four bloggers who have influenced me so far

four bloggers who have influenced me so far

I have have been on the blogosphere(as bloggers call it) for quite sometime now and I have learnt a whole lot,and am still learning. the journey has not been rosy but I have pushed on and on and so far I have smiled. at the tail end of 2013, My blogging life changed and I started blogging on a different gear,and I have met a good number of people who have helped me one way or the other. I cant list them all here,so I’ve chosen four to represent everyone who one way or the other have impacted by journey so far.

my blogging carieer

 bloggers who have had influence on me the most since I joined the blogosphere

1. Olili Bob: In 2013 when I was about to get a domain name, I breezed into bloggers lab and I asked who could get me a domain name, people indicated their readiness to do it for me. Olili came quite late and this is how he posted the message(how can I forget)- “if it is blogger, pm me” that’s all. I don’t know what made me send him the message, but I did. His response to me was friendly and he did register two domains for me. Its been a while now and I’ve not had a second to regret knowing him. He’s such a cool guy and anyone can relate with, very direct and he’d reply you as though you are his boss. On his blog, I finally learned how to tweak blogger templates. Today I can do that quite well. Olili has been a very influential person in my blogging life. I run to him as regards my blog issues and ideas and so far he has given me top notch help, advice and assistance. He’s objective and will not mince words.
Olili will call me by my first name(if you know what that means). Whenever I call him, I’m sure to hear that uncommon name and I’m preparing a post on the use of names but olili does not need to read that because he already practices it(he knows that by intuition). I think Olili is single,Ladies you know what I mean!
He blogs at iblogright and you can Connect with Olili bob on twitter |facebook |google plus

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2. Jide Ogunsanya: Although I and Jide haven’t really had time to talk at length  apart from one or two comments on facebook, Jide Ogunsanya doesn’t know me much but He has helped me, categorically his facebook group of bloggers, bloggers lab has helped me learn a lot and I’ve met many terrific people including the number one and the next person on this list. Jide also is cool, I’ve spoken to him on phone once or twice and he’s quite nice. His blog “ogbongeblog” is one of the model tech logs in Nigeria, sometime in 2014 ogbongeblog was deleted from the web space and you need to see the way bloggers anticipated the return of the blog.
The major influence Jide has had on me is Bloggers lab, because my biggest cash online was made when I sold to few members of the group, in fact as I write I’m expecting a payment to be made into my account, thanks to the next person on my list for creating the platform and also thanks to Jide for creating bloggerslab where we all met.
Jide blogs at Ogbongeblog and you can connect with him on facebook| twittergoogle plus

3. Francis Donvincent (Donvin for short): Francis is just phenomenal.He is the rave of the moment presently in the blogosphere. You can’t believe how far and wide he travelled in the later part of 2014 to run free seminars just to help improve fellow bloggers. This has got me astonished ! And he has got me wondering if such people still exists, especially in such a money driven blogosphere. I attended one of his seminars in Lagos and I am really in love with his energy and passion. He has made himself popular in adsense related issues, being “NOTORIOUS WITH FACEBOOK ADS” he usually says “I collect the money from adsense, give facebook their share and I keep the change” and he does it like no mans business.
I called him around October and his enthusiasm to dish out information was quite interesting.
You’d be amazed at the sad story behind Donvin’s beginning, he had to shed a little light on it when we were at the seminar ( we’re not going into that now).Donvin is the man behind Naijabadoo
you can connect with him on social media too on facebook |twitter |google plus

4. Nosa Ero Nosa: With his somewhat controversial posts on social media, his “spiritual” posts and periodic thought provocative posts, you cant but conclude that Nosa is a nice guy. He used to run a self development blog, and I thought his would compliment mine, but he later opted to go into the gaming niche. I cant recall if it was Nosa and I who were at loggerheads around the mid part of 2013 on the issue of paypal(changing I.P to gain access to paypal as a foreigner,I was strongly against it) I’m thinking its either Nosa or Obasi Miracle,however after that incident he sure has had one or two influence on me. Positively if I may add. He owns and blogs at Techrez
you can connect with Nosa on twitter | facebookgoogle plus

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I’m hoping sooner than later,people would start adding me to such list as been one of their influencers. If you want to get in touch with these ones I’ve listed, just hit the social button around their names and start the conversation with them,also you might want to visit their blogs for top informations and tutorials,it would be worth your while.

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  1. You're welcome bro. And as for that statement, I was amazed when I first heard it,and it glued to my mind. Maybe I'll take a leaf out ouf that book and join you. By and large you have done well-and I hope you continue doing what you love.

  2. Hi Boss,
    Sorry for coming here late i must say thanks for the mention , am just a cool guy trying to get it right and all the guys you mentioned here are inspirational and fantastic in the blogosphere.


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