Change from blogspot to custom domain

Change from blogspot to custom domain

Hello there, how is blogging treating you? I believe by you being here you want to change the name(or URL) of your blog from blogger to wordpress. Well if I’m right then you are in the right place and I’ll do that for you, yes, I’ll help you change from the common .blogspot address(e.g. to a custom address (e.g. and you will retain all your blogposts, only your blog address will change, you won’t lose any of your customizations.


The advantages of using custom url are very many, in fact there is no advantage using the .blogspot url. Using a custom url helps you

  1. Show your readers you are serious with your blog
  2. Helps in branding your blog
  3. Helps in SEO
  4. Distinguishes you from others
  5. It is necessary requirement to make your adsense become a non hosted adsense, if you already have a hosted account (in the case of making money)
  6. You can use a custom email(e.g Bisco[at]
  7. Easier to remember
  8. You can move to wordpress without losing traffic or visitors
  9. If eventually Google/blogger deletes your blog(intentionally or by mistake) then you can setup a new one without losing anything or migrate to wordpress….

There are many more, let me not bore you.


What Do you need to get a custom domain?

Nothing much, since you already have a blog- your blog is all you need


How much will this cost?

It’s almost free compared to what my friends charge. 4000 Nigerian naira(if you are paying in naira) or $21 USD,$20 USD for international payment. And this is a onetime fee for one whole year, you won’t pay anything else.



The process is very fast and would only take 5 hours from the time I get my bank alert.

Payment method

We accept only bank transfers. So we’ll make our bank details available upon request.

How do you request for the bank account detail? Just contact me on facebook or call me +2348066911896 and I’ll send you the bank details.


What next?

Hurry! Waste no time, place your order today before someone take your desired domain name. I’m waiting to serve you.



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BONUS: If you place your order today, I’ll analyze your blog and I’ll give you Free SEO tips to help boost your blog SEO.(you know how important SEO is I suppose)