Against the natural make up of life- its time to start tweaking...

Against the natural make up of life- its time to start tweaking Nature

Nature can not be cheated!!! Really? Hmm, maybe yes,maybe not. However one of you must be cheated. Either you or nature.To succeed in life,so many prices have to be paid. Such prices includes cheating nature,or maybe I should say “tweaking nature”. Mans nature has been designed to seek the easy life. However,this type of life is a mirage. To succeed this days you need to pay certain prices,and some of these prices include your nature been reconfigured somewhat.

cheaters and infidelity to nature

Nothing goes for nothing

I have searched and found that to succeed, some three pertinent parts of our life must be tweaked.

 Three areas of life you must tweak or rearrange.

Below are my ideas of the three parts of your life you must tweak. If you want to live a life of mediocrity or hypocrisy, you really have to give a careful attention to these.

1.Food- you might hear some people saying other people like food. As if they themselves hate food. Truth is Everybody likes food. But not everybody give in to gluttony. Not everybody keys into excessive eating. If you must succeed,you must watch the way you eat and what you eat too. Poor people spend almost all their earnings on feeding and they expect to break even someday.(am wondering how that’s possible). Do you eat everything you see? Do you spend all you earn of food? Its time to make a change. You eat either to quench hunger or to avoid hunger. Not to taste anything in the plate or everything on display in an eatery. Over eating itself has adverse effects on your health

 effects of over eating

  • obesity
  • Excessive slepping (because food makes you heavy)
  • poverty
  • low self love due to A and C above.
    Have you noticed that it is the poor who eat too much. If you haven’t,start observing them from today. Eat right!!!
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2. Love:- you jump in and out of love whenever you want,and you call it love. So many people have tagged lust as love. However,the more dating you do,the lesser value you have to offer your eventual spouse. The more relationships you engage in,the different your views about life is. You have a bad experience,you tag all opposite s.ex members as bad,as been the same,cheats and what have you. My point off this is that you should control your emotions, face your goal and every other thing would fall in place. Don’t date everybody who comes around you.

3. Sleep:- that saying is more rampant in this context,you’ll hear people saying you cannot cheat nature because they give in to too much sleep, A doctor might even tell you to sleep between seven and eight hours daily. Though I’m not contesting that advice,however I don’t think en route medical school with success in mind, a good doctor sleeps that much. Ben Carson recorded he reads over fifteen hours daily. Today, I see him as the greatest neurosurgeon. Alike Dangote is the richest man in Africa, I can recall he once said something about how excessive the youths of today sleep. Don’t be deceived,sleep is a big obstacle to success, if you give in to so much sleep,onto expect much out of life until you change.

You either decide today to cheat or tweak nature or its the other way round. Spend more time dreaming and planning how to execute your plans instead of spending it on the bed always. Don’t be among the man the bible talked about when it said “When Man Slept,his enemy came and sowed evil seeds and went away” (paraphrased). Go on Google and search of great men who hardly sleep. And you’d be amazed what you’ll find.

Over to you. Do you think humans can really configure their nature to suit them. What do you think of my topic today? Do share with me using the comment box below.

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