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before you think of adsense consider these

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The blogosphere today is saturated with issues of adsense. When I came into the now saturated blogoshphere some years back,the issue was mild, but these days you hardly go a day without seeing someones’ adsense dashboard,earnings,disability of account, and several issues like that,and this have prompted newbies to go in dire search of adsense. From purchase,to theft and scam, the adsense issues are endless. There also have been many myths about adsense, because of the way those who have it flaunt it, it has made look like a get rich quick scheme-once you have it,you’ll start getting your dollars with reckless abandon. This is very untrue. I have made a list p the fundamental things to put in place before you start dreaming of adsense.
Bare in mind that adsense have made themselves very inconsistent, what blog “A” does and gets approved and verified is done by blog “B” but the reverse is the case. But this list is one that has just the fundamentals of everything needed by a blog to be accepted.

Google adsense tips

1. Good blog design:These days when adsense have become a hot cake,you don’t want to apply with a poorly designed blog. Make sure your blog has a very good design. In the case where you don’t have the technical know how on how to get a good design,you cant contact any trusted person to do it for you.(I am available). There are some elements very essential or your blog, find below
• Privacy Policy
• Contact us page
• Site map
• About us

These above pages are very important and necessary.

2. Traffic: You can get adsense with your very low traffic blog,as I did mine. But when you get yours today with your low traffic, how long do you think you’ll stay before you’ll get to your first payout? It might take up to 2 years. To avoid this,work on your traffic now and start today. To succeed with this ad network,you need thousands of page views. And the earlier you started the better. Below are very good sources of traffic and you must make the most of it.
• Social Media
• Sponsored post
• Guest posts

3. Content: The amount of posts again in not constant,I was approved with a minute 23 posts(I applied playfully and abandoned the blog, upon my return I had been accepted). But the sure thing is that your content ust be original. Some people would frown at that because they can’t write,but am sorry,you have to. (in case where your inability to write is severe,you can contact me for original posts that beat ad sense guidelines). You should not forget to practice on page SEO during this period as it might put you in good standing.



4. Finally when applying,use your real address,do not make the same mistake I made while applying playfully(although this can be changed google changes their policy every minute). Because I changed does not mean it’ll be like that always.
I believe these tips would help you. In the mean time before your adsense approval,apply for content.ad as they run very good ad netrwork to and it might get difficult in the nearest future just as adsense became. Blog right.

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  1. Thanks for dropping all the hints regarding how to get an Adsense account.
    My problem is writing unique article to get approved because I’m not too good at it. I will be glad if you can help me with some posts just to beat Adsense guidelines as u said in the post.
    Thank You

    • Hello Gustav,thanks for checking this post out. As regards the issue of getting quality posts,you can always outsource,get people to write for you either as a guest post,or paid. However if you want me help you i would for free (via facebook)although I do charge for that(as that’s part of the services I render) . I hope you check back again.

  2. I think i made the perfect choice coming to your site. Because of this post I’m now able to write unique content for Google Adsense approval.

    Thank you Bisco

  3. Well said Bisco, I did almost all what you stated down on this article, things like: • Privacy Policy
    • Contact us page
    • About us.. I even included disclaimer page, but I don’t have • Site map page and my search engines traffic is low 40 to 50+ a day. Though, fewer contents.

    Please, what and what… should I put right before applying again?
    God bless your hustling!

    • Basil,these pages you’ve added are the basic. Your traffic doesn’t count as far as am concerned, only media.net takes that into consideration. As I tell people,after doing the right things,take your heart away from adsense. Continue working right and very soon you’ll get the congratulatory mail.Don’t forget to add the site map,you can use free sites if you are on blogger(a simple google search on free sitemap generator would do),or SEO by yoast if you are on wordpress. Thanks for checking by,hope to see you again.


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