How to Disguise friendship & pose as a friend to kill competition


In a previous and similar post, I explained why I strongly believe life is a competition, (actually, it was this post I had in mind before I “lost” my way and wrote that one) So in a follow up to that post, I have cooked up ways to dismantle competition.

I explained at length in that post how the competitive life begins from when we are toddlers, and continues into adulthood and old age, however in the following paragraphs, you will learn how to make this competition seem as easy as ABC, if not easier.

How do you cancel the competition of life?

Once you realize life is a competition, the next thing is to find ways to beat the competition, and keep your shoulders above the muddy waters of life. There are a few things to do though, that will help eliminate as much competitors as possible, especially the toughest ones’.

1. The Mind Games

The entrance of Jose Mourinho into the Premier league in 2003 amplified mind games. And because of the indiscriminate way Jose used it, he won himself many enemies. Mind games are beautiful games to play, once you decide to play them and you play them well, you win, even if you lose.
How do you do this? Heres’ the catch, if you find yourself in a situation where you have a better opponent or as life would call it, “Counterpart”, give up. sorry, I mean pretend you’ve given up. Make it seem you’re no match for your rival. Highlight his strength and records to him. Make him know how good he is. Don’t draw his attention towards areas where he needs improvement, you should capitalize on that, so its’ not for his own consumption. At the nick of time when his preparation is completed and the battle is upon you both, Stop “praising him”, start Bashing him. Make him know how poor he is, make him know his areas of weakness. This will pull his psyche down to the barest minimum, he wouldn’t even be able to explore you through his own strengths.
Try to make this as obscure as possible, never let anyone know what you are doing. Else it’ll start losing it efficacy, but as much as ignorant everybody you are using this on is, the better it’ll work for you. This works better when you are in an open competition such as a Debate, or any thing that is a pronounced competition, otherwise number 2 would be useful for you.

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A big warning though: Try as much as possible not to play such games on your loved once, mind games are not emotional, they break and destroy hearts.

2. Feign “false Ignorance”

Get words out of your contemporaries mouth, learn about their next moves, behave naïve and act as though you lack a good sense of judgment. Ask questions that would not be expected from one of your level, your opponent or contemporary would look at you as a “no level mate” and you can capitalize on this and nail his coffin. Remember, you know nothing. He knows it all, ask him how he has been doing it, how he will do it, etc. just get him to talk.


Best ways to get people to talk: Get them bottles of beer, make them angry or extremely happy-and ask them questions in this state of mind. Never forget what a man says while drunk, it is the truth, never forget what you are told when one is angry or extremely happy(ecstatic),it is exactly how such person feels.

3. Practice Pseudo Humility

Pseudo humility is simply false humility. I’m not preaching pride, but you must further take your humility to the next level if you must get ahead of your contemporaries. You know you need to get them to spill their secrets, you must behave as if you don’t have what you have, ask then so they can give you all their secrets and build on it. Combining your knowledge with theirs will make you larger than them , it’ll send you further ahead.

4. Make silly and harmless mistakes

when you show them you are prone to making mistakes, you lift pressure off you. When you are a Cristiano Ronaldo, or a Lionel Messi, nobody allows you the space of making a mistake, we all expect you to be on top of your game always. But when you show then you are no super human, they know you are prone to making errors and they expect you to always do. Never make mistakes when it matters most or in areas where you can’t handle the mess on your own. You must know that just as you claim to be imperfect, there are others who don’t claim imperfection, but are imperfect.

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5. Plant a spy

When all else fails, this won’t. At your own risk though, it’s worth the risk. Get someone “infiltrate” into the core of the opposing organization or whatever it is, get the message and plans out, and knock them outrightly on the battlefield. It’ll seem like a drama as you pretend to
anticipate and counter attack every of their move with yours, and win too. Planting a spy requires serious care because it is possible for your spy to turn immediately against you and become their in-house spy against you. So you must understand the serious risks involved in this. Once you discover a spy turning against you, Destroy him totally(more on that in a later post)

Over to you

What do you think of this? Is there any of the above listed that is extreme? What do you think of planting a spy in a an organization to  to get an advantage? Share  with us via the comment area below.


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