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God has stopped being the giver of life?- Forbes Report

Eat the rich

Eat the rich up or learn from them and live long. When I was in primary school, I was taught, and also in church too, I was taught that it is God who keeps our life, decide when we die, how we live and everything about our life. But a recent report by Forbes has proven otherwise and I have no cause to doubt it. Has God given up on keeping our lives? Has he given that power to money? You too would probably align with me at the end of this post, and if I’m right in my new assertion, the facts would be the judge.

Where is God and what is His Business

If you are a Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Shinto, Jew or whatever religion you practice, you all have the same belief on God, He’s in heaven, he created the world, and his business is that he gives life, watches over the life given and decide what happens to it, when that life is terminated restore(if ever) or not. I’m not here to dispute that.

What Did the Forbes report say?

This amazing Forbes report says that the richest people live 14.6 years longer than the poorest ones. And this gap is growing.

What more? If the richest people live this long more than the poorest ones what says ye? Is it that God is now paid to give life? Does god now considers our bank account to give us life? What is really the yardstick with which he gives this life if he (according to the religions) is still in charge of giving life, or has he possibly relinquished the ability of giving life totally to money?

What Do we do? Eat the rich up? Not Really, Here is what the rich does and the poor don’t

It’s not as though God has relinquished his place if you believed that is his business, in the following paragraphs I’ll list what the rich does that’s absolutely the deciding factor to who lives longer and who answers the glorious home call earlier than the other.
When I talk with my friends who are on low income about health care, this truth is always constant, they don’t care about check up, obviously because they might not have enough or extra money to pay to hospitals when obviously they are not sick.

What’s that thing the rich does the poor don’t that prolong or shortens life by a massive 14.6 years?

Below ‘ll give a list of what the rich does that the poor don’t that gives that wide margin in their mortality rate

1. The Environment they live in: The environment you live in determines your life expectancy. I don’t care who disagrees or not. I believe it does. The rich are careful about where they live, they choose carefully and of course it’s quite more expensive than others. The richer the environment you live in, the richer you look, and of course the richer the people you mingle with. Mosquito’s don’t thrive in a clean environment, one of the fastest killers of man-Malaria vectored by Mosquito’s. they don’t live in clean environments, so they don’t affect the rich with malaria(unless when they visit the dirty parts of the cities).and on a lighter note I think the beauty of the amazing area rich people live in too adds to how happy they are and if you are happy, your life expectancy is a bit more.

2. The Food they eat: I don’t have to start telling you the food you eat affects your health. The rich surely don’t just eat anything but healthy foods and the best the land has got to offer. From fruits to low or zero cholesterol foods, to properly and thoroughly prepared food. Know of people who don’t eat anything with preservatives. Their juices are produced for them the moment they want to drink it, Fresh. This helps you live long the more.

3. Health Care: which kind of hospitals you visit also is a factor. Although the doctors are trained the same way, the tools and equipments available to them are not the same, so when you visit a first class hospital, you are sure to get the best from the latest technologies in vogue.

4. Emergency: More to health is how they respond to you when there is an emergency. When a rich is rushed to a hospital along with one who is not, the spontaneous response given to the rich explains why they are less likely to die in such a situation. Sometimes when you visit hospitals in areas lived by average and middle class earners, there is congestion, and this gives the hospital staff an overload to handle, whereas there is less congestion or even non in higher level hospitals.

5. Check Up: tell an average earner to go for checkup monthly, and you’ll sound like you’re given him the advice of burning his gratuity and annual salary. They just wouldn’t. Many of such believe you only visit the hospital when you’re sick. This is not so. I believe check up is to avoid being sick which saves even more time and maybe money. You know your health status and know the precautions to take so instead of being on the sick bed, you’re making more money-To live longer.

Money answereth all things.

6. Less Anxiety: Yes, when you are financially on top, you have less fear, because Money is what gives the most fear to the human race, the reason the world is in the state it is in today is totally because of money and nothing less. I know you’ll agree with me that money answereth all things. So the rich have more security and are less anxious of tomorrow-I think this is a no brainer

7. Thought Patterns: I have discovered that if you are rich, your thought patterns change. I strongly believe money influences your thought patterns. And I think your thought pattern can also influence your life. I’ve heard severally and agree that “there is a way rich people think and its totally different from the poor’s”

8. Optimism: the rich has one less reason to be pessimistic. When you are optimistic, you should live longer. I also believe the poor complain a lot about what the rich tries to tackle with their money. When same thing happens to a poor and a rich man, the rich starts to look for a solution, the poor starts to complain and blame the government.

when we live everything to chance then we stand no chance

9. God: When you do your part, God does his. God is not dead, he hasn’t retired from his job yet, however we humans has a responsibility to take care of ourselves and leave the rest to him, when we live everything to chance then we stand no chance. Even the bible stated it clearly, faith without work is dead! Period.

Do your part, take care of your health, and don’t forget that it is your duty to be healthy and not God’s, when you are healthy, you can now ask of him to give you life. I love that report from Forbes, it even would propel me to make more money and take even more care of my health.
Over to you, what do you think of this? Does any of the above factors actually influence life? What do you think of the position of god in giving life? Has he stopped giving life according to the headline? Share whatever your thoughts are with us using the comment area below, it’s appreciated.


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  1. Personally, I don’t understand what you mean by “Eating The Rich Up”. However, I think Forbes aren’t far from the truth. Because God in his infinit mercies have created us with free will to be the decider of our faith. The poor will tell you that the love of money is the root of all evil, but I will tell you on behalf of my fellow wealthy men that the lack of money is the root of all suffering, shame and death. what else do one expect from a group who can not afford the basic necessities of life which has all the criteria to prolong it. But we should have it at the back of our minds that God is the owner of our souls and has the right to demand for it at whatever time he pleases.

    • I can never agree less with you on this. What do I mean by “eat the rich”? its simple, the poor and rich are eternal enemies. Non wants the other around. The One thinks the other is the cause of his poverty(i.e the poor), the rich thinks the poor can make him too poor. So when the poor see how the rich prolongs their life, they might decide to “eat up the rich people” (as in, annihilate them all).
      I also agree with you God is the giver of life, and can demand it at anytime and that is another reason why the advice is good that says, “live as if you’ll die tomorrow, plan as if you’ll live forever” the first part of that quote would make us always prepared.

      As always, I appreciate your visit, and taking your time to comment gives me complete JOY! Thanks!


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