How to get massive traffic from twitter

How to get massive traffic from twitter

how to get massive traffic from twitter

How to get massive traffic from twitter is not difficult per se. Need I say twitter is the second largest third largest social media site? Only after facebook (and now google plus). And many like to call it a micro blogging platform and sure it is,(not as if I know what that means.) Twitter traffic is sweet (if am allowed to say that).
The purpose of this post is to give you tips on how to get the most out of twitter, yes How to get massive traffic from twitter. It really is not a tedious process, it only requires desire, discipline and focus. You really do not need 25,000,000 to enjoy traffic from twitter as a blogger, although the more you have the better, but if you do not have a very large handle you can still get something from it, because what we are going to learn today is independent of the amount if followers you have like I said before.

How to get massive traffic from twitter

This list is in no particular order save for the first one, you can practice whichever at whatever time you like. Let’s get to work.

1. Buy a large handle/Build or get others to build for you: Like I said before you don’t need a very big handle so this one is just there for you to follow if you do have the means. I’ll advice you not to buy from companies because they’ll give you bots, buy from individuals who already have large handles, they’ll build your own handle(s) for you by mentioning And other means. This might be quite expensive but it’ll be worth the while in the end.

2. Use Harsh Tags: Learn to use harsh tags when tweeting. People search for different harsh tags on twitter like the way they search google for information. So when you have a certain harsh tag being searched for you stand a chance of been discovered and when you do, your link also stand a chance of being followed.

3. Follow and use the trending phrases and use them in your tweet: Like the harsh tag I talked about, the trending phrase is also a way of getting traffic. When you tweet with a trending phrase in your tweet, people must discover that tweet and depending on how you cook up your tweet, people are likely to follow the link attached to your tweet. You have to be creative because sometimes the trending phrase or harsh tag might not be in line with what you tweet about, so you have to think fast and out of the box to know how to use which ever you choose.

traffic traffic from UK
twitter traffic stats from  2010-2011 in the  U.K

4. Mention large handles related to your tweet: I cannot talk about how to get massive traffic from twitter without mentioning this. When you tweet, mention large twitter handles related to your tweet. This will get your tweet attached to these handles and when they do, people who browse these handles see your tweet and the possibility of following your link is there. For instance, I once made a tweet about money, why the rich go broke, I mentioned Aliko Dangote,Bill gates and others, I got a follow back from a very big twitter user, he’s verified and an authority in what he does, he favourited my tweet. And when I went around his profle and saw the kind of tweets in his favourite list, I found out it is tweets related to the particular tweet I tweeted and its not as if that is my permanent niche of tweeting, but it’s simply because of the handles I mentioned. I believe he followed the link and read my post.

5. Use Radio/TV Stations, OAPs’ or live programmes: If you read such a post on How to get massive traffic from twitter and you don’t get this added I wonder what you’re reading because this method works like charm. When a particular program which requires the listeners feedback is on air(most programs does these days), you can use it to your advantage. Tweet and mention their twitter handles, mention the handles of the presenters and use the hash tags for these programs, you might get your tweet mistakenly read out on TV or radio, and your handle would be mentioned, your tweets might get retweeted, and most of all, the tweet would put your link in front of the listeners who are on twitter.

6. Tweet often: when you are on twitter, you don’t tweet often then I wonder why you are there. Unless you are a Bill Gate or a Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo, then you have to tweet often else forget how to get massive traffic from twitter. You have to tweet and do so every hour too. Why do you have to tweet every time even in the middle of the night? Simple, because many your time zone is different from many others. There are some countries asleep as you read this, there are tweets you’ll tweet and they won’t be seen by people I these countries, but when you tweet round the clock then you stand a chance of publicizing your links. You can use hootsuite to schedule your tweet so it does the job of tweeting round the clock for you.

7. Tweet Value: when you tweet and your tweets do not make sense to your followers, you’ll loose followers, when they don’t make sense, you don’t get retweets, when they don’t make sense even if you mention the biggest of handles, people who see it won’t follow the link. When you are a good tweeter, you’ll get followers everyday and your handle will grow, but the reverse is the case if you don’t tweet value.

There you have it guys, you really can get your link to the sky if you follow these my tips on How to get massive traffic from twitter. When I discover new tips I’ll add to this post so you might want to bookmark and check back later. You might also subscribe so you’ll get the posts I make immediately I do. You really need to make the most of this amazing site called twitter. You can also get traffic from other social networking sites, of course you know of facebook, you can also use google plus, stumbleupon, reddit also can get you traffic aside the traffic you get from twitter.

Over to you, what are the methods and strategies you use to get traffic from twitter? What tips do you have to share, please do use the comment are below to share with us.

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    • Yes bro. Don’t worry, you’d get over it with time and experience. we all were at this stage in our blogging life and now we are smiling(at least), we have grown and improved. I see you doing well if you don’t quit. Thanks for checking and commenting.

  1. Wow, superb. I’ve actually been making use of methods 4 and 6. They have been massive. I sure will make use of the other methods.

    There is a plug-in for effective use of method 6 though.

    Thank u boss.

    • Hello Chrisray, thanks for the visit, and am glad you are a testament to the validity of these methods, and of course, the other methods works too, and then I didnt have the knowledge of the plugin which does these. Thanks once again.

  2. Excellent article, Bisco.

    I’ve done very little with Twitter and am just starting to get into it, so this info is perfect timing for me.

    You say to mention large handles… do you do that by just naming them or should you use the “@” to notify them, or a hashtag with their handle identity? I’m a bit unclear on the particulars of this method.

    I’ll start putting some of these strategies in place. Thanks 🙂

    • Thanks David for the kind words, and to mention the large handles as stated is to use the “@” feature. E.G to mention my handle , you simply put it this way “@biscoIbitade Nice post you have here”.And I will be notified as soon as you do it, whoever goes through my handle would see your tweet and stands a chance to visit your link. You can try to join the conversation so no one will think you are promoting your link. You can also use hashtags to join trends and include your links in the tweet, as many who follows that trend would see your link.


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