Books:-21 books to read before you turn 21

Books:-21 books to read before you turn 21

21 must read books

Books are generally amazing. How old are you? Whether 16 or 45 does not really matter now, if you are less than 21, congrats, if you are more, then you are about to turn 21 again. Books are a medium of meeting with the dead, collecting ideas and knowledge from their sources. Unlike knowledge and wisdom, experience comes with age, making mistakes and learning from them. As an individual, you cannot live long enough to make all the mistakes and learn the necessary lessons hence the need to read as much as and wide as possible. By reading you are provided the luxury of communicating with the dead, the wise and those who care to pass on their knowledge. Consider this, if you are 40 years old today, you’ll operate under the experience of a 40 years old, now if you add someone else’s 40 years ideas, won’t you be better than the ordinary man riding on the back of his own 40 years ideas alone? Needless to say such a person would make so many errors because he is “unrefined”. Now if you read 15 books, and assuming they were all written by people in their 40s’ that is 15 times 40, if my arithmetic is correct that is 600 years, isn’t it amazing if you have a 600 years old mind, a brain that can boast of having so much experience, seen the world wars and the great recession first hand, amongst others. Now imagine you have read 21 different books, that is a whooping 840 years. Goodness, at 21, you have a mind eye that has experienced nearly a century, nothing would move you, and you would in fact be precocious.

I’ve made a list, one which would give you a head start. This list as I’m always quick to add is not an ultimate list, I welcome your ideas and criticism of the list, whatever book you expected and would want on the list, please do use the comment area to inform us, we also would love your contributions.
I’ve selected these books not but because I’ve read them all, and I’ve been asked by many people how it is I know so much(not sounding my own trumpet though,) as a teen, I could counsel my mates/peers, and those older than me. So while writing this post I realize it’s in part to answer the question of those people who want to know the source of my knowledge.[You might like:12 reasons you mist stick to your ideas]

21 books to read before your 21st birthday

Apart from the first book on this list, the others are in no particular other. The list touches almost all the aspects of life a teen would face as a young adult, from finance to leadership, to relationship/love or dating, to the renewal of the mind, our attitude in the work place is not left out. You’ll be amazed, this is a must follow list.

1. The 48 laws of power: If am not mistaken, then this is the first book I bought with my money, and it changed my life totally. My perspective changed. The book would teach you laws that would blow your mind. If you want to learn how to manipulate people (not magical, but intellectual) this is a must read, not that only anyway. I recall that in my house alone, we had four of it. Many people believe it’s an “anti-Christianic” book, which I strongly disagree, reason being that the laws are not meant to be dogmatic, if you disagree on any or if it does not suit you, then simply don’t apply it, I think that should be a fix to the laws that might seem ungodly.
The 48 laws of power is a must read at any time, it becomes even better if you are a teen, your eyes would be open to the world right before you. (Author is Robert Green)

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2. As a man thinketh : A very small book indeed, but the size of the book is a sharp contrast to the knowledge inherent. Did you know that the pain you feel today are a blossom of your thoughts? The words you say which you believed are by “mistake” or are as a result of the slip of the tongue are actually not, they have been residing in your mind waiting for a time to manifest, perhaps am not in the best position to explain, the book “As a man thinketh would do a better explanation. It’s an amazing book you don’t want to miss, what more? It’s very handy. (Author is James Allen)
3. Why you act the way you do: Goodness me, this book is the bomb. I could stand in a corner of a room and start telling you about yourself as if I knew you before you were born. I’ve actually not met you before, but I have a directory, which give me an insight to how and why people behave in certain manner, that directory is the book “why you act the way you do”. It’s supposed to sell for a thousand dollars because the author has put in all the time in the world explaining the most delicate creature-Humans. You must have heard of the four temperaments (if you haven’t then you need to wake up, you’ve been sleeping-just kidding!) they are –Sanguine, Choleric, Phlegmatic and melancholic. This books explains it in the simplest way possible. (Author is Tim LaHaYe).

4. Who are you really and what do you want: This book stands to correct the mind of the individuals who were erroneously programmed by their environment, parents, friends et al. It takes the mind to be a programmable tool (more like a computer) which is being programmed daily both consciously and unconsciously. It also deals with the subconscious mind and how it is about the most important part in our daily lives. What do you say to yourself when you look into the mirror, how much do you know about your self talk? This book is a go to if you want to reprogram your mind positively.(Author is Richard Hemstetter)
5. Think and grow rich: Is there an individual today who doesn’t want to be rich? I doubt. Even if he/she doesn’t want to be in the ranks of the Bill Gates of this world, the Warren Buffet, Aliko Dangote and others, he’ll still want to be financially comfortable. The author directs us through the book to work on our minds first if we want to get rich. Financial wealth is a blossom of the mind and its riches, so Napoleon Hill in this classic addresses the mind as the first point of call to wealth generation. You do not want to miss this. (Author is Napoleon Hill) [You might like:How we made our first million-The jarusHub story]

6. Rich Dad Poor Dad: One amazing book that has the author both Popular and famous. Rich dad poor dad narrates how education and schooling affects wealth creation. He (the author) starts by narrating his journey with two men (two dads),one his Biological father and the other his friends dad who turned out to be his mentor. Making money starts from the mind and Rich dad Poor dad exonerates Napoleon Hill. The author, a Chinese American has made himself become an authority in the area of investments, rising from a humble background to become a famous author and investor. This book is superb. It has distinguished itself from other financial books and have become the worlds greatest Personal Finance Book (Author is Robert Kiyosaki)

7. Gifted Hands: Are your hands gifted? Whether yes or no? it’s time to study the life of one who is truly gifted. This book is an auto biography of the worlds’ greatest neurosurgeon, raised by a single parent, a mom who could neither read nor write. Her kids were permanently rooted to the bottom of the class, they were blacks and they lived in an America plagued with racism. However their mum took it upon herself to turn the life of her kids around. The book is both inspiring and motivational, x-raying how determination and zeal delivers success in the long run. Teaching us to always take responsibility and success is inevitable.(Author is Benjamin Carson)
8. Think Big: Another Ben Carson’s book. Think Big is an acronym which you’ll find out in the book.

