3 Things Billionaires do Differently

3 Things Billionaires do Differently

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What are the Things billionaires do differently you know? Do you know any billionaire in person? There are people who have decided to be rich-Financially. There are of course many types of wealth. The most common to most people and hence celebrated of course is financial wealth, to this end, most time when wealth is mentioned, the mind of the average individual goes to financial wealth.

This post intends to highlight the difference between people who have decided to be financially rich and those who only wish-at most, to be.

When you want to become something, part of your tasks is to know what people who already did it did, in this case its about billionaires, so you’ll ask: what do billionaires do for fun, what do billionaires do with their time,things millionaires do not spend money on, what are the things billionaires do differently, and so on.
Accumulation of wealth is a function of the mind. Wealth does not find its way to those who are unprepared, and when by a stroke of chance, it falls into the lap of someone who is not expecting it-an unprepared fellow, such wealth finds it way home, it leaves and might never return.

There are certain things billionaires do differently. These things combined are why they are always different in what they do, and what they are. These things are somewhat related to the “ habits of would be billionaires ” which are detailed here.

I’m I a billionaire yet? NO! but trust me, I have studied a lot of them, their life before they became, and the life they live after amassing such wealth, the following are my findings and of course I’m applying them to my life and seeing positive results.

Three things billionaires do differently

The following are a result of my study of billionaires. If you decide to do away with it, because I’m not yet a billionaire myself, then its rather at your own peril. I’m on my own way to stardom, and because there is enough space for all the birds of the air to fly, I’m sharing this information; there is enough space for more than enough billionaires to emerge.

Procrastination is not just a thief of time, but also an enemy of life, time being life

1. Billionaires Avoid Procrastination

The billionaires of this world know what they want, and they don’t dilly dally. There is enough resource, humans are blessed with abundance of everything, but time. If you start procrastinating, you start inviting lack.

Procrastination is not just a thief of time, but also an enemy of life, time being life. If you want to start your journey to wealth, the very first thing is to avoid procrastination.

2. Billionaires Understand Time Management

Once you decide to avoid procrastination, the next is to learn time management. If you can manage your time then you can manage money-somewhat. Whatever

you don’t have is what you have not exchanged your time for

Once you understand how to manage time, you would know how and what to designate each second of the day to, especially those activities that are most profitable.

3. Billionaires prepare for life

The summary of all the things billionaires do differently is that they prepare for life. Others react to life. What do I mean, when you see someone who intends to be a billionaire, he has a strong conviction and this is evident in his dreams and plans, and what does he do? He starts to prepare.

Such individual starts to save money so he can seize any opportunity that comes his way-perhaps to buy any asset that just pops out from the blue, he starts to study what business to invest in so that when he gets a pay rise, when he gets any extra money he’ll know where to invest in.

Then starts to read books that will sharpen his knowledge about money and how to make many of it, et al, and when this anticipated opportunity comes, he relishes and seizes it.

This is what the world calls luck. It’s not luck, its preparation meeting opportunity.

Billionaires Prepare for life, others react to life

Over to you, what are those things billionaires do differently from those who are yet to attain that feat, what do they do that the rest of us do not? Do you think Billionaires truly have some habits that the rest of us do not? What are these habits if they do? If they don’t, why do you think so? to you what do billionaires do all day

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