Inside Nigeria: Amazing and Interesting things about Nigeria

Inside Nigeria: Amazing and Interesting things about Nigeria

About Nigeria

Here are five amazing facts that makes Nigeria stand out. I will like to make it clear from the onset, Africa is not a country like many Americans or Europeans think, Africa is a continent, Just like Europe, North and South America, Asia and Australia. Africa is the second largest continent only after Asia and it is also the second most populous again after Asia. But this Post is about Nigeria, and not the continent.

So much for the geography lectures, let’s go straight into the topic for the day, what makes Nigeria stand out, what are those things that makes Nigeria a distinguished continent from the others.

Commercial capital of Nigeria-Lagos

I want to say that these are highlights. They will explain the mindset of Nigerians to the world. There is something that makes Nigeria similar to some countries in Asia, when you take a closer look to the Chinese tradition for instance, you will see these obviously. It makes Nigeria similar to China (and some Asian nations).
Although these characters or traits as you may are fast declining no thanks to the influence from the west, they cannot go unnoticed, Nigeria is among other things, best at these.

Current News about Nigeria
Abuja is Nigeria’s’ capital

5 distinguishing characters of Nigeria

The next few paragraphs will expose those characters Nigeria is best at, you are of course encouraged to share as many as you know with me, using the comment area.

1. Love for The Union

Nigerians cannot hide their love and admiration for the unity among them, they bask in the euphoria of being together and this is evident in how most Nigerian families eat. As long as the bond is still intact, you get see many Nigerian families eat together.
What do you call it when a family of 5 to 10 gather round a table to eat from the same bowl? Some even eat in a tray, isn’t that amazing? Only Asians get closer to practicing this. When you are Nigerian and you haven’t eaten like this, your status is to be questioned (I’m Joking, it’s a serious joke though).

2. Communal Living

Africa is the only continent in which the highest level of communal living is being exhibited, and Nigeria is the giant of Africa-so you get my point.
You get to see people live like a family in the community. There is a hierarchy of leadership that starts from the family head – the father or mother, to the heads of a group of families (kinsmen) to the leaders of different kinsmen, and then up and up it goes, till it gets to the king. And even kings have a union in which they meet, and relate.

Is this not the famous political form of leadership? No, it is not. This is not political, it is traditional.

3. Raising of Children

When you get closer to a true Nigerian society, you’ll get to observe how kids are raised. Kids are raised with the same philosophy, “train up a child in the way he should go”.
They believe the ways of a child is folly(according to the bible) and should be given corrections at all time, even if it requires spanking the child, which the whites do not believe(somewhat), the whites don’t flog kids, and this is evident in the difference in their lifestyle.
There is this belief that a couple alone cannot raise kids, it is believed that whoever the kid comes in contact with, provided the latter is older, should give correction to the child whenever the child is going astray.

4. Extended family system

In the typical Nigerian setting, a family is extended. No nuclear family exists alone. They are all units that makes up a larger family – the extended family.
The extended family is led by the grandfather or the eldest person around (preferably a male) and they veto things like marriage.
If for instance, your extended family does not support your marriage to a certain fellow, based on some reasons, you have to persuade them to grant it, so as to get their blessings, although in the late 20th century till date, this is quickly becoming obsolete, the extended family system is losing ground.

5. Respect

Admit it, Nigerians show respect, almost the most. Albeit, sometimes forced, because of traditions that must be upheld. The respect shown cannot go unnoticed in how they greet, take for instance in a Yoruba community, males greet adults by prostrating, while females show a beautiful form of “kneeling” to greet older folks.

Of course this post is not implying that other races do not have these, it is only highlighting the easily overlooked strength which is not as celebrated as it should. Maybe because those involved do not even value it enough, consequently giving away these values cheaply.

The influences from the west have largely been positive, but in the above paragraphs lies the values which should also be exported to the west and not only the other way round.

Nigeria is beautiful, but only if those in it are serious about keeping and appreciating what they have.

Interesting facts about Nigeria

Here are three Amazing and interesting facts about Nigeria. Many Nigerians will or would not have known these prior to now

1. Nigeria has the longest bridge in Africa. The third mainland bridge which measures 11.8 kilometers is the longest bridge in Africa. It is located in Lagos, the third Largest Mega city in the world (In the making).

amazing FActs about NIgeria
Third Mainland Bridge:Lagos Nigeria

2. Nigeria has the largest butterfly diversity in the world. Yeah, you got that right. You’ll not find in any part of the world a more diverse specie of butterfly than you’ll find in Nigeria.

Interesting facts about Nigeria
Nigeria has the largest Butterfly diversity globally

3. Life is believed to have originated from Africa, and Nigeria has one of the oldest known materials ever found(9000BC) with the Nok civilization known to have started around 500 BC to 200 AD.

Where does life originate from
Life probably originated from Nigeria


Many might have expected I add that Nigeria is one of the largest producers of oil, but that is on longer an amazing fact, it has been abused in fact.
PS:Should you spot a fact that’s incorrect, kindly inform us.

Major Problems of Nigeria and Nigerians

I’ve decided to look away from what many people call the problems of Nigeria and have identified quite a few which nobody talks about.

1. The first is that everybody knows the problem, but are not ready to be a part of the solution.

2. Most people are resistant to change (Many humans are)

3. Also, there is an alarming level of pessimism among Nigerians towards the growth of Nigeria, many believe the nation cannot move forward. This I know is false.

latest news about Nigeria today

Incase you want to learn more about Nigeria, and perhaps Africa, you might consider Listening to the official channel on Satellite or read their site. There you’d get the latest news about Nigeria everyday

Over to you

Do you think any of the listed is worthy of note? Would you envy any of them if you were not African? As an American, Australian, European or Asian, which of these do you admire or want improvement on? Share with us using the comment area.


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