goal setting:-the SMART tips

goal setting:-the SMART tips


Ever thought about achieving goals ?
A goal is a desired product.Something or an aim that is the end point
of an endeavour.
Many of us live life rather aimlessly,no plan no purpose.Little
wonder, little or nothing is achieved over a long period of time.
When I talk of a goal,I by no means mean for one to be busy doing
nothing.It is aimed at producing a result that is worth the while.
Goals are very helpful, in that it helps saves time and gives
direction and focus,consequently it’ll make the setter remained

Life is all about goal setting

A goal is tangible.A goal setter should think on paper.write down
your goals,it becomes a mere wishful thinking if it lies just in your
mind,try to put it down in writing,so you’ll see it daily and be
stimulated to act upon it. Your goal must be SMART.yes,you heard
it,smart.And smart is an accronym wiith this you can reach your goals.
I have coined and find below what SMART means.

#Specific-Your goal must be specific.you dont want to achieve
everything,at the same time too. No,it should be specific.When
writing,you should try to be finicky,avoid being vague or nebulous.

#Motivating-Your goals must motivate you.it must look bigger than
you.then only is when your mind and imagination is stimulated to work
out strategies on how to achieve it…infact it must be so exciting
that you’ll be might even be scared of it…make it lofty!

#Achieveable-yes I said your dream should be Lofty,that does’nt mean
you should aim to pull down the moon and stars.It should be something
you’ll be excited to see come to pass.

#Realistic-I dont know what you may call realistic,but what ever your
dream is must be realistic to you.It’ll only be foolish if one sets an
unrealistic dream for him or herself..

#Time Bound-Yes,your dream must be time bound.there should be a time
table which should help you know where you should be at a point in
time of your life.This means your dream should be broken down in
bits,and tackled one after the other,so as to meet up the ultimate
Do you have any goal yet? Oohh yea?…so have you written it?..please
do. Imagine two teams playing a football match without a goal
post.That is what its like without a Life goal.
What do you think about setting life goals?..have you ever set any?
Achieved any or just share with us….

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Remember to believe it,be it…live it

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