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How to Use Facebook to Out Smart Competitions

how to use facebook to grow your business

A small business could be a startup or a growing business, whichever the case, you can use facebook to your advantage and get an edge over competitions. Facebook is a social site that has blown the world away with its user base. Over 1 billion of the world is actively using  facebook daily, this is one reason why you need facebook to grow your business, because you have the exact market you need, and you have them right in the comfort of whatever place they are using facebook from, but you sure know its from a convenient place.

The company (facebook) shared that it now has 1.09 billion daily active users (a 16 percent bump year over year) and 989 million mobile daily active users (a 24 percent increase year over year) -According to Venturebeat.com in April 2016

As part of our mission to raise entrepreneurs, we strive to make it possible for startups to have a smooth transition to an established business and create a platform for newcomers to find a home for their business on the web. So this post is just to help you further.

How to use facebook to grow your business?

You can grow your business and make more money online by using facebook for the following purposes

1. Promotion

Whatever product you are offering, facebook is a very good tool to get across to your potential clients or customers. I’m a webmaster, coach and blogger, and I use facebook to get clients who buy my products and pay for my services. Facebook ads are a good way to promote your products and services at very affordable rates and get the most out of it, especially when done properly. (I’m a facebook ads expert and manager, so you can contact me if you need my help)

Facebook business
This report which shows that the organic reach is dropping underlines the fact that you need to promote your facebook posts

2. FeedBack

Facebook is a good way to get those inestimable feedbacks from your customers. By getting feedbacks, you know where to improve and new areas to venture into, services which your clients are expecting you to offer to further assist them and make more money for your self. It’s not easy and cheap running promotions that serve as feedback mechanisms(such as printing questionnaires and the likes of it), but with your facebook page, you get reports from the fans of your business, in fact you start to get feedbacks the moment you make a post. So you must start looking at growing your facebook fan page for your fans today.

3. Traffic and customers

Starting a business without customers is as good as starting a cemetery, it’s as useless as the “P” in psychology if there are no visitors. But with facebook, the issue of visitors or traffic is solved. Facebook being a hub of every sector. From Insurance to Business, to News, Data collection, Sports, Love, Politics…Every sector you can think of. So whatever your business is about, facebook will serve you.

4. Socialize

Just as you need to be around your friends, you need too to be around your customers. With facebook, you can stay with your customers or clients and get right into their hearts. For every customer I have, I have been able to build a relationship with them by constantly chatting’ them up and knowing where I can help them grow. I’d say I have the best customer care in the world because I’m always on ground to help and share with them, (and simply adding me on facebook, and asking the question, you’ll confirm that).

5. Competition Analysis

With facebook, you can know to some extent how and what direction your competitors “heading”. Facebook helps you know how far your competitors’ products have gone and how accepted they are. It also helps you know what your customer thinks of you.

Everybody and every business big or small regardless can use this social site to grow their business to a very big level. In fact the biggest brands today use facebook to expand their reach and do more.

Over to you, What do you think facebook brings to the table as regards business and competitors. Do you think facebook can help you get ahead of competitors and how do you use facebook to grow your business?

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