Four Reasons Christianity Today Should be Wiped out

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Should Christianity today be wiped out?

At Antioch, the word Christianity was first used. It was used to refer to those who had the behavior(s) of Christ. With around 2.2 billion people in the world today are Christians, and most of them are Europeans and Americans.

Statistically, Nigeria is first in Africa with most Christians, but is fourth globally with about 49% Christians, after The United States of America, Brazil and Mexico.

Literally, the word Christian means “Christ-like” or “like Christ” as the case may be.

I want to point to some few aspects or areas of life where this word has been misused, mistaken or confused. First and foremost, I want to state it categorically that I am a Christian myself, so no one should think I’m an atheist because of this post. There are a few reasons why I think the idea of Christianity today is being abused.

Here are my thoughts.

Should Christianity today be abolished?

1. Christianity today has been misconstrued for religion

Christ, being the author of Christianity did not introduce a religion. He wasn’t even a Christian; He was a Jew. Instead of introducing a religion he introduced a lifestyle.

That was the idea. When that word “Christian” was first used, it was used to describe a certain pattern of life led by certain people, and these people practiced this lifestyle. These people were originally Jews. The kind of life they led made them stand out from other Jews. This is what it means to be a Christian.

In our world today, the reverse is the case, and this is one major reason why the world is where and what it is.
Christianity today should be a lifestyle, a pattern of life where individuals who live it do not need to announce themselves to be Christians, but their way of life speaks for them.

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2. The leaders who are not leaders

Christians around the world today have leaders who truly aren’t leaders. A leader is meant to be an example to his or her follower(s), but this is not the case today as these leaders are nowhere near the examples they should be.

We have gotten reports of leaders who have let their followers down in more ways than one. Many people have fallen off the track because of the negligence of the leaders.

While I admonish people to always take responsibility of and for themselves, it’s is pertinent to note that there are people who still need to be “spoon fed” until they are matured enough to stand on their own, and others need encouragement to push on.

When Religious leaders fail their followers, the result is more grave than when they were never in the faith. Why? Because they expected religion to be the way out of misery, or out of evil, seeing the leaders who claim to know more than just the ordinary follower misbehave, the belief that there is no way out saturates their mentality and there is a return to a more base state – More like it.


3. Those who think they are Christians have forgotten how to love

When a purpose is not known they say, abuse is inevitable. The bedrock of Christianity is love. That was the very first purpose for which it was designed.

Christ went around doing good, and when his disciples continue in that manner, they were named Christians. Today, we see “churches and Christian bodies” in colossal wealth, while their members suffer in abject poverty.

Imagine a poor widow taking part in contributions that aides the building of a university, yet that widow is not given the opportunity of sending her kid( at least one) to that same university she’s a stakeholder in. That is not loving, is it?

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You might argue that my reason above holds no water since anything which is given in church is done unto God, but you will agree with me that God does not spend money. What the money is used for is decided by man and should be used to help elevate and alleviate the ordinary man, even non-Christians.

4. Christianity today has been commercialized

Finance is important in any organization and in the church too, but when money is the reason behind the setup of a church then there is a problem. There is this bad wave spreading like wildfire in the society today of churches (mostly new ones) demanding charges or fees for certain things. This leaves one with no conclusion that the setup of churches now has commercial intents.

I also know this is also existent in other “religions” including Islam, but as a Christian, I stand to condemn it in mine as I don’t know if it is allowed in others. It is bad and must be stopped.

When I said in the title that Christianity should be wiped out, I am in no way antagonizing Christians as I am a Christian, my point is that the lifestyle which the origin of Christianity had in mind while starting the church should be revived.

Love and care must be brought back to the Christendom. We must start looking out for each other and start standing in the gap more than ever before.

Many people go to church not because they want to worship, but because they want to show off. I was at a church, where I was invited to help them handle their web presence. What I observed was everyone trying to outwear the other as though there was a competition, I’m not saying you shouldn’t look good in “His Presence,” but you don’t have to break the bank to do so.

There was a woman in the bible who although gave the least, was recognized the most, the keyword there is “motive and purpose.” She gave herself, (all she owned) and that is what is expected, not our clothes, gadgets or looks.

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The religion must be wiped out. The lifestyle must be rediscovered and promoted.

We must forget about just the idea of going to church on whatever days we do and imbibe the habits and cultures of the true lifestyles of a Christian.

Over to you, what do you think about the lifestyle or life of a Christian. What does Christianity today mean to you? What is your take on the failures of religious leaders and how has it affected you if it has. Share with us using the comment area below and don’t forget to share this post on facebook and twitter below




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