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Wrong reasons people attend school, and the right reason why you should.

difference between education and schooling

What is the difference between education and schooling

Wait!!! Is there a difference between education and schooling? if there is, so, what is the difference between education and schooling.

There’s a big difference between education and schooling. Education is a very crucial part in the life of any individual who want to make a mark in his/her generation. Needles to say it is getting confused even more. Education is not what many people think it is today. Schooling is what many mistake for education, and this is very far from the truth. First I’ll like to state that there is more than one way of being educated. And we’ll see this later in the post.

What is schooling?

Schooling is simply going to school, attending classes and waiting to write and pass an exam(s). Simple. Sometimes these school “attendance” does not affect the life of the individual, morally and or financially and that is one of the biggest inadequacies in schooling.

What is education?

Education on the other hand is the development of character and mental power. While you might want to argue that this is what is done in school, I beg to add that mental power is not developed in most schools, or the schooling system does not support the development of mental power. I’ll focus on Mental power in this post because the idea of a school deciding your character has never worked, can never work and this is why you have many PhD holders beat up their wives, many doctors are alcoholics , etc. so I’m not even going to waste my time on that.

Making the case

If the stuff you get in school is education, then they should help you develop your mental power, they wouldn’t teach you what they want, but what you need. What you need is that which your brain is wired for, and that is why my personal definition of education is self realization, knowing what you need. So education starts from the individual, not from a school. If what is done in school is education then they should mine your brain of the gold, and not electroplate it with their own ideas. Take for instance, the brain of Ben Carson was blessed with medicine, his education started from the moment he realized he wanted to be a surgeon(and that’s self realization). Imagine his mum forced him to be an engineer, and sends him to Harvard, he’ll remain uneducated till death. That’s it, education is understanding what you want and going for if straight.

Imagine someone telling me Cristiano Ronaldo is not educated, What! You telling me Lionel Messi is uneducated? He has the most educated left foot in the world for crying out loud. their case is a perfect example of the big difference between education and schooling. Each of their foots(Ronaldo and Messi) has at least one PhD each, and this is their education—FOOTBALL. Truly there is more than one way of being educated.

Its possible you are educated in music, shoe making, blogging,etc. The funniest man in Africa Basket Mouth(Bright Okpocha) studied Sociology in the prestigious UNIBEN(University of Benin, Benin City, Nigeria), however, his education in comedy has put him on the world map. And that is his mental Power.
Why you are in school(why you shouldn’t), his is a good example of the difference between education and schooling.

You are in school because your parents enrolled you in a kindergarten and then a primary or basic school, and then you thought you must carry on going to one school or the other, not asking yourself the reason why. Not trying to understand if you really need to be in that school or not. Then your parents started telling you why you should be in should be in school(Hello,this is your life not theirs), they tell you, you need to be I school to get good grades(and you’re a good child, you believed), get a good job(you believed). That means you need to get to school to be a good servant. That’s the meaning because you get a good job and compulsorily have a boss.

May I ask? Which school did Thomas Edison attend to bag a degree? Which school did Abraham Lincoln attend to get an MBA? Did someone tell me that was in the stone age? Alright, what school did Steve Jobs graduate from? What degree does Mark Zukerberg bag? I don’t want to mention Bill Gates in this and I haven’t.

So here is the summary of why you are in school,
• Get good grades
• Get good jobs
• Make your parents proud…etc
These are all wrong reasons to be in school. Am I against going to school? NO, by no means as, So why should you be in school?

