Why young drivers must buy an auto insurance

Why young drivers must buy an auto insurance

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Auto insurance is a cover on your car, which sorts you out when there is an accident. Here is how investopedia puts is:

Instead of paying out of pocket for auto accidents, people pay annual premiums to an auto insurance company; the company then pays all or most of the costs associated with an auto accident or other vehicle damage, according to insurance site Investopedia.

Why this post? Is it that young drivers need motor insurance more than others? No. the straight answer is no. Everybody who uses a car needs auto insurance. But with this post I’ll be particular about youths and young people.

I discovered youths and young people upon getting their first car don’t bother insuring them. This is not the best and before the end of this post, You’ll see why as a youth you must insure you car, new or old.

I am not trying to sell an auto insurance policy to anybody, but I recommend you look for a cheap insurance for young drivers around and buy it for yourself. You can also search for cheap auto insurance quotes online and compare so as to know which you can afford and is best for you.

Why is getting an Auto insurance very important for young people

Like I said, I’m not insinuating that only young people needs to be insured, but my aim with this post is to show why they must as a matter of necessity buy one- highlighting its importance for them.

1. Exuberance

It is no news the word Exuberance is mostly associated with the youths. Of course you know the most reckless drivers are young people. So by now, you must have known my point on this. If youths are more reckless, then they need auto insurance, because their insurance company will help them cover the cost over any accident. (although there are disclaimer policies)

2. Cover over lost/theft

The criminal rate today is on the increase, even though there are numerous car tracking devices, the thieves and criminals always would find their way if determined, so you need an auto insurance to cover you over theft. You don’t want to walk on your feet again after your friends have once seen you cruising in your beautiful ride.Neither do you want to start jumping on public buses after experiencing the comfort of your personal “toy”

3. Weather and Climate change

The continuous degradation of the climate is not new to anyone, everyday, there are records of natural disasters, some just happen without prior suspicion, you don’t want to be caught unawares, so the earlier you insured your beautiful car, the better for you.
As in the featured image above, there are flood outbreaks every now and then, and these come unannounced. (though the image above is a car trapped in a lake).

4. Fire outbreak

Sometimes, fire breaks out. What happens to your car? Damaged! But when your car is insured, you’ll have cover for it. The little car insurance premium you pay is worth it in the long run. We have heard of cars burnt where they were parked, so you don’t want to fall victim of such unfortunate incident. Enhanced Insurance defines car insurance premium this way:

Your car insurance premium is the amount of money you pay to an insurance company for active coverage. This amount can vary widely based on several factors. – according to enhancedinsurance

5. Accident

Well, this would have been the first on many peoples’ list, I don’t think it’s position matters. The truth is, we all get involved in accidents once or twice. It does not happen to the careless only, even the extremely careful people are involved in accidents, and that’s why it’s called an accident. No matter how careful you are, there’s a possibility of it happening to you, also it could be the next driver who causes it, so beware, be prepared.

I have decided to make this post as simple as possible, just to drive home the point, and easily too. The payment of your insurance premium is worth the while, provided you choose a very good insurance company.

There are many options of cheap car insurance for young drivers around, or alternatively, you can search for cheap auto insurance quotes online, I’ve always mentioned cheap because you might be starting and are on a budget, so you want to make the most of every available bargain.

Over to you, Do you think it is important to insure your car? Do you think there is need for insurance for young drivers? What is the insurance situation in your area? What have I omitted? Share with us using the comment area below.

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