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Eight Applicable life lessons I have learnt from Play station

Playstation 4

Although I love to play games, I never had the luxury of owning a console while growing up. As I grew, I began to take care of my financial needs (even though my parents still want to), I could spare some cash and time for some things my parents wouldn’t give me. One of them is the time to play games. Even though my life style doesn’t afford me the grace of playing games all day, I still can play whenever I’m quite free and one thing about it is that I always want to see life lessons in everything I do. And this post is about the life lessons I have learnt from playing PlayStation and interacting with other players or users.

I know many kids who own playstation 1, then upgraded to playstation 2 games, and then to the latest (as of the time of this post, the latest is the Sony Playstation 4 console). Those who do not have or could not afford, would visit a Playstation store to have fun(although I have my reservations for this), I wonder if these kids learnt these same lessons as I did.

Seven Lessons Playing Playstation Has Thought Me

I have observed seven lessons, and these lessons can help anyone willing to be helped and improve. What are these much talked about lessons? Find below.

1. You can be very good at something

Yes, one can be very good at something. All you need is to put your heart to it, it’s that simple. When your desire is in something, then you will find relative ease in learning and mastering it. This is exactly how I learnt blogging. Today when am called a pro by anyone and am asked who taught me, I smile and say I thought myself. This is the same thing with playstation. Many people learn it themselves because they have the desire to. When you find the desire to do or learn something, the difficulty level drops to almost zero, just find the desire.
In life as in Playstation, you can find the learning curve easier if you first find the desire to learn.

When you find the desire to do or learn something, the difficulty level becomes surmountable, just find the desire.

2. Although you are very good, you can still be beaten

Because you are very good at it does not rule out the possibility of being beaten. No one is a monopoly of success, so you can still be beaten because as you learn, others are learning.
In life, there is no way you can be untouchable, although to some you might be, not to everyone.

3. Never Give up

where there is a will, there is always a way

One of the biggest causes of failure is in people not trying, some try and give up before success is achieved. When you learn failure is a part of life, you won’t give up. In playing playstation, you might meet a very strong opposition, (either while playing with a friend or computer), giving up, backing off and not attempting to try to win is the biggest failure. There is this time I and my brother would laugh at the “preposterous” text commentary in real football, at 90+ minutes with just the final whistle left, the commentator would still report that a side can still come back to score. And that makes us feel the computer is stupid. But then in life as in football, until the final whistle, it’s not over.

In life as also in your playstation 4(or whichever you use), Nothing is as bad as it is. Once there is life, there is always hope. The saying goes thus, where there is a will, there is always a way.

4. Plan for the best but be prepared for the worst

We know you can play very well. You have planned to disgrace your opponent haven’t you?. That’s the best, but be prepared for the worst. Be prepared to handle the defeat, be prepared to be thrashed, now when you are defeated, you won’t feel the pain in your bone marrow. This is the same in life, we have high expectations, and like our playstation, sometimes we are disappointed, but when we have made preparations for the worst, the worst would not shock us.
In life as In Playstation, getting yourself prepared for the worst would help you avoid extreme heartbreaks of the inevitable failures when they come and also help you make quick adjustments to forestall further issues.

5. Anything can happen-Expect anything from anyone

Of course, anybody is capable of delivering a sublime performance that would blow you off the roof, anything is possible. So you think that young man is a novice and you start to mess him up? He’ll scare you one day. The person you used to mess up can turn the table at anytime.
In life, expect anything from anyone. They say, Trust nobody. And if that statement holds true, you have to expect anything from anyone. That way you would eliminate disappointments.

6. Some days, you are off Track

Because you are a “champion” in FIFA on your Playstation 4 doesn’t mean it’s going to be you, you and you always. Sometimes you might just find it difficult to win. This is the moment many people start abusing their playstation console or the playstation controller.
It’s almost the same in life, sometimes we just can’t find our rhythm, it doesn’t take away the fact that we are good, we might just need to take a break and return later.

7. Some days are just the opposite, an impromptu Christmas

Sometimes, it feels as though you woke up with your playstation controller. Whatever you hit on works like charm. Those days, you feel on top of the world and your playstation game is your best friend on such a day.
In life Sometimes/days just as in Playstation, you feel you experience the Midas touch, whatever you do, turns to gold. One must understand that this is life.

8. Anger doesn’t help anyone

When you are on your “off days”(those days when things don’t go right), you might get so irritated that you want to smash your playstation controller or game pad against the wall. Although, I think when you consider the price of a Sony playstation 4 console or controller (If you use one), you might have a rethink even in anger.
In life as in Playstation, you don’t get ahead by destroying your possessions, even in anger. It’s a sign of weakness. Things will get you upset, but as a champion which you are (or should be) you don’t allow circumstances determine your mood, you should be on top of it. You should anticipate problems, some which would come and never go away which we must therefore learn how to manage.
In life, you should try your possible best to avoid the trap of getting angry over the inevitable, stop giving people the chance of determining your mood.

These are my top lesson I’ve learnt from playing playstation. It doesn’t change anything, the version or model of your playstation, it could be Playstation 1, 2,3,4 or the future 5, the lessons are same.

Over to you, What is your take on this? Do you agree there are lessons to be learnt from playing games on Consoles? share with us using the comment section below

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