Arguments- how to win them

Arguments- how to win them



What is an argument

An argument is always a exchange of views among two or more people.
As human we are always at one point or the other with a contradicting view to that of neighbor or contemporaries no matter how sound or intelligent his or her views, we are always ready to show superiority and make our own idea the leading idea, thereby robbing or the other, whatever means possible and this bring about a counter argument.We argue almost everyday the important of knowing how to win arguments
If you’ll agree with me that the victory of winning an argument is so sweet that we damn the consequence albeit grave, and here we’ll try to dissect arguments and its effects and ultimately how to win it.


Scientifically I think our brain are apt to self defense, hence when any message it receives is a conflicting idea to its own a counter message is released, once such happens, you’ll see all the reasons in the idea why your friend, now your opponent is wrong. I also know that the love and respect for our opinion and ours alone has filled the air, so once its not our opinion, its bring up a counter argument This I conclude is a vice.
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Your counterpart is flesh & blood, so once his opinion is contested, it pricks him like a sharp Nail and for sure, he will react. This is because you did not steal is dollar bills, nor harm his SUV you did a worse harm to his most priced asset.His EGO. You attempted to murder it, by contesting his opinion, and he’ll use anything possible to fight back. Just to regain his pride.

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The effects of Argument are obvious. Once you ply that path, anger, hate, resentment, Emotional disturbance enemity- name it; these would set in between both parties and if you don’t know, anger, hate and arguments have caused more harm than the bombing of Hiroshima
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 It’s simple. To win an argument is just as simple as ABC (if not simpler). If you really want to do, simply AVOID it. That’s it. Avoid it even though sometimes there might be good arguments, but it often go sour, so avoid it.
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Respect peoples opinion, once your opinion is contested, stay calm, keep your cool, its normal, it doesn’t make you any less- act matured. (Maturity is not about age) it’s more.To you it might be a logical argument, but to the other it may be fallacious arguments. Ask questions, if need be-not sarcastic questions though.
I used to be a “very good arguer” Oh sorry there’s never a good arguer. I was a bad arguer, extremely argumentative and this it gave me a bad name. I was very ready to do it. Sometimes I claim I wasn’t arguing and called it something else,but there is nowhere in the dictionary for another word for argument Until I unlearnt it. after I understood it dangers, I  learnt maturity and now I’m quick to avoid it, I’m more at peace in conversations today. This is what you need it wins you Good friends who would help you in your success journey. Your emotions are balanced you are never caught using the wrong word or using foul languages due to anger. The benefit of wining arguments through abstinence cannot be over emphasized. Take your time say at every potential arguable conversation “I won’t say a word” not on this topic and with time you would over come this bad habit . In an argument,lose it you lose it. Win it you lose it still.”
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Have you been an avid arguer, you give philosophical arguments?,arguments by analogy? where you  a champion at arguments share with us how you feel then and now, using the count box below. Let us know how it affected you both emotionally and psychologically

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  1. Hi
    thanks for this wonderful post it really great.
    Yesternight i enter a arguement with a guy that later lead to insults, fight and hurtness we both hurt ourselves and i had a bad night but today this morning i wanted to prove mature so i contacted him with a pleasant words and told him things he don't know and he properly thinks he know now we are happy friends again.
    I will get a link to this post and send him today.
    Thanks once again.

  2. You're welcome. You're a great friend, because it takes a great man to realise a mistake and make amend, and you did just that. I also want you to be careful to avoid any further avoidable argument having known the effect. I hope you find other of my posts as useful and helpful.

    Thanks for dropping by.


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