Warning! Your dreams are becoming fantasies

Warning! Your dreams are becoming fantasies

Dreams or fantasies

A lot of us have/had dreams at a point or the other in our lives, many of us still do and many others have abandoned theirs. Some were what they call victims of circumstances (which I strongly disagree with anyway),others would have exhibited lazy attitudes to ruin their future. In this post, we would be highlighting pointers that would show or indicate when your dreams are becoming mere fantasies.
Dreams are series of thoughts, ideas, aspirations, hopes an individual has for his/her future. They are visions of the future which are expected to play out in the cause of time and help in attaining certain or reach desired heights.
To achieve your dreams to the fullest, you have to be dedicated to it(or them). One needs a cut out plan to reach the said height; else the pointers in this post would set in for such individual. It is advised to have big dreams. Your dreams are not meant to be things you can easily achieve; else it would lose its beauty, there would be no spark to spur you. They should be ideas that would make your heart beat fast; they should be ‘lofty’ in one word. A friend would always say, “Your dreams should make you jump out of your bed with a start in the middle of the night…” your dreams should excite you and make you want to die for it. Your dreams should give you a reason to live, and a cause to die, yes, your dream should be that which you can die for as life is worthless when there is nothing to live or die for…

“Life becomes worthless when there is nothing to live or die for

One may have all the experiences above initially in life yet not live out his dream and in the next few lines I’ll give my take on the major reason I feel are the causes of this. As usual I always say, feel free to disagree with any and register your thoughts using the comment area immediately after this post.

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Signs your dreams are becoming Fantasies

There are some signs I’ve been able to pick, which I strongly believe are the reasons some people don’t achieve their Purposes. You are fastly losing your dreams to fantasies if :-

1) You are losing concentration: You should have total control in the whilst in the pursuit of your dreams. When you start loosing concentrations on your dreams, then it’s high time you asked yourself the origin of the cause of your lack of concentration on this dream in the first place. Several things can cause your loss of focus ranging from depression, peer, pressure, fear, complacency; your environment also plays a role. When you lose concentration, you would easily sway off the road to your future without your noticing it.
Identify your purpose and stick to your plan to achieving it. Distractions are normal but your resilience not to give in defines you. Conscious effort also helps you withstand loss of concentration

2) You don’t have a clear Plan to its realization: Only fantasies are like this. Your dreams should come with it action plans, i.e. steps to reach it/them. Once your heart conceives anything, instantly strategies to their realization start setting in, so find time to make plans on how you intend to achieve your goals and stick to them, it is allowed to periodically review and re-strategize (this is very good as times are changing) but make sure the end result is never intended to be altered. If you do not have a plan to achieve your dreams, you might just be fantasizing.

3) Your dreams change per time: Does your plan always change when you meet with different people? Do you always have different ideas to achieve your plans every morning? These might just be pointers you’re fantasizing. True I talked above about review of plans, but that is not a license to change your plans every now and then because you think they don’t conform to the standards of your friends or who ever is around you are comparing with. Remember it’s a crime to compare your dreams and aspirations with that of someone else. You were made original, don’t die a copy. Your ideas are unique and should be given a chance to succeed, just as theirs. Your decisions should be firm.

great people are fast in taking a decision but are slowest in changing it”

4) You Brag about your dreams: For crying out loud,this is still a dream. I have realized ideas or plans told to or shared people for the purpose of showing off rarely materialize(I don’t know if you have too). This is really a bad habit if you are used to telling people what you are up to. It makes it lose its beauty and spark if it eventually succeeds, you lose your beautiful ability to spring surprises. Your dreams are yours alone, they are not meant for public consumption, until achieved. It is the achievement that is meant to be the publics’ share, not the plan. When you share your dreams too, there are some people who subconsciously are out to suppress peoples’ ideas and make sure it does not reach realization stage. Some pessimists would make you see all the reasons not to chase your plan, some others would so pressurize you that there would be untold pressure in you which may drop your performance. Does this mean you shouldn’t say a word? NO! Talk and share this only with those who have help to render. People who you will surely need on your way to success. People in this category include but not limited to your Mentors, perhaps your Pastor, or any responsible confidant who would guide you.

Problems shared are half solved, But dreams shared-they’re half dead

5) They’re not Gods plan: A plan without God is no plan. As beautiful as your plans might be, they have to be in Gods book and agenda for you, anything short of this would be a mere waste of time. This might even result to near misses. To avoid the eventuality of going far the wrong way, one should endeavor to inquire if your ideas are from God, once they are, success is guaranteed after the right work and effort have been applied.

A plan without God is no plan

Because it is Gods plan does not mean it will be rosy. Expect difficulties, but be sure of success. Warren Buffet in his book Purpose driven life said “God has not promise a trouble free journey, but he as promised a successful landing”. So understand Gods plans are ultimate and the earlier we discovered it, the better.

Ten steps forward in the wrong direction is retrogression…but a step in the right direction is progress

These are my top picks as signs to show your darling dreams are becoming fantasies, over to you, tell me the area which applies to you. If you know one or two people who have exhibited any of these or if it’s you, I would like to hear from you. Do share with us and let’s discuss…

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  1. There are techniques u can use to remember ur dreams. I am a cognitive psychologist and will teach u basic techniques.. U need absolute tranquility, meditation and concentration, don’t limit the natural amount of time you ought to sleep at night.


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