Four Educations Needed to Escape Hell

Four Educations Needed to Escape Hell

How to escape hell

How to escape hell? how possible is that? you might ask.Hell might not mean the religious Hell as you know. In this post, well establish what hell possibly is and how and why you can find yourself in it, and maybe you’re already in it already. We’ll also discuss how to escape from it or how to avoid if for those not yet in it. I’ll like to say this post is not religious so any idea of the religious hell would not be discussed here.

What is Hell?

Hell is according to my mini dictionary a state or place of misery. And after reading this I’m quite sure you’ll agree with me that these are forms of hell. I’ve also made an acronym of what hell is to explain this too. HELL is Human Experiencing Lifes’ Limitation. Also HELL can also be Humans Excellent Life, Limited or Humans Experiencing Limited Life. These are all Hell in expression and I’ll like to see your own acronym of hell too.

What is Education?

Education according to one of our previous posts is self discovery and improvement. It doesn’t have to be that you’re in Harvard or graduated from Harvard to be educated. Education is more than just going to school; in fact education is beyond the scope of going to school, there is more to it. If you decide to start yourself improvement and development, then you’ve started your education. Education is the proper development usage of your abilities, talents and gifts and once this is not done, Hell is where you are and your experience wouldn’t be far from it by now.
Hell is an experience according to our definition above, an experience of misery, you can add any other feeling you feel would well describe such experience. You should also let us know via the comment area after the post. We’ll now discover the four educations needed to escape hell.

Four educations needed on how to escape hell

Find below my to four picks on educations needed to escape hell.

1. Financial Education

A list on such topic on how to escape hell without financial education is hell itself. I don’t expect many to argue that the “major” reason why they go to school is to break even financially. Most if not all parents register their wards in school because they anticipate when their kids would live on their own and work to earn a living and be independent. After Nursery school, they (the Kids) progress to Primary or Basic school, and then to secondary or high school, and then to the university to pursue a degree. After graduation, the now matured child is expected to find a “good” job and start earning a good pay. The individual ,might decide to get a higher degree(MBA or its equivalent) and even PhD so his/her pay would become more mouth watering. Yet, after all this, very few people get their heads above the muddy waters of financial sufficiency.
Over the years, it has been proven that financial education is the answer to this financial problem. The global economic recession(s) not exempted. If people who are in power and make political decisions were financially educated, many of the economic decisions taken would be better.
Why do individuals transform nothing to billions of dollars? Mark Zukerberg transformed few lines of codes into billions and has the world in his control, Bill Gates same thing, Did I mention Aliko Dangote too? These individuals are financially educated and you sure need this too.
Financial education is very important and if you want to escape the problem of financial lack then you have to get financial education.
Save yourself the agony of life, find and get financial education today, that’s how to escape hell.
2. Spiritual Education

The spiritual controls the physical. I think that line is enough for this part. Every King needs a prophet they say. So if you don’t believe in the spiritual, then I don’t have much to say to you-I’ll just say that this part is not for you, but if you believe in the spiritual or existence of the spirit realm then you need spiritual education. You need to know where your faith lies, it origin, and your stand in that faith. You need to know how to improve your power in your faith. You need spiritual education to stand above men. You need to stand tall on your kneels in front of God to stand above your contemporaries. And this is one of the educations you need to escape hell.

3. Professional Education

Another of the education you need to escape hell is professional education. Professional education is second to non in the cooperate world. You cannot go far if you are a professional illiterate. If you don’t understand the core of your profession then you might be headed for trouble. You need to k now its future and possible developments in the future. This and more are the importance of Professional education, and its one of the educations you need to escape hell . You need education does not mean you must attend school; you can attend seminars and setup meetings with fellow professionals where ideas would be shared and discussed. You also need promotion in your work place and professional education is a very vital necessity. It’s a very important type of education like I said. And this education is one of the four educations you need to escape hell.

4. Academic Education

I had to place academic education last in the list just because I don’t want this post to look “academic”. Many people believe you must go to school to be educated but that is wrong. However, schooling is an indispensable part of our lives. The 21st century would not be worth living were there not academics. It helps in the fastening of development and civilization. The ability of man to think was refined by education and then academics (I believe education started before academics), so with the emergence of academics, man started to improve his thinking faculty. If at this time you haven’t got academic education then I wonder how you’re reading this, so the main message in this post is for you to upgrade yourself. Go get better certifications and broaden your horizon. This is another of the four educations needed  on how to escape hell.
These are the four educations needed to escape hell. Like I said, hell in this sense is not the actual place called hell, but the experience of hell. And we found that the letters in HELL stands for Human Experiencing Lifes’ Limitation or HELL can also be Humans Excellent Life-Limited or Humans Experiencing Limited Life, I want to see your own acronym of hell in the comment box.

Over to you.Do you have your own idea on how to escape hell? What are the four educations you think every individual need to succeed in life? I’ll like to read your own part of this, let us feel your vibe on the issue.

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