against success. The bible said “anything that is good, anything that is lovely, meditate on these things”(paraphrased).

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8. Never discard an idea because you don’t understand it: is the idea Nebulous. You don’t seem to comprehend it? You can’t figure it out? And that is a reason to abandon it you think? No its not! Because you do not understand an idea does not call for you to ignore it. There are ever increasing sources of help for you everywhere. Where ever you find yourself there is help somewhere. The difference between you and that help lies in your determination to find it. Decide today to seek for clarifications where and when necessary, find help to your problems, seeking assistance does not make you less of a being, it only means you are a human because all “humans” need and seek help at a point in time.

9. Never reject an idea because your name won’t be heard: So you don’t want to champion that idea because your name won’t be heard? History is replete with such people who work an idea through without their names being heard; ultimately their praises were sung one way or the other. People would always go back through a success story to see the beginning of an event or discovery to know those who started it. The chairman of the company which built the first huge balloon satellite was asked “excuse me, you did a great job on this, but how come we didn’t or haven’t heard your name?” then he replied,” Yea, I didn’t get the credit, but I got the contract”.

10. Never discard an idea because it’s not your idea: I’ll advice you not to be a traditionalist, yes do not be a traditionalist. Who is a traditionalist? A traditionalist is one who welcomes a new idea provided it’s an old idea. His alone is the only acceptable way of doing things. Because that idea isn’t yours shouldn’t be a pass to threat it badly. If you succeed at making people believe it’s a bad idea you’ll still get an accusing finger for “executing a bad idea”.

11. Never reject an idea because its not right: nothing is right in the first place, it’s a function of the mind. Albert Einstein stated “nothing is good or bad, thinking makes it so”. Whatever you think is wrong with the idea should be made right and see that you get the most of it.

Nothing is good or bad, thinking makes it so

12. Never reject an idea because it’s just an idea. Every idea has got the potential to be great. So if you are considering discarding the idea that just struck you, then you had better think again.
Here are my top picks on reasons never to give up on an idea, it is very true you should say no to too many good ideas, but when are these ideas “too many”? . Get a notepad or a jotter and start writing them as they come, one day you’ll get another idea to recreate the already existing and these ones would surely come handy[Read:How your tongue became the steering of your life]



from business Ideas to every idea you can think of,here are ways of you not kicking off Ideas that would blow the world away.

Over to you. What do you think about these? What are your own ideas on not given up on ideas? Share with us using the comment box below.




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  1. “An individual may come up with a great idea, but it takes a team to achieve it”. Sharing one’s ideas with the right people can really help keep the fire burning. They will not only encourage you, they will equally join you develop it to fruition.

    I’m encouraged by the post. It has a clear message.

    • Amazing! I subscribe to your quote. I often tell people, “technically, no one is self made,everyone needs assistance from one person or the other”…all the Billionaires we know today have such as their story. I’m also encouraged by your last sentence,I hope to have you here often and I’ll like to see your comments too.


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