Giving- doing it the right way.

Giving- doing it the right way.

A lot of us (certainly not all of us) loves to give. We give but with different reasons. Some fopr the right reasons-others for the wrong reasons/purpose. After reading this write up, I suppose your purpose and style of giving would change and for the better too.

how best to give


For a host of reasons people give, but for the sake of time and space I’ll highlight a few. Amongst the reasons why people give include but not limited to the following reasons or purposes.

1. Religious reasons: Many people give because of their religion compelling them to. If not for the purpose of religion these set of people may not be “Forced Philanthropists”. But thanks to the existence of religion.

2. Corporate purposes: Many other people give just for this purpose. They give to impress the corporate world and that alone. These are those people who give only in the name of their companies and nothing more.

3. Givers to impress: I couldn’t find a more suitable word to use for these set of people. They give to impress people who are around and know them. They give and inform people that they’ve given.

4. Philanthropists: These are those people who are naturally gifted in giving. They give just for the fun of it. They do not blow their trumpet themselves. These ones are the type of givers you would want to be like.
These are a few reasons why people give. And there are ways you give that is right. Biblically, there are ways you give that rubbishes the exercise. Giving is biblical and if it must be done the right way, you must follow the biblical ethics.


1. Give Secretly: Yes, when you give, do it secretly. The bible says “when you give, do so in such a way that your left hand does not k now what your right hand does”(paraphrased). To receive the full reward associated with giving it must be done discreetly. You must make it a top secret.

2. Do not give for the reward: also when you give, do so because the love of Christ compels you and not because you anticipate a blessing from God. This way your blessing would be full. Abraham entertained angels unknowingly. And this is one reason why his blessing was terrific. Your blessing would certainly come.

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3. You don’t expect or reap what you sow: Giving is sowing. I know you knew this, but if you didn’t, do now. Giving is sowing and the opposite of sowing is reaping. Once you sow, you have to reap but not the same “commodity”(not literary). When you help a friend with an umbrella, do not expect to reap another umbrella, it might be a glass of juice (just an example).

4. Be consistent: giving is/should not be seasonal. It should be consistent. Do it as often as you can.


1. Givers get back what they give. this is false
2. Givers must be helped back by the receiver-another alibi which is a lie.
3. You must have abundance to give.(oh no!) this is a fat lie. You don’t have to give, you give to have.

Giving when done rightly is so much fun. There is nothing sad in giving as givers never lack. Whatever your religion, giving is preached and must be practiced correctly. Through giving, a lot have received their blessing and a giver always receives in multiple folds, it is a law of nature which must continue. In his song, Lucky Dube of Blessed memory sang and said “ blessed is the hand that giveth, than the one that taketh”. This is so true and it should be you.

Here is just a little lesson about giving,what have you learnt? What do you think about giving? Share with us.

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