You just have to brace up!!!

You just have to brace up!!!

How to Brace up

[This post brace up post has been pulled out of my facebook wall unedited. I pored out my heart just as I felt it burn in me, and I hope it inspires you.]

I anticipated my aunt will help me, but she didn’t. You all have to brace up and expect people like her in your journey to success and in your life generally.

In the last 2 weeks, I have called over 15 people, spent well over 10k on recharge, spreading my message and giving people a head start. To some I shared the brace up message but to others I didn’t.

Like I said, she let me down, as the entrepreneur I am, and like most of you, I look for ways to make things happen, one way is to use a foreign adsense to get returns to service my blog, of course this is not my Joy(I would have used a Nigerian acct) , but adsense has pushed made us Africans objects of discrimination. I turned to her to help me verify it, I anticipated a lot of questionings-I got them, I anticipated stress-I got it, I anticipated her help, she failed. This is just one of many, I decided to share this one because she is my aunt, but for chance I would have found my way into her womb, I luckily crawled my way into my Mum’s. When we get to family meetings, she will join others in praying “ you will succeed ooooooooo”. But she will not practically help you to.

Many of you will hit brick walls as this, many people you least expected will turn you down, you must brace up.

You will cook up sweet ideas, many things will look rosy, and in the end, the results will be far from pleasant, Brace up.
Let me share another short experience, I was chatting with a close friend and top blogger, I told him who my number one fan was, how she’ll read my posts(without my knowledge), there was a day she told me the time and date I made my last post, this means she was live on my blog late that night the post was made, and this blogger I told replied the heart break he feels ‘cos there was no one to do such to him, he told me how his friends parents read their blog post but his own parents don’t, he was broken hearted, but in the end, He has to brace up.

There was a guy who I do travel to teach blogging for free, Calls, time and all that means so much to me was used on him, but this guy would not sign up payoneer with my referral link, because he does not want me to get some little bucks off him.

You must brace up. You just have to. There is no other way. I could write that phrase-brace up, a thousand times over, yet it won’t be enough, just realize that life is never a bed of roses and thank God it is not, because if life was literally a bed of roses, we will all be in soup, why? Because roses have thorns. Would you sleep on thorns? NO!

I finally got a friend to help me verify the adsense, and that aunt of mine didn’t feature in success story. Opps, sorry she did but not as a heroine, but opposite.

Do not allow your dreams and passion die because of people who are cynics and paranoid, don’t be naïve, brace up


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