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50 great individuals who didn’t attend or graduate from school

great people who didn't attend or graduate from school

I’ve studied and found great people who didn’t attend or graduate from school  . A lot of times I have stated that going to school does not define education. Whether you attend a school or not, you can be educated. It is very possible you attend one or two of the ivy league schools yet you are uneducated.  Education as I always define is self realization. Self definition. Understanding what your purpose is and not allowing anything stop you from achieving them. Many of the people on my list today didn’t attend school at all, yet they understand/understood their purpose and they lived it. Some others had the opportunities of attending school but had to leave because the school does not offer the kind of education they desire or require. Actually, going to school which is very very important is not education. It’s mere schooling. And permit me to say, schooling is the lock, education is the key. This is to point to you that even if you don’t attend the schools as your friends have, you still can be something because schooling does not define how educated you are, if on the contrary you have attended a school to the highest level, then you should also understand that your education defined by that. Schooling(which the world erroneously calls education) makes you stereotyped. Education makes you rather unique. This is evident in the lives of those I’ve listed below.

Great people who didn’t attend or graduate from school

Abraham Lincoln [highlight]President Of the United states[/highlight]

Harry Truman -President Of the United states

Grover Cleveland -President Of the United states

Zachary Taylor- President Of the United states

Andrew Johnson -President Of the United states

John Glen -Astronaut, U.S senator

Barry GoldWater S -Senator

Benjamin Franklin S- Ambassador

Winston ChurchHill -Prime minister of England

John Major -Prime Minister of England

Robert Frost -Poet

Florence Nightingale -Nurse

Buckminster Fuller -Futurist and inventor

George EastMan -Founder of Eastman Kodak

Ray Kroc -Founder of McDonalds’

Dave Thomas -Founder of Wendys’

Ralph Lauren -Fashion Designer and Entrepreneur

Doris Lessing -Nobel Prize recipient in literature

George Bernard -Shaw Playwright

Peter Jennings -News Anchor at BBC

Christopher Columbus -Explorer

TD Jakes -Pastor

Joel Osteen -Pastor

John D. Rockfeller -Founder of Standard Oil

Karl Rove -Presidential Advisor

Ted Turner -Founder of CNN

Quentin Tarantino- Movie Director

Peter Jackson -Movie Director(Lord of the rings)

Mark Twain -Author

Leon Uris -Author

Bernstein  -Washington post reporter

Carly Fiorina- CEO of Hewlett Packard

Charles Dickens -Author

Andrew Carnegie -Industrialist

William Faulkner -Nobel and Pulitzer prize winner

Li Ka Shing -Wealthiest man in Asia

Richard Branson -Founder of virgin Atlantic airways and Virgin Records

Enzo Ferarri -Founder of Ferarri

Henry Ford -Founder of Ford Motor company

Paul Getty -Fonder of Getty Oil

Jack London -Author
Larry Ellison -Founder of Oracle

Tom Anderson -Founder of My Space

Mark Zuckerberg -Founder of FaceBook

Steve Jobs -Founder of Apple

Steve Wozniak -Founder of Apple

Bill Gates -Founder of Microsoft

Paul Allen -Founder of Microsoft

Ringo Starr -Beatle


50 great people who didn’t go to school. There you have it, what do you think about the list. Do you think there is something special about these individuals or something divine about them. Do share with us using the comment box below.

Disclaimer: This post Great people who didn’t attend or graduate from school is not to discredit school. Inspiredfully or Her chief publisher Bisco Ibitade by this post does not stand to diapprove scchool. The post is to educate and Motivate

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