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5 Essential Blogging Tools Every Serious Blogger Should Be Using

Essential Blogging tools

Tools again?!

I get your frustrations.

Really, I can’t recount how many articles I have read about tools; tools that will turn your blog into the next Marshable or TechCrunch.

While I believe tools are important in the successful running of your business, I also believe it is the things that you do with these tools that inevitably make your business successful.

Do you remember that quip, “It’s not what you know but what you do with what you know that counts”?

So you can have the best tool in the world for all I care, if you refuse to make the most use of it, you will not experience any change with your website.

Think some two (2) months ago, I was really praying and tasking myself just to get this tool that helps in collecting mails from my blog surfers. I got the tool eventually but seriously I am yet to fully harness this tool.

So you see, I get your frustrations.

However, what I help to achieve with this post is not only to share with you some of the tools I use to transform my own blog to become successful but what I will also be doing is encouraging you to learn how to initiate the configurations of these tools in order to get the best results of using them.

Alright, follow me very closely now as I share with you the five essential blogging tools every serious blogger should be using.

What Are The Five Essential Blogging Tools Every Serious Blogger Should Be Using


  1. GoDaddy

GoDaddy is one of the most powerful tools an online entrepreneur, newbie blogger that is, needs to get their online business up and running.

Let me guess … one of the advises you got while trying to learn how this whole online business thing works was to get a domain name and a web hosting to host and build your own business online.

I bet I guessed right.

Those guys are actually right. You need those things to air your explosive thoughts online and the first step towards that is to find a reliable domain registrar and Web Host Company.

This is where GoDaddy comes in. GoDaddy helps in researching available domain names and offer you the best price options to jump on their bandwagon of creating a business online.

Most digital marketers I know use GoDaddy including me. Particularly, I use GoDaddy because they are cheap, reliable and have good customer service.

I mean with the help of their coupon options you can register your website’s name with as low as $1.17 and host your website via their hosting panel for as low as $5.7 per year.

Now that makes sense. Don’t it?

By the way, my very good friend Oleg did well to share 12 Tips for Choosing the Right Domain Namefor your business since most of us tend to find it difficult in choosing a name.


My Advice: To make the most out of your GoDaddy domain registrar and web hosting tool, you will need to checkout with some guides. You can easily find those by doing a few googlings or just contact their support and I am sure they’d work you through the whole process.

  1. WordPress

It’s not knew my love for WordPress. In a post I published on some friend’s blog some years back, I expressed my love and the 7 reasons why I use WordPress.

WordPress is one if not the best CMS platforms out there. In short, it is the best CMS platform I have seen around.

In the past, I have used content management systems such as blogger, wix, tumblr, and a couple others and I can beat my chest to tell you that WordPress can’t be compared to any of these platforms and that’s due to its flexibility and ease of access to the dumbest person in the world.

It was hell blogging on blogspot or tumblr during those years but immediately I discovered and started using WordPress, my blogging life became pretty easy and I found myself designing good looking websites, though it took some sleepless nights of having to learn the tricks and tweaks.

In case you can’t visit that link. I will share 3 out of the 7 major reasons why I love and use wordpress.

  • Easy to Use
  • Good for SEO Optimization
  • No HTML editing of PHP knowledge required

You see why it’s good to fly with WordPress as a blogger and especially if you are totally new to blogging. It just makes sense as it readily saves you of the time for coding to face more important things like churning out valuable contents such as this one.

  1. Yoast SEO Plugin

Yoast SEO is a very powerful wordpress plugin and I use it on every of my blogs. Why? Because it is the best wordpress plugin and it does what it says it will do – help you optimize your blog posts to show on Google’s SERPs.

As a blog writer, there’s the need for you to write for your readers, I understand that but you also need to make it a point of duty to write for Google’s Bots. By Google’s Bots, I mean writing for search engine; tailoring your content to what online surfers are searching for. We call this “search” process “keyword terms”.

Example is:

“Best WordPress Plugins”.

Chances are that you searched for this term on Google to arrive on this post. Now, that’s the term you used as keyword on Google’s search box.

However, to be able to use this plugin effectively you will need to have gone through the first stage, which is to research the keywords you’d like to rank for and that people are seriously searching for.

In my case, it’s “Best wordpress Plugins” and I realized that there a good number of people looking for this. So what I had to take advantage of that to share this post with you.

This is where Yoast SEO comes into play.

Realizing what writing this post will mean for people coming from Google to engage with the post, I plugged in the keyword terms into my Yoast Plugin immediately below my post editor, I hit publish and then organic traffic begins to roll in.

I should clear this for you though;

The first process where you research the best and well trafficked keywords using Google Keyword Planner and then use it in your post and on your blog is known as On-page/On-site SEO.

The second process is where you visit other blogs to post comments, guest post, email your blog subscribers, sharing your post/blog on different social networking sites etc. This process is known as the Off-page SEO and it is the most effective.

This whole talk on On-page or Off-page SEO is pretty huge and will be a topic for another time.

  1. SumoMe

You’ve always head the Mantra, perhaps you’ve grown weary of hearing it, but the truth is that ‘there is money in the list.’ And the experts take advantage of it every time to make their blog posts go viral or promote their affiliate programs to you or sell to you their products.

Do you not think you should start building your list too today?

Well, to be able to do that successfully with your blog, you will need a tool such as SumoMe which has the functionality to do just that. It’s a freemium as well as a premium tool you can use to grow your mailing list from the scratch straight up to the top.

I currently use the freemium version and trust me I love the magic it’s brought to my quest of growing my list. I mean, daily, people subscribe to get updates from my blog, thanks to the SumoMe plugin.

If I were you I’d get on my blog straight up and install the plugin, get on Google or perhaps Youtube and watch videos of how to best configure it for your blog and if you need to use my brain too, feel free to shoot me a mail anytime.

  1. Canva

The images below and the many archived on my PC were designed via Canva.

essential blogging tools

Important blogging tools





I love Canva because they decided to create a platform for guys who don’t necessarily have a hang on designing graphical representation for their copies or ideas.

What they have done is creating thousands of preloaded templates where bloggers and just about anybody can pick and turn into a custom picture just like the ones you see below.

Albeit, you will need to have a good eye for colours and an imaginative mind to be able to come up with good looking and of course attention grabbing images.

Do you like the images below?

Oh you do.


That’s the power of Canva. You can go here to checkout with what and how Canva can turn you into an overnight graphics designer.

Wrapping Up

I promise to share 5 essential blogging tools every serious blogger should be using that will make them extremely successful as a blogger. I hope these ones made sense and are worth your whiles.

Please do share with me in the comment box below some of the other tools you use and that might benefit others and not just yourself.

Also, don’t forget to help me share this post with your network of friends on Facebook, Twitter, linkedIn and and Instagram.

Thanks so much for sparing your time to read my thoughts and advice on the essential blogging tools.

About Author:Sam Adeyinka is a seasoned blogger, a passionate podcaster, a creative writer and a digital marketing strategist who loves teaching young minds how to start, launch, and grow a successful online business.

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