Four success languages you must learn how to speak

Four success languages you must learn how to speak

Success languages

We all want to succeed, and that’s a good thing, we also have dreams which we hope would materialize, this also is a good thing. But we(a lot of us) often fail to develop or learn the languages that would aid the achievement of those dreams and plans.
There are some languages only a certain types of people speak, it’s called register. Every field has its own register and if you want to tap from the juice in whatever field you must be good in its register. For instance, medicine has a way of calling things, what medicine calls “patient is what law calls “client” and that’s what a baker calls a “customer”, and all this refers to you. In the hospital you’re called a patient, even if you just went for a check on your hair , while in the chambers your attorney or lawyer would call you a client, if you went to a banking hall the same day your account officer would call you a customer. So these registers are pertinent you learn but above all, there are four that stands out, requiring everybody to learn them and by the end of this post you’d have discovered these four.
Where do I learn these languages?
You might wonder if you have to enroll in a school to learn any of these, I know many hates school and would do anything to avoid returning to school after earning your degree or whatever grade you possess. You’ll learn these languages the same way you learnt your name and native language.
Can you remember how you learnt your Mother tongue or First name?
Yes, I’m proud to tell you what you might not have known, I know you might have been thinking by now, “How did I learn my language and maybe mother tongue? Well, If you don’t know, I don’t know either , don’t mind me, you learnt it effortlessly on a daily basis, one word after the other, made mistakes and your sweet mother, dad or guardian corrected you. You didn’t have to enroll in a school to learn any of these, and you are almost a pro in it(at least).
This is the same way you’ll learn these four success languages. I can bet you there is no difficulty at all in learning any of these languages.

Four Success Languages you must know today

These are the four success languages any and everybody must know to achieve general success, do leave a comment on whatever your thoughts are after reading.

1. Management Language: I am yet to see any one person who does not want to be a boss in whatever he/she does. From our childhood we all want to become the master at either our work place or in our organization. To achieve a great feat in management, you must understand the management language and the terms of management. There are certain things you are not allowed to do as a manager, doing any of them may be suicidal. If you watch football, you’ll recall Chelsea in 2012, the owner hired a good coach in Andre Vilas Boas, who came and although a sound tactical coach, was a bad manager(as at then). The dressing room loss its peace and that season was almost going to be Chelsea’s all time worst if not for his sack and Roberto Di Matteo’s late intervention, who might not be a very good coach but a great manager.

How do you learn the language of management?

Simple, you can get good books on management and learn form very good authors who have carried out research and have found valuable information and are willing to share.
2. Relationship Language: We all want to be in a good relationship. In fact today, the average teenager want to have a lover, The issue of getting it
wrong in relationships have cost us many lives and billions of dollars. Many people go into a relationship not knowing what to expect or what to offer. Many don’t even have the slightest understanding what a love affair or a friendship means, so they more or less sail without a radar or rudder and eventually get lost on the “sea”.
To stand above the muddy waters of a relationship you must understand its language. You must know what is involved and at stake. I must state here that this relationship am talking about is not only about love affairs, It also encompasses your relationship with mere friends or colleagues at work or school.

How do I learn this Relationship Language?

You can learn this by attending seminars on relationships (friendship) reading books, watching tapes and chatting up people on the subject. You can start a conversation on facebook on how to be a better friend or lover and you’d see peoples response, don’t just damn it, study it because they say the voice of the people is the voice of God (not always )
3. Money Language: Do you want to be rich? I mean financially rich. Ok, am sorry for asking, I already knew your answer before I asked. Well, since you want to be, you need to learn the money language. This is different from others because money is a beautiful subject that has succeeded in making the world what it is today, everybody whether schooled or Unschooled are conscious about money, those who are schooled are because they want to make more and more money when they grow, those who are not schooled were not because they probably lacked money, or they wanted to save time( these one’s believe “after all, we go to school to learn how to work for money, let me go and learn how to be rich at once”), Bill Gates and Mark Zukerberg fall into this category.

How do you learn the money language?

Simple. This is the simplest of all because everybody would be interested in it. Simply get to see business news on TV,(oh! You hate seeing late night news?) alright, like others attend business seminars, get books that talk about money, talk to financial experts(I’m not saying for financial advice, Just to hear their money language and how its used).
4. Investment language: You would agree with me that not all who understands money are investors? Not all who know money invests or really have money. If you want to be in the ranks of the Aliko Dangotes’ Warren Buffets, Gates, Steve Jobs, etc, you must learn how to invest. Working hard might make you comfortable (at best) but would never make you strikingly rich until you embrace investment. You don’t want to travel to a country which language you don’t understand without an interpreter, Investing without understanding the investment language is not different from such adventure. You definitely want to succeed in your investment(s) because you do not want to be called a “professional Illiterate”, (because once you start investing you become an investor.).
It is very important learning the investment language as investment is almost the only way to be caught up financially.

What Do I DO?

Attend seminars, an MBA would have been okay, but they always only teach how to be a good employee and that is my problem with them, they rarely teach you how to start and succeed in your business. And again, get good books, meet people and get hooked up with other successful investors, share in their ideas and rub minds with them. This would help you.
Do you think these languages are essential and consequential? Are you satisfied with what you just read? What are other ways you think these languages can be learnt? What other languages are necessary for everyone to learn? Share with us using the comment area below.


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