5 common words you must not use on people

5 common words you must not use on people


Just as there are some words which we must not quit using, there are also a group of words that must not be used if we really care about our neighbours (and we all should).

Words like I always say have a way they get to us. Repeating a certain word or sending a particular idea with some synonymous words would over time tell on our psyche. So in short,there are some words which you must try by all means possible to avoid their usage. And you are right on time as I would share a few(not all,but a few,so feel free to share with me using the share area after this write-up).
Seven words you must avoid using.

1. You cant make it:

to start with you’re not God. How on earth do you know the end from the beginning. You don’t tell anybody he/she cant make it in their endeavour. When you tell anybody they cant make it, you belittle the persons ability and capabilities. Do not look down on anybody (to the point of knowing what they cant do). Although the future seems bleak today, within the twinkle of an eyes, things do change.

2. It’s impossible:

Who told you? There’s nothing called impossible, like someone said the word itself is I’m-possible. In his book ‘tough times never last but tough people do’ Robert Schuller instructed, “do not surrender leadership to fears,faults,frenzies, faces, facts”etc. saying its impossible because of something you know is surrendering leadership to facts,if its not possible because of someone,you’re probably surrendering leadership to faces, and so on. A person of your personality should not be heard seen the non possible part of things, worst of all,saying it to people. Once you believe nothing is impossible,it becomes true for you. “a man who says’ he can’t is right…the man who say he can is also right….It’s in the mind”

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3. You failed again:

Stop counting how much times he has failed, Instead remind him how often he has been outstanding. ..telling people they have failed or have always failed would dampen their morale in more ways than one. While a very few people(like me) will seldom pick this line as a challenge sometimes, many other people would not. Don’t be surprised when you hear of somebody who commits suicide because he was told he is a failure, it’s that bad. Try hard as much as possible to always be the bearer of good news and a lightening mood.

4. I hate you:

Actually,this shouldn’t get to one who has a good self esteem. But how do you identify one who is suffering from depression? If one has a good self esteem and is going through tough times and you make such a statement,you’ve given such a person a ticket to the grave. It’s not courtesy to tell someone you hate them. Silence is golden,when you don’t like anybody,then you keep it to yourself. If the person is one with areal bad attitude he/she would rub it back on you and you would be embarrassed. A fight might even ensue, and you have succeeded in belittling yourself. Telling people you hate them can also make them feel depressed,so watch it.

5. Nobody cares,You’re a nobody,you are mad…etc:

all of these are words that must not be heard from you, if your tongue is actually the helm of your life(it is) then the only thing that must be heard from you must be positive and affirmative. Try to make your day to day speech be on that will uplift the hearer and not the opposite. These words can send people to early grave(literally) make them feel depressed,make them feel rejected,etc. you might think you are just joking whilst using any of this,but more than jokes are the results you would get.

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There are lots of words you must not use on people,however,I’d stop here, in your day to day life,you would figure out more of them by the reactions of people around you. And once you mistakenly use these words,don’t hesitate to apologize and reaffirm your love,care and support for the individual, this would go a long way in easing the supposed pain you would have caused.

Over to you,what do you think about these, what words have you really felt bad about when used on you? Have your say below…

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