Effects Of Not Getting Out Of Abusive Relationships

Effects Of Not Getting Out Of Abusive Relationships

Abusive Relationships

Abusive relationships are everywhere. There is no guarantee getting out of that relationship you are right now for the next is the best option but there is every guarantee leaving that abusive relationship will not only prevent you from getting into a “Lion’s den” marriage, but also it is a sure guarantee you will wake up tomorrow.

Abusive relationships don’t get you anywhere or ahead of anyone, It only reduces your self worth, esteem and love for yourself, while making you seem to your “supposed” lover as a weak person, who has lost his/her right.

While it is true that there are more females locked in the prison of abusive relationships, it is equally true abusive relationships are not peculiar to women as even men are victims of abusive relationships.

By the end of this post, I want to hope you should have know where your relationship is heading. Never have I been an advocate of a second chance in situations like the following “my boyfriend was so mad at me, he Slapped me”. Many ladies have been so blinded by the so called love that they don’t know this is the beginning of an abusive relationship, or the beginning of abuse in their relationship, my advice? RUN!

How do you know abusive relationships?

You have to be careful when deciding if you are in an abusive relationship or not, most time, relationships tricky, what happened to Rose might happen to Kate, but the cause, effect and purpose might be different. This is why a second chance might be important, but I always add that second chances are reasons why the pains are heightened, because the abuser gets enough time to plead, and try to heal the wound before striking again, in the meanwhile, the abused is already glued emotionally. So how do you perceive abusive relationships?

I have written extensively on how you can detect an abusive relationship in a post here, you should read it and understand if your relationship is abusive or not. I also welcome your ideas of an abusive relationships and your experience if you were in one, how you got into it and how you got out if you have.
Why you must get out of abusive relationships

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There reasons why you must get out of abusive relationships, and here I will list a few reasons so as not to continue in that relationship that’ll rather do you more harm than good.

1. Psychological Trauma

There is a psychological risk in continuing that relationship that is abusive. You need to get out as quickly as possible given the risks involved. You might eventually be converted to a psycho because you loved some guy who doesn’t treat you with respect, or because a lady who thinks you are less of a guy is right at the core of your heart.

2. Physical injury

You might think physical assaults in relationship is nonexistent in the western world, but some weeks back , I saw a complaint on social media about physical abuse in the United State, the lady who was publicizing its existent reported that, the abused victims are scared to talk and lose their lovers, how pathetic. There is serious risk of physical injury if you don’t leave that relationship, and the next assault is launched.

3. Change in mentality

The mentality that all men are the same, or all women are the same, I believe came up from relationships similar to an abusive relationship. Some women no longer believe there can be men who are trustworthy. Many men believe there is no woman who would not cheat. This mentality must have sprung up from abusive relationships. Won’t you rather leave today?

4. Death

There is a risk of death. We have heard men beat their wives to death, we have heard women attack their husband which resulted in his death, and these risks are in our abusive relationships. You must do something about it today if you are in one. You need to stay alive. We still love you…

These and many more reasons are why you must get out of that relationship that is abusive. Yu deserve better and you just have to get better from everything you get involved in, including your love life. Do not let anyone take advantage of you.

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Over to you, what are the reasons you think anyone in an abusive relationship must leave? What are the effects of being in one? Share your thoughts using the comment area below.


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