Six areas of your life you must build and not trade

Six areas of your life you must build and not trade

does money bring Success

Does money bring success? That question is quite relative, just as success itself is relative. Money is good, very good. But it is very difficult to answer yes to that question or to say no. However, there are some areas of our lives we must choose over money, money will do many things for us, answer many things but will not get us some things. Our choices in these areas of life will in fact bring more money to us in the long run, sometimes less money that will give us more peace.

Who is a successful person?

A successful person is one who achieves most of his dreams, be it financially, business or career wise, educationally or otherwise, because of the difference in choices, it is difficult to say if money is success, if money brings success or otherwise.

What are the six areas you must build and not trade?

1. Time

This is a no brainer. I don’t think you will ever trade your time for money, and the reason is not far fetched at all. It’s simple,(you are free to disagree, but I don’t expect you to), I always say it, instead of saving money, save time, whatever you lose financially, if you have time, you will recover it. If you save money, you will both lose time and money.

2. Personality

Choose your personality, never trade it for gold. When you choose money, you’ve sold who you are. You can run at a lost, you lose money and your personality. There is no way to recover your lost personality, it’s more like trust and trust is like a balloon, once its pierced, it’s gone forever.
A good name they say is better than riches, in the long run, your good name will yield profit. Whatever the case, choose your good name and personality over money, never trade such for anything.

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3. Relationships Brings Success

Build relationships and money will come. Never attempt the reverse. When you build relationships, in the long run these relationships will become a chain of income, of love, life, care etc.

4. Choice

Don’t sell your choice. We all have a choice(s) to make. Whatever it is, in any situation, we have a choice and we also have a choice to sell our choice or not. There is no way you’ll eat your cake and have it. If you sell your choice, you lose your voice to speak. Your choice is your everything-Your right, don’t lose it.

5. Retain Your ability to say NO

There are some situations you find yourself and you wish to walk away, when you trade your option to walk away for money, you’ll get stuck and fall into a mess. It is not to everything you say yes or accept. Sometimes saying no is the only way forward.

6. Desire/Dreams

Don’t sacrifice your dream on the altar of money. There is no amount of money that will equal your dream. By living your dream, you liberate others form whatever is holding them back. You allow people the opportunity of living theirs, you give them a hope they can believe in.
Your Dream is your life, don’t sell it. Don’t give up on it. It’s your everything

I believe there are many more areas of our life which we must build and never trade, If any of them is ringing in your head now, do share with us using the comment area below.
Over to you, what you do think of this? Do you think these areas of our lives are worth claiming over money, do you think there is any price tag enough to buy any of these “areas” of our life? Share with us using the comment area below

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