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9. Take the risk: take the risk x-rays the tricky choices Carson had to make in his career. And an insight into this would help you ubderstand that to succeed, risks must be taken, albeit calculated and quickly too. This is the 3rd Ben Carson’s book I’m recommending because apart from the fact that he’s a terrific guy, his life is a testimony every teen must study.

10. How to win friends and influence people: growing up would present you the opportunities of meeting more people, you will attend meetings and there would be times where you’ll be expected to take decisions, you will need the ability to convince people, you will need friends at some point in your life, the book teaches you how to make friends effortlessly. You will sure understand how to influence people. After reading this book it becomes a stroll in the park to get people to think in your line of thoughts. The author put in a lot of work to make sure the book is worth its while, and a good read too. (Author is Dale Carnegie).
11. Eat that frog: As we grow, we are faced with much more responsibilities, it seems we need more than 24 hours daily to achieve as much as possible, this book teaches how to make the most of the little time you have to achieve the most important task of all the tasks at hand, and helps you in understanding what should be done to those not important. Procrastination is a bane and must be avoided like a plague, which other book to learn avoiding it other than this? (Author is Brian Tracy).

12. Public speaking: Just as adults ridiculously fear spiders and bugs, even more do many fear addressing an audience, and you want to eliminate this fear before you get into adult hood( if you have the fear) or build on your strength if you don’t have the fright of speaking in the public. The book is a very good tool in learning public speaking and you would find the process very interesting. (The author is Dale Carnegie)

21 amazing books

13. The Rules of Love: The issue of emotions cannot be ruled out in the life of young adults, and when they are not put on the right track while growing up on the rules of love then mistakes abound. Even fully fledged still attend seminars and lectures on the subject, so the best way to get a head start is reading this amazing book. All the books by the author are amazing and recommended, from rules of love, rules of management, rules of work (which is the next on my list) etc. You will find them all interesting and captivating. (Author is Richard Templar)

14. Rules of work: At 21, many people would start building their careers; many would start working full time, hence the importance of understanding the rules of work. How to behave in the work environment might seem to you very easy, fine if it is, but then it is very important you brush yourself up. The Rules of work is a very nice book for the job. How about managing your superior? Your junior staff members? Et al.(Author is Richard Templar). [you might like: 5 areas every leader must manage]
15. The secret: Simply Put, “you need this one so badly.” It’s in the league of the think and grow rich, rich dad poor dad, yet it is not just a financial book, it’s more. It teaches how to posses whatever you desire, it highlights how desires are translated into tangible reality effortlessly and as a young adult you will agree with me that you will have a lot of desires to be met.

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16. Tough Times Never Last But tough people do: In your adulthood, you will face challenges, you will need to have read about peoples’ struggles and challenges, you need to know how to overcome problems when they come. Tough times are very crucial parts of our lives and we all need to have the right mentality when they come and a good preparation for it is the book Tough times never last but tough people do. The book will help you in becoming a tough person in all facets of life.(Author is Robert Schuller).
17. Attitude 101: Your attitude determines your altitude, so says the common and true saying. Have you ever met in a banking hall a cashier with a bad attitude? Perhaps an attendant in an eatery has been rude to you. At one point or the other you must have met one, and I don’t think you want to be such a person, and that is why this book is important. Written by a renowned author who has experience in the subject, you are assured of quality instructions which are simple to learn. Your Attitude is a team player in your life and you need to make sure it’s not “rotten”. (the author is John C. Maxwell)

18. Think Like a man, Act like a Woman: Most especially for the ladies, going into relationships can be frustrating. If you do not know what the guys are looking for in a lady you just might be putting a square peg in a round hole. This book helps in understanding how to get guys to pop the most important question every lady wants to answer. And I think you should get it for yourself once you’re about to start dating.
19. 21 irrefutable laws of leadership: If you want to be a leader then there is need to understand the laws governing leadership. You don’t want to make the mistakes most people make and wreck your organization, so understanding how to lead is a quintessential in the life of the young adult.

20. 360 degree leader: Another amazing book from John Maxwell. This time it is to teach how to be an all round leader. After learning how to lead with the 21 Irrefutable laws of leadership, you need to know how to maintain your status as a leader and lead throughout. He also emphasizes that leadership does not only entails you holding a position in an organization, but involves mostly how you handle people Etc. (Author John Maxwell).
21. 80 unavoidable values of life: This is last on the list but definitely not least. 80 unavoidable values of life helps you understand those core values you must work on in your personal life to be an all round phenomenal individual. After reading this you are en-route being amazing. [You might like:3 factors to determine your success]

These books are all amazing, reading them would make you larger than life, your peers would respect you and you will have a head start over your contemporaries.
Like I stated above this list is not final, whichever book or books you feel should be added or removed, do communicate using the comment area below. I’ll like your contribution. Do you think my list is perfect? Near perfect? Or whatever you have to say, please do use the comment area below or give us a list of books you have read too…..

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