Advantage and disadvantage of social media ? NO! The thief called social...

Advantage and disadvantage of social media ? NO! The thief called social media

Social media has come to stay. It has become an inseparable part of our daily lives. Many people can’t go an hour without visiting one social site or the other, or without opening one messenger or the other. Today,there are several social sites and apps, from BBM to wechat, whatsapp,facebook,twitter,google plus, to blogs and websites etc. The list is so long I can’t list 20% of them here.
 However,the more these sites and apps become popular and accepted,the more destinies land in the trash bin. The more we make use of this social sites, the more destinies “change” and visions and lives stolen and lost. As of the time of this post,there are about 1.6 billion Facebook users,and there are many more new users each day. By the time that stat reaches 2 billion, 2/6 of the worlds population would have registered Facebook users.

disadvaantages of social media

Come to think of it, did the late Steve Job use an iphone while he was growing? Did Mark,the CEO of Facebook use Facebook at 16? The development of these intellectual properties have amazed me. The internet itself have been a wonder to me. But I ask myself, the developers of these sites et al, did they use them while growing up? Your guess is as good as mine.

Should the web or social media be wiped out?

I am not insinuating the shutting down of these tools. The web has been terrific ever since inception and I am not that “archaic” to suggest its closure. Lives of many people have been transformed for the better since they started using the web and it has Been a major job creator directly and indirectly. So I am in no way suggesting its shutting down. My concern instead is in the way its been used. The Indiscriminate use and abuse should be a major cause of concern for everybody. Spending more hours online than on the reading table is a no-no,using more time in chatting than in learning should be discouraged at every level. I have been to banking halls and the cashier where busy “pinging” instead of attending to customers. It has become so addictive that people now choose it over even their food.(how wonderful).

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social media strategy

What is the way forward?

Dreams have been shattered,hopes dashed,Ideas crumble because of theabuse of these tools that should be a vehicle of social change and development. It has now become a vehicle of general stagnation and retardation,due to abuse,what a shame. I joined 2go sometime toward the end of 2011, till date,my “star progress” is somewhere around professional or veteran. However I know of people who completes their star progress in a matter of months, a friend of mine finished,rejoined and has finished about 2 others. And these sets of people wants to succeed Ben Carson or Bill Gates(after all, Gates didn’t finish Harvard,isn’t it? Hahaha).
 The way forward for me is a redefinition of purpose for every individual. The religious useage of these social tools should be reviewed by each person.You should know if you are making progress in other aspects of your life which actually is the purpose of your existence.

when purpose is not known,abuse is inevitable

Know your purpose,why do you exist? Do you exist to Facebook? Or to tweet. Once you know your reason on this planet, start making changes where necessary. If you need to cut Down drastically your use of social media,then do. Because those who use it with you would only respect you when they see your achievements and not your regrets. Detach your life from excessive usage of social media if need be. You’d be glad you did, when the positive result starts manifesting.
     Think with me.

What do you think about the use of social media? How do you use it? Do you use it moderately,have these told affected you in any way positively or negatively? Do share with me using the comment box below.

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