15 rights only you can confer on yourself

15 rights only you can confer on yourself

right to education

There are certain things which cannot be done for you. Many a time we blame the government, but most of the main things that brings eternal happiness are right under our nose, waiting to be taken. In this post, I have carefully thought of those things only we can do for ourselves.
They say “control your life or someone else will”, and this posts just goes to prove that that saying is very correct, and would always remain valid.

control your life or someone else will

With time, I will write a post on all of this rights, a handful might have a post expatiating it already, those which do not have would get later and they sure would be linked up.

What are the 15 rights only you can confer upon yourself?

As I list out these rights, I’ll tell you,(a matter or warning rather than advise) to choose to be positive rather than negative as it can be hazardous to your successful future.

1. Right to love and be loved, or NOT

There is no circumstance that should condition you to give up on loving. Once you give up on it, you have surrendered your right to Love and be loved in return. Love is a beautiful thing and you must not trade your right to experience it for anything. I know some experiences are bitter pills to swallow, but once you give up, you’ll miss amazing experiences which you shouldn’t. Don’t surrender, It’s a trick.

2. Right to smile and be happy or Not

Life is not fair, but God is good

No one should determine if you should smile or not. We all deserve to smile throughout our lives, but the world is configured to first give us tests so as to filter those who would smile from those who wouldn’t. Decide against all odds to pass that test by smiling even in the most difficult moments, Those smiles would wrought miracles and actually give you reasons to laugh. Life is not fair, but God is good, that’s was Robert Schullers’ remark in his amazing book, tough times never last but tough people do. Hey, Don’t give up on your smiles. Its even worth it, as its consumes even lesser energy than frowning.

3. Right to win(per time) or Not

don’t quit when you are tired, stop when you are through

Do you give up? Or you continue until you’ve won. I saw a picture somewhere, the caption reads “don’t quit when you are tired, stop when you are through”. And I think that is amazingly correct. You shouldn’t Quit(there is never a right time to do so), you must walk through that tough time and succeed in the end. Once you quit, then you’ve given up your right to win.

4. Right to succeed(over time) or Not

Following up from the previous right above, when you win after every battle, it is only normal to be a success, but some of us are tempted to stop along the line, thinking we are done, no you’re not done. You don’t quit over time thinking you have arrived. You keep on succeeding. Success is not a destination but a journey.

5. Right to your opinion or remain in silent

You have a right to be heard. It’s your choice to die in silence or speak out. Why have you chosen to grumble instead of speaking? Grumbling doesn’t promise the hope of a change, speaking does, speak out! If your current position or disposition doesn’t allow you the little option of speaking(not enforcing) then I think you are in the wrong place, I feel such a place would not allow you to excel or grow. If you had an amazing idea, that choking environment won’t allow you explore your Idea,

6. Right to live or just exist(doing something worthwhile with your life or nothing)

Many people are walking dead, in that they’re not living but just existing. They say and I agree, Death is the most universal thing, because all would die, but not all lived. Scrutinize yourself, are you just existing or you are actually living. Are you making numbers or you are adding value? Are you a blessing to the lives of people or you are so insignificant your absence is not even felt or noticed! You have the right to more than just exist, you have the right to Live, Please do!

Death is the most universal thing, because all would die, but not all lived

7. Right to choose what you believe in or Not

Has your doctor blasted the news you have a terminal disease? Did one pastor or spiritual man tell you “cant” What bad report have you heard? Well, here’s a good news, you have the right to believe in whatever you choose to believe in. if you were told you can’t, and you don’t, then its not their call, it is your choice. Choose to believe in and live for what you believe in. I’m not insinuating you don’t use your drug(s) if you were told you’re sick, but you have a choice to believe if you’ll be cure/healed or not. It’s a choice, make it.

8. Right to be amazing or not

Are you amazing or not? You have a right to be or not to be. If you lead an amazing life, then it’s a choice you chose.

9. Right to be innovative or Dub (or imitate)

Do you dub or you’re an original. Have you given away your ability to create or you are using it to the fullest. Don’t give away your creativity just because you are to lazy to discover the strong and highly powerful you. Be innovative, create new things. Discover. Strategize. Idealize. Find new ideas. Find better ways of doing things. Be you, be InspiredFully. Don’t die a copy.

10. Right to be original and best or Second best(as the best you can go)

This is following up on number nine(9) above, but this has to do with you as a person. You have the ability of designing and living life as the real you, you don’t have to copy anybody’s style. You can be an original person who others would want to copy, and that is what you should be, you should be a model to others and not you living a duplicate life. The best you can be when copying others is second best, you don’t have to be so, you can be the ultimate and you should be.

11. Right to live your life or be a walking dead

People or circumstances would want you to be a walking dead, a shadow of yourself. Don’t give in to that trick. Be the best you can be. Smile and live a happy life. Don’t live life as a victim of circumstance. You are not. Yes Life might throw challenges at you, but it is your duty to overcome, however difficult. The tougher the challenge, the sweeter the victory. Don’t settle for failure or shame. Live life. Don’t be a victim to life.

12. Right to be educated or be deceived and just be schooled

There is more to going to school. I have written extensively on the difference between education and schooling and I won’t be going into details again, I would want you to read that post and put to good use the lessons, More than just going to school to get schooled and a degree, be educated.

13. Right to express yourself or be in a tight corner

I talked above about murmuring or speaking out. This one is not about talking, but acting. You have the right to be expressive. If you want to dance, you have the right to,do you want to play basketball, take a walk, lie on the grass, swim, read, think, succeed, Whatever it is. You have the right. You must be in a place where you are not limited. Where ever limits you is not for you. Life is too short to be restricted. Don’t allow it. It’s your right.

14. Right to try again or accept defeat

The only reason you have failed is because you accepted defeat. You have the right to succeed, and when you don’t, you haven’t, you haven’t failed yet either, you must persist. You must try again. Defeat is of the mind. When an attempt fails, you go back to the drawing board, the dream shouldn’t change, the strategy to it could(or should), but the goal must not be lowered.

15. Right to believe in yourself or not

Whatever you are today, you believed in, consciously or subconsciously. You cannot attract anything negative or positive to yourself if you’re not vibrating emotions equaling its frequency. Yes, whatever we are or are facing is as a result of what we believe in, so believe in yourself and your future.
These are 15 rights no one will confer on you. Life itself will first attempt to deny you of any or all of these rights, it is your duty to decide you want it badly and go for it. Nothing good comes easy and having that at the back of your mind would help you a lot.

Believe in yourself, give yourself the opportunity and the chance to grow and excel at whatever you do, life is too short to suffer negativity, there is nothing good or inspiring in playing small. Express all the rights to the fullest and never deny yourself anything good. Only you can give yourself the best, no one else cares that much. (Except Inspired Fully)…

Do not settle for less, do not aim for any of the rights on the left, only those on the right is good enough for you. To your success.

Over to you, what do you think of this? which of these right(s) are you lacking in? share with us in the comment area below.


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