Guest Posting is dead! Should I still do it?

Guest Posting is dead! Should I still do it?

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Guest posting is dead!

You heard me right. Well, you might reason with me after this post.

Through the years, the biggest factor to rank high in Google SERP is backlinks, although there are many other factors (in fact running into 200 factors). But the toughest to work on, the hardest to do is back linking.

What is Guest Posting?

Guest posting is simple, it’s just you posting on another blog. (Usually a blog similar to what you do, – that is the same blog in your niche). It is otherwise called “Guest Blogging”.

In this post, you will learn why you should not bother going on Google to search for guest posting sites with high PR anymore, – and maybe, why you should, for another reason. What I mean is, I will give you a new orientation to guest posting and then show you and alternative to the reason you used to guest post, which is link building.

We all know there are two major types of backlinks, the “Do-follow” or “Follow” and the “No-follow” links respectively, and to climb the SERP, you need a good quantity of backlink, and in the process of amassing these links, you lookout for the quality of the links. It is believed that one quality backlink is worth over one thousand crappy links (especially from sites that are not related to your niche or blog). Of course while the quantity is the second point of call, the first being quality, quantity can be a tie breaker.

Above I have given a rough explanation why people build backlinks-basically. And a major strategy of building this links is writing guest posts. Well, That is where this post comes in, remember I said guest posting is dead? That is why. Don’t worry, you’ll understand soon.

In a video released by Matt Cutts,(The former Google software developer), He claimed Google punishes sites. I’ll stop there, (Here is a link to the video, you are advised to watch and be informed).

Why is guest posting dead

If you write guest posts for the sole purpose of building backlinks, then you are the most affected by the death of guest posting. Below I will list a few reasons why guest posting is dead.

1. The speed of Back link building is slow: If you write guest posts because you want backlinks, then you must have observed the link building process is slow. Very slow. If you write 10 guest posts per week, you will have about 10 back links (if the host blog do not allow you to add more than one link). If he does allow, then you have a little more, but that does not rule out the slow speed of link building using this method.

2. Type of link: Some web masters might not even give you a do follow link, some might be cunny, they give you a do follow link, and change it later on. Of course they will give you a no follow link freely, but many hoard the do-follow links.

3. Traffic is or might not be high: If you get a do follow link, you might not worry much about the traffic from the host blog, but if it is a no follow link, the traffic (Which becomes the only reward) might not be encouraging, In fact, many people prefer to stay on the site where they are, only a very few will click through the link to your site. And the recurring traffic will not be any better.

4. Give away your valuable content: This is the part I hate the most, you give away your most valuable content, your competitor starts getting ranked for your work and what do you get? Well you know better. There is a post I made on a blog, it got so many likes, comments and shares, more than my posts get. Why? I gave away my best content.

5. Links may be removed: Like I said above, your links might even be removed. Those is even worse if you’re starting up as a brand, no one wants to link to small sites. Of course it has adverse effect on their own SEO.

These are a few reasons why you might reconsider guest blogging. If you guest post for backlink, I will advise you to abort that thought immediately. It is not worth it.

However, there are reasons you might want to guest post and not be disappointed. If you want to guest post, you might not consider the above reasons and guest post, because of the following reasons.

Reasons why you might still consider guest posting

Guest posting for SEO, and back links is dead. But that is not to say you must avoid guest posting like a plaque. NO-NO! You can still submit one or two guest posts as the case may be, but for the right reasons,I repeat, the right reasons.

Right reasons to guest post

If you must guest post, then these are reasons you should, you can easily overlook it though, but doing it won’t hurt you.

1. Building a relationship: If you care about building a relationship with bloggers in your niche, you might consider guest blogging. This is one of the best ways to identify with a blogger who is established or who you admire.

2. Gaining recognition from a new audience: This is the best part of it. If you want an audience to spot you, then you might consider writing and submitting a guest post. While ads help you to get traffic, guest posting for this purpose will tell people who already love what you do that you are a reliable source(They love what you do, that is why they are in a blog related to yours’)

If guest posting is bad for link building then what are the methods advised to build links? There are a few methods that work, and I will give you one to round off this post.

How to build backlinks

To build backlinks is not as difficult as guest posting had made it seem, its pretty much simpler, if done correctly. So what do you do?


Go on Google, search for blogs in your niche, blogs you’ve written posts related to, or blogs that have written posts related to yours, reach out to them via email or phone, to link to your content as it provides additional information on what they have written. If it’s a blog that has the genuine interest of its users at heart, he will link to you. You have to learn how to be persuasive though, nobody wants to be stressed and going back to edit his post might be stressful (to him/her).

Get the URL to the post, and get your own anchor text ready, give him/her all the details and the benefit of linking to you. You can email 5000 blogs in a day, but you can’t submit 5000 guest posts in one day.

I hope this helps.

Over to you, what do you think about link building? What are the strategies you employ? Talk to us using the comment area below. Do not forget to share this post!


  1. Hi Bisco

    You sparked my interest with this post and i agree that Guest posting for links is dead but if a blogger does a guest post for building relationships and reaching out to a new audience, he is sure on the right path.

    Thanks for sharing. Take care


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