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Bisco is a high-performance coach, a personal finance strategist and an online business consultant. As a pro-blogger, I can help you succeed in or taking your business online.

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    The Content present in your blog is so interesting.Thank you for posting such an interesting topic continue postings.

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    So helpful for all the new android and window users.How did you get such an interesting topic to be created in your blog.

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    George Emmanuel

    This is great post and i must say i learned something new. I always get my traffic from foreign country and any time i checked my website (Delsublog) Alexa ranking. I failed to see Nigeria rankings, so i put in more effort and acquire other means by growing my Facebook pages, group, twitter handles with massive Nigerian followers. And i can say the result is now different unlike before.

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      Bisco Ibitade

      Thanks for visiting George, of course you need to get traffic from Nigeria to get ranked, and it could even take three months before you start to see results. Hope you don’t lose your rank. Thanks for visiting.

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    Saminu Abass

    Sincerely speaking you just hit on the nail. Same thing is happening to my blog. I have many readers from Canada, USA and Philipine.

    It is irritating when you don’t get rank in your country. Thanks for sharin. Check out my blog ThE #1 Motivational Blog on the Internet

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      Bisco Ibitade

      Thanks Saminu for your time and comment, I appreciate your visit

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    This is great post and i must say i learned something new. Thanks for sharing!

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      Bisco Ibitade

      Thanks Ma’am, I appreciate your visit.


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