How to pray-why you should not beg in prayers

How to pray-why you should not beg in prayers

  God is the almighty. No one like him. All knowing all gracious. The mastermind of the universe. He’s everything. However,despite his status he has given certain people. Unfortunately theses same set of people don’t understand their place in this ever kind and wonderful God. The status of ‘CHILDHOOD’ given by God to Christians is extremely amazing yet Christians don’t key into this privilege. Many Christians not knowing their place have given off their place and the devil has taken the advantage of them. Christians pray amiss and beg where they should use authority. Being a child, you have God as your father. Now tell me, do you beg your earthly father to pay your school fee? Or you remind him your fee is due. If you beg him (your earthly father) then know that there is a problem in your relationship with him. Your father knows his
responsibility,and when he refuses to do it,its as a result of his wickedness(is God wicked? NO!) if God is not wicked,then his responsibility would be performed.In fact before you say help me God ,he’s prepared to do so

how to pray with authority

  When you pray,you pray with confidence and remind God of his promises towards you. Am I advocating arrogance,pride or rebellion? NEVER. My point is this, you need to know your place in God and understand when m you make a request from him that you are a son.

but as many as received him,to them gave he power to become sons of God,even to them that believe on his name: John 1:9

Who are those who beg?

Members of One of the religions I know claims they are slaves. And these are the set of people who should beg in prayers,not a child and a heir of Christ. Children don’t beg. They have a heritage, this is their right. When you pray,you do pray with the authority of a heir. When a stranger comes into a compound,no matter how small the child resident in that compound is, he speaks to the stranger with confidence and this is because he’s aware of his person.

Why you shouldn’t beg

  1. you shouldn’t beg because you are a child,not a servant or a slave.
  2. Every power both in heaven and on earth has been given to you. Do make use of it.

 Once you understand and realise these? Understand that prayers should
be said with confidence and not fear.

Why do Christians beg in prayer?

  1. Sin.when a child offends his father,he does everything to win his fathers heart or favour back. And this is why you cry in prayer just to melt Gods heart…but the bible said ‘ don’t be deceived God cannot be mocked,what you sow is what you’ll reap’.
  2. Ignorance: when you’re ignorant of your heritage,you’ll live a life of waif wrafs. you’ll see them start begging for prayer for protection

When Christ gave us the model prayer, he didn’t use please..: he said

our father,who art in heaven,…..GIVE US THIS DAY OUR DAILY BREAD….. Not please Give us this day.

Pray with confidence. God is your Father. He loves you.
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