Why you must not toy with Nigerian traffic

Why you must not toy with Nigerian traffic

how to get traffic to your blog

Most of you bloggers ask how to get traffic to your blog , I observe you spite the traffic from Nigeria. I also am guilty of these but no more. When bloggers now complain about the poor traffic from Nigeria, I now have a reason to defend the country and her traffic. It goes a long way in helping your blog as a brand. If you are looking to grow your blog and possibly brand it, then you must not joke with traffic from your country.
I cannot tell you it’s all rosy getting traffic from Nigeria, but the benefits outweighs its disadvantages, so I’ll quickly highlight a few disadvantages of this form of traffic.

Disadvantages of Nigerian Traffic

There are quite a few reasons why you might want to do away with this traffic and I won’t pretend as if there are no disadvantages, I will list three of them here for you to be aware of.

1. Low Adsense CPC: If you monetize your blog with adsense, you would have observed that CPC from 3rd world nations are very poor( and Nigeria is sadly a third world nation), what influences RPM is CPC, and the CPC from these countries is poor. If your blog gets average or low traffic volume then it could be very frustrating, however after this post you’ll start seeing this source of traffic as a blessing in disguise.

2. Poor Alexa Ranking: I have come to notice that traffic from first world countries especially from the United States help boost alexa ranking fast. This might not be a verified report but I would be very surprised to hear it’s false. I have tried it time and again and traffic from America has helped any of the blogs am consulting for go higher quickly in their alexa ranking.

3. Some Ad Networks Might not Accept you: For instance, unless your traffic is coming from the U.S, Canada and the Uk, Media.Net would not accept your request to join. Some other ad networks are practicing this and this might want to tempt the blogger to source for traffic from these countries instead of his home country.

These are but a few demerits in getting traffic from your home country if you are a niche blogger, however in the following paragraphs I would point why they are black diamonds and must be mined. Again, I would like to point out that this is for Niche bloggers alone, if you blog entertainment, you definitely cannot do without traffic from the country where your news is coming from and intended.

Why you must get traffic from your country(Mine is Nigeria)

1. Branding: Once your blog becomes a brand, you have your work up the ladder eased. Now all you do is to keep the standard, however, how do you reach the level where your blog (or blog name) is seen as a brand? You must first get tons and lots of traffic from your home country. When this traffic is coming then the number two below would easily be achieved.

2. Advertisers(or investors): Every blogger wants to make money from his blog, even if you are a “hobbyist”, you still want to get that extra “change” or income from your blog after all its your labour. How do you go beyond CPC, Affiliates et al, simple, Get thousands of page views from your home nation and you would start getting offers from intended advertisers and large brands. This is not to say you cannot get offers from foreign brands, but you would get the most if you are operating from country X, and you have lots of traffic from country X too. You want to know why? The next reason would explain further.

3. Trust: I would find it difficult if you are insinuating that you are from America and your phone line is Nigerian(If I want to contact you), I would easily trust you on the contrary if all of your details are pointing towards one direction and there is no reason to doubt.

4. Listings: Your blog would find it difficult making certain lists if you are not listed in your home country. Today, Blogs are been categorized in directories (e.g Blogger.ng) and if your blog is not there you would not be found by investors in the case of one coming.

5. Awards: I would be bewildered to learn you don’t admire winning an award. Alright, you want to, so you must be listed in your home country. How would you feel if a certain blog listed in Jamaica “steals” an award that could have been yours? This is one of the reasons many organizers encounter some issues due to an unsatisfied audience after an award has been awarded.
These are a few reasons why your blog must get traffic from your home nation, don’t just ask for how to get traffic to your blog  but from your country too. I once had content.ad ads on my blog, but it only does well with traffic from the US, Canada and the U.K, however, as I wanted to start branding my blog as a top Nigerian blog, I had to bring it down because I don’t want to be frustrated when I look at its dashboard, hence I have only Adsense which I’m currently monetizing Inspiredfully with. And this is why I don’t have Alexa Ranking in Nigeria yet, (it would take like three months according to alexa to ranking me in Nigeria), I just started pushing traffic from Nigeria, I usually would from the US.
Over to you, what are your strategies on how to get traffic to your blog?  how or where do you get traffic from? Would this post make you have a change of heart if you were getting traffic from only foreign nations? Which country are you blogging from and how is the traffic situation like? I’ll like to hear from you, using the comment box below.



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  1. This is great post and i must say i learned something new. I always get my traffic from foreign country and any time i checked my website (Delsublog) Alexa ranking. I failed to see Nigeria rankings, so i put in more effort and acquire other means by growing my Facebook pages, group, twitter handles with massive Nigerian followers. And i can say the result is now different unlike before.

    • Thanks for visiting George, of course you need to get traffic from Nigeria to get ranked, and it could even take three months before you start to see results. Hope you don’t lose your rank. Thanks for visiting.


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