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Bisco is a high-performance coach, a personal finance strategist and an online business consultant. As a pro-blogger, I can help you succeed in or taking your business online.

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    Harrison hope oliaku

    Thanks bro..i’ve been dealing with this issues but i believe something good is going to come out of this.

    1. 1.1

      Bisco Ibitade

      Yes bro. Don’t worry, you’d get over it with time and experience. we all were at this stage in our blogging life and now we are smiling(at least), we have grown and improved. I see you doing well if you don’t quit. Thanks for checking and commenting.

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    Wow, superb. I’ve actually been making use of methods 4 and 6. They have been massive. I sure will make use of the other methods.

    There is a plug-in for effective use of method 6 though.

    Thank u boss.

    1. 2.1

      Bisco Ibitade

      Hello Chrisray, thanks for the visit, and am glad you are a testament to the validity of these methods, and of course, the other methods works too, and then I didnt have the knowledge of the plugin which does these. Thanks once again.

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    David Merrill

    Excellent article, Bisco.

    I’ve done very little with Twitter and am just starting to get into it, so this info is perfect timing for me.

    You say to mention large handles… do you do that by just naming them or should you use the “@” to notify them, or a hashtag with their handle identity? I’m a bit unclear on the particulars of this method.

    I’ll start putting some of these strategies in place. Thanks 🙂

    1. 3.1

      Bisco Ibitade

      Thanks David for the kind words, and to mention the large handles as stated is to use the “@” feature. E.G to mention my handle , you simply put it this way “@biscoIbitade Nice post you have here”.And I will be notified as soon as you do it, whoever goes through my handle would see your tweet and stands a chance to visit your link. You can try to join the conversation so no one will think you are promoting your link. You can also use hashtags to join trends and include your links in the tweet, as many who follows that trend would see your link.


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