How to overcome tough times when facing challenges

How to overcome tough times when facing challenges

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Many at times people face tough challenges, and we know what they resort to, Grumbling, self pity and expecting the world to pity them. This often does not solve the issue Never solves the issue. When one is faced with an issue and does not take active steps to solve this thing, the problem remains and most times they complicate.
What then should you do when you are faced with an undesirable situation? What instead of grumbling and complaining should be our attitude?
At the end of this post, you would have seen 5 simple yet effective steps to overcoming dangerous times. Times of difficult situation, challenge and despair.

What should I do instead of complaining?

1. Maintain a Positive attitude: You should maintain a positive mental attitude. Like I used to say, no life is problem free. If you think the people on the street you see smiling and laughing out loud do not have any issue or problems bothering them then you have to and should think again. Everybody have one or two issues, the difference is in how they’re handling it. How they see it. If you see it as a challenge that needs to be tackled or a problem that has come to stay. Most definitely, every challenge would yield to solutions. You do not have to discuss your issues or problems with everybody, as not everybody cares even though their outward appearance might make you believe they do. Maintain a positive mental attitude.

no life is problem free

2. Analyze the cause: What is the cause of what you are facing? For instance, let’s assume you didn’t pass an exam, then we know the cause is or could inadequate preparation, negligence or disobedience of exam hall rules, or a poor attitude during the semester or year. Once the cause of something is understood then the solution is not far, its within reach. Many people instead of tackling issues from the root source, go over to the top to try to fix it and this won’t yield much result. So understand what the problem is and analyze the cause.

3. Understand the effect: What could this problem result to if not properly handled?. Life is a cause an effect thing. Once there is an action, there is an equal and opposite reaction and this is true everywhere. What is the consequence of this challenge, understand it and be prepared for the worst. This would make you not be surprised or taken unawares when any funny thing happens. While you are prepared for the worst, you should be hoping for the best.

4. Take responsibility: Decide not to put blames on anybody. One of the most popular causes of failure is fixing blames. Everybody fixes blames, only a few fix the problem. Understand that your life is an outcome of whatever you put into it, no body owes you anything and as such no one is responsible for your “woes”. It might have come about due to the negligence of someone, but you must take full and total responsibility for it to turn around positively.

Everybody fixes blames, only a few fix the problem

5. Take action: In number two(2) above, we used a poor exam result as an example, lets assume that’s the issue, then an action is needed. What do you do? At this point you know the problem, then the solution should not freak you out. If you performed poorly in an exam, then you must know that better preparation would help issues. They say “Proper Prior preparations prevent poor performance” and that’s the six P’s. So start your preparations earlier enough. Take lecture notes seriously and attend classes more than you used to( if you do skip classes). If it’s a financial crises, you might improve in your savings and discipline yourself not to touch it until the time which you would have a good use and need for it. You can decide to talk to a coach who majors on the issue to help you out, for instance, if it’s in relationship, meeting a love coach won’t be a bad idea.

So instead of complaining and wearing yourself out, these are simple things you could do to help yourself. Remember and have this at the back of your mind that no life is problem free. Everybody has one or two issues, something they wished was better or different. No matter what situation you find yourself today, someone somewhere, was, is, or would be in it, so cheer up, you’re not carrying the world on your shoulders.

Over to you, what are your thoughts? You might want to share your own tips on how you carry on with us, please do use the comment area below. We would love to share in your experience and knowledge.

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  1. A very positive post with good advice. We all face tough times and it’s fantastic to be able to come to great sites like this and get encouragement and strategies to help us through. Thanks for sharing this Bisco.

  2. Hi Bisco

    A great reminder on how to overcome any challenge. These tips you shared will definitely help anyone with a difficult challenge. Thank you for sharing. Take care

  3. Thanks for creating this wonderful content here. I think everyone can relate this situation and find these content perfectly suitable for those situations. One need to motivate self to get ready to face every challenges of life.


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