Four easy ways to avoid disappointment

Four easy ways to avoid disappointment

Many of us have experienced disappointments, once,twice or for the umpteenth time and no doubts this breaks our heart. Yes no matter how strong one is,disappointments are very disheartening and can dampen our morale to proceed.
Here I’ve written on four simple ways to avoid disappointments from whosoever.
1.Take responsibility:- For every of your endeavor,always do well to take the responsiblilty. Yes raising money is hard and we’re all tempted to rely on that promising brother,uncle,relative or even lover as the case maybe. But don’t forget,he/she has his or her own responsibility too. Try your best,if its to raise fund,do it,get an extra Job(not easy-but worth it in the long run)…its your life and if Its gona be,its up to you.
2.Never expect from anybody:- if you’re in the habit of expecting tips and various little things from people,then disappointments are not new to you.But you can save yourself the stress by not expecting from anybody. Yes anything whatsoever.
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3.Live freely:-stay away from grudge,malice,hatred,anger and the likes, these and many more brings in feeling of depression and makes you want to rely on a certain individual for one thing or the other…live so well as though you’re dying the next second
4.Plan for the best,but get ready for the worst:- we all love to plan for our future. A bright future we all anticipate.But getting ourself prepared for the worst occurences won’t do us any harm. Those in the financial sector call it insurance…I call it PREPARATION. Prepare for the worst. It won’t get that bad,but be prepared anyway!
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