15 Easy High Income Skills to Bank $25k Easily

15 Easy High Income Skills to Bank $25k Easily

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When many people hear of the need for high income skills, they think these skills are not important. Little did they know that about 25% of jobs in the United States are at risk of being lost according to the Voice of America and this is even scarier because it has been found that job Insecurity has a strong effect on one’s physical and mental health, and only a few are invincible –those with Skills. And in no distant future, it has been projected by the BBC that job loss may increase to 800million globally because we have more innovative machines coming through.

How can I earn money without working for a company? You have either asked or have heard such question(s) a couple of times. The answer is simple, learn a High income skill.

In this article, you will discover 15 different skills that