Why you should be in school

There is a big difference between education and schooling and once you are educated, then you’ll understand that going to school is an unfair advantage over the non-educated (but schooled fellows). You will see that life would start having a meaning from a very early stage and age. If you are educated and don’t have the opportunity of going to school, you’ll still not have limits, but if you are educated and are still schooled then you’ll enjoy this unfair advantage.
• Networking: When you are in the four walls of a school, you’ll meet like minds who are destined for the sky, and instead of meeting them in a board room 15 years from now, you’d have met them today and struck a relationship. You’ll meet with people who would know those you need, and in the journey through success, networking is key.
• Packaging: you see, in Nigeria where I grew, I met a practice although I only experienced it for a very few months or years(I can’t really tell the duration because I was young, but I reminisce and now have learnt the lessons), the practice is tying water in a nylon, Icing it and then selling them. People buy it. And then some individuals thought of packaging, they started sealing this water, and the buyers started looking for the sealed ones; then another set started treating theirs(at least they claim they do) and they call it “pure Water” even though it was mere sachet water, but that does not matter because it went on to be a very big industry in the economy. And then, some started bottling the water. Now there is no difference in the commodity, but the packaging makes the difference. And this is a function of education. When you are educated and are in a school, you’d interact and can project what the future would need, and work towards it, and this is why facebook is what it is. Mark saw his friends needed a way to keep in touch, and that was what every you needed at that time, when facebook came on board, everybody jumped at it. PACKAGING! this is the big difference between education and schooling, a combination of the two give you what I call packaging.
• Being different: When an educated individual attends a school, during the period of being schooled, they learn being different. They do things in a different way and are always standing out of the crowd.
You Don’t go to school to get good grades so you an get a job, that’s an insult on yourself. You go to school to get good grades to buy and build good companies. Truth is, if your agenda in school is to get a good job you will, and this is a good example: when Bill Gates was in school(he later dropped out) there was a guy who was getting all the good grades, after graduation, he started working in a good company, guess the company-MICROSOFT of course. He got what he wanted, he got the good grades and the good job, was Bill Gates been thought a different lesson? No, but Bil Gates was educated from the start and that’s the difference, that’s why his class mate would work for him.

Lets wrap this up

Define today why you are in school(if you are), if you are not, decide to be educated by discovering yourself. Understand what you want and start working for it today. Go to school but for the right purpose. Don’t mistake schooling for education. The definition of education does not define what schooling is, I mean the definition of education is beyond the scope of schooling. Schools have proven to be unable to teach you character, they don’t also develop your mental ability, they only tell you what others say and test you on that even if you don’t believe or agree. Who thought Thomas Edison how to create the electric bulb? No one, but education helped him realize and discover himself. When Purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable, when you know the purpose of school, you wont abuse it.

Over to you. What do you think education is and is not?  is there any difference between education and schooling.Do you think school is deficient of the definition of education? Is the schooling system capable of educating people? Whatever your thoughts are, do share with us using the comment system below.

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  1. Hmmmmm
    Bro you’ve said it all, you’re on same mission with me. We need to educate more Nigeria youths on this topic so as to reduce the unemployment rate in Nigeria.
    I appreciate your wealth of your knowledge on this topic

    • Thanks Kazeem, I wish many more are like you who understands the impart of education over schooling and how the former transforms over the latter. When I talk on this topic, many are quick to conclude even before analyzing the facts. Thanks for reading,and I hope you check back more often!

  2. Hello bro, this is so wonderful. How I wish everyone in Nigeria can read this because it will change their mentality. Sometimes ago someone said that the reason why we come to school is to make money…. Where is the place of education impaction in the whole nation. A serious problem to answer. Thanks

    • Hello David, If going to school is to make money, then one is in the wrong place. There are very few courses that teaches practical ways to make money(if any).While I advice everybody to attend school, I also advice them not to let “schooling distract their education”. They are two different things. In the post, I explained why schooling is important,and I don’t think that’s needed again here, so that’s all for the importance of school, the rest lies in the individual and his quest for education.

  3. wow am inspiredfully, this is so great….. i wish the whole so-called graduate who cry on twitter and beg the president can see this… Thumbs up you did a great job on this…..

    • LOL..Bashir, you’re really inspiredfully. And yes those graduates should really see this, it’ll do them a lot of good. Thanks for visiting and commenting. Hope to have you around again.

  4. Great post on education and learning Bisco. When it comes to learning… I always lean on the wisdom from this great Paulo Coelho quote… “There is only one way to learn: It’s through action” – Paulo Coelho. Keep up the great work!

    • Hello Atlas,

      It’s great having you here. Nice quote from Paulo and of course, action, is the difference between an achiever and a mediocre.

      I hope to have you around again.

  5. Waaaw I am so proud of you how you try to diffentiate between education and schooling and that is the fact .I appreciate
    Thank you


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