How to make your presence command respect

How to make your presence command respect

how to be respected
I know of the sun,how common it can be when it shines for one whole month.Everybody starts to complain about it.But when it withdraw itself for some days and rainfalls,everybody start looking forward to another sunshine.

This is how your presence in an organisation also is.When you’re too present,you start to make people have too much of you and they start seeing you as common and ordinary.They treat you as a piece of trash without the smallest amount of respect.But when you withdraw your presence,and they see less of you,your presence would bring peace,happiness and admiration to them. To you it’ll bring respect and security(if you used to feel insecure).

I remember visiting the office of a proprietor after a competition and the prize giving which I missed,I met a lady there and upon entering the office,he exclaimed “haaaaa…Ibitade welcome,longest time” he exclaimed…then the next thing he did was to ask the lady to get up from the chair for me to sit.This was the same lady who helped during all the time of the competition and prize giving,but because she was over present,her value dropped and she was less respected.
If you must be highly respected then you must be seen less….if you cannot do this then you must be ready to dance to the music.

Someone once asked “why haven’t I seen you in a long time”…then the reply he got was great…”because I prefer where have you being to why are you here again”…and I think this is true for you and everyone who admires power.

Before you set out to achieve this though,you have to have made a name for yourself,no matter how small,a name is a name,because if you’re not known and you keep withdrawing your presence,you’ll only be shooting yourself on the foot.Show them what they’ll be missing without you,then get your self out…make them look for you.But remember to always present yourself at regular intervals So they won’t learn to live without you.

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Your power would be without bounds if you can obey this principle well You’ll easily command respect and make your presence felt.

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