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6 crimes of a Niche Blogger

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If you want to own one of the best blog sites around here are tips for you to follow to the letter.

Today I would share with you guys the top 6 crimes of a Niche blogger, I’m a defaulter in one or two of them, and I would let you know wherever I’m defaulting.

If you are a new blogger, you might ask what Niche blogging is or who a Niche blogger is. I’ll quickly explain in simple terms.

What Is Niche Blogging

Niche blogging is simply blogging on a specific topic, for instance, if you are good in SEO, then you might focus on the area of SEO and blog on it, you might be a health practitioner, and you are interested in blogging on it, then your Niche is Health. I focus on Self Development, and I’m involved in anything that helps to improve my audience mentally, personally and financially in career and general life. I simply call it Self Development. And anybody involved in such blogging is a Niche Blogger.

What are the six crimes of a niche blogger?

There are six things I’ve discovered about niche blogging, if you want to hit the top spot of blogging and you’re a niche blogger, then you must obey these points if you want to own one of the best blog sites.

1. Not collecting Emails

If you are into Niche blogging, then you must not do away with Emails. Your visitors who love what you do will gladly give you their emails so they can get your posts into their emails and not miss anything. I am partially a defaulter in these as I relied only on my FeedBurner subscription. Although I’m getting many subscribers, I would have had more if I use any of these email collecting services around.

2. Not understanding the term “Targeted Traffic

If you are a niche blogger, then you must not just get anybody to your blog but those who need your posts. For instance, this post would only be shown to bloggers and Information marketers, and they are the only set of people who need it at the moment, so I’ll only get it to them. Why is this very important? They are the ones to give you comments, purchase your products, buy from your affiliate links if you are into affiliate marketing and subscribe to your email list. Targeted traffic might be small, but it’ll give you the most results. They would also help reduce your bounce rates, and you just can’t do away with it.

3. Setting Monetization as a top priority

when you start a blog, I always tell people not to set monetization as a top priority. This would get you frustrated. Why? Traffic. To get income as a blogger, you need lots and lots of traffic, and if you don’t have the necessary things in place, then you are not ready to monetize.

4. Not Socializing

When you send some bloggers a message maybe on Facebook, they won’t respond. Not even in a weeks’ time. I know they are busy, but they just have to create time to do the needful. I get lots of message on Facebook, and I create time to reply all of them. When you ask a blogger why he blogs, many would tell you they want to help people.

So I begin to wonder, who are you helping if you don’t reply the messages of those who are offering friendship or who wants to get personal with you, (Don’t forget, this could be your chance of winning him or her to become your long term client, I have people who always pay me and this is how I got many of them. So I’m talking from experience).

If you are on twitter, facebook or Google plus you must learn to socialize and give answers to peoples questions. You’ll get loyal readers and quality traffic from it. You’ll also increase your followership.

5. Not testing new things

You need to test out new stuff, if for instance, you’re a tech blogger, you must try out new things, create courses, videos, get into vlogging, Interviews, infographics, etc. You must try to cover new grounds.

6. Not joining Communities related to your niche

When you blog, you should look for communities related to your niche. These communities have the exact things you’re looking for. You’ll get post Ideas, traffic, comments, blogs that accept guest posts and people that would guest post for you and so on.

There are many other things you don’t do as a blogger which you should start doing today, and I hope this post would help you expand your blogging tentacles and cover new grounds.

Over to you

Share with us those things expected of a niche Blogger, We love to hear from you, do use the comment area below to pass your thoughts across.

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  1. Thanks Bisco, you already said it all. It is very advisable to try out something new when it comes to online stuff. because change occurs every time and we need to adjust as everything around us change

    • You’re welcome Samuel. Sure, things change and we need to try out new things, as what we expect might not work but what we least expected would. Thanks for your visit, I appreciate your comment, and I hope to have you around again.


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