Page level ads:- Infographic on all you need to know

Page level ads:- Infographic on all you need to know


Some few days back, google adsense announced the introduction of their new intelligent ad method, The Page Level ads. Its available for every publisher and you need not do much to get it live on your site.

How to enable Google adsense Page level ads

To activate the page level ads on your site is pretty simple.

  1. Simply visit the “my ads tab”,
  2. then on the left hand corner, under the ads units  button you’d see the page level ads button. click on it and turn on the two types of ads or which ever you like- either the anchor ad or the vignette ad.(follow the adsense video introduction to know how it works).
  3. Then click get code, when the code appear, copy it and head to your blog,
  4. If you are on blogger, go to your template and click on HTML, then use ctrl+F to find the code <head> and place the code inside it and save.
  5. If you are on wordpress, go to your appearance>theme>editor>header.php and polace the code immediately after <head> or before the </head> and save.
  6. To know if your ad is showing type yoursite name and add #googleads immedately after it….e.g

How to enable Google adsense Page level ads in pictures

how to enable page level ads pictures

The Page Level ad infographic

I added the code and didn’t bother to check, and some days later when I visited my site with my friends phone, I found it showing, so I cant say how long it’ll take before it start showing after you place the code.

comparing page level ads designpageleve ads live on inspired fully


Notice the ad below the screen under the black scribble. To check if the page level ads is showing on your site, add #googleads after the url…e.g (on a mobile browser, eg chrome on your android device)how to check if page level ad is showing on my sitehow to monetize my mobile site/view

The screenshots above shows the anchor or overlay ads, there is also another called the vignette ad, and here it is below

vinette page level ads on mobile site the purple text you see is the vignette ad, once a visitor clicks on it, an ad appear on the next page.

how to check if vignette ad is enabled or showing on your site, once you call the page level ads check on your site, click on the vignette tab on the right of the anchor tab, and wait for it to show, an example below.

how to see ig vignette ads is showing on your sitemore on the vignette advigneete 1.5 on inspiredfullythe purple link in that picture above is a vignette ad, one more on vignette ad,vigneete displayin on inspiredfully 2the purple links above are vignette.

I compared Page level ads and found that it might have different designs according to sites, take a look at the image of the anchor ad here at inspiredfully, and the one on Techlectorpageleve ad two on inspiredfullycomparing page level ads design.can you notice the difference between these two ads? The first from inspiredfully has no frame and the usual adsense info button is spotted on the left hand bottom, but the second from techlector has frame and not adsense info button on the left hand bottom area.

And lastly, both ads can show at the same time as seen below
vigneete 1.5 on inspiredfullyTwo important info:

  1. This ad method only works on site that have been optimized for mobile view
  2. you can check your page level ads performance by logging in to adsense>my ads>page level ads> page level ads report(inside the right side of your screen)

That’s it for now on page level ads, I hope you enjoyed this infographic, Please don’t leave without commenting and then sharing on Facebook twitter, google plus etc, it’ll help me do better.

What do you think about this ad method? how has it been performing with you(if you had enabled it prior to now), do you like it? I think the anchor ad ads a little beauty to the site,but the vignette distort site beauty somehow. What do you think? share with us in the comment area below.


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    • I’m glad you liked it bro, I urge you to implement it and see if it will affect your earnings in any way, however, don’t compromise user experience(as in the case of vignette ad)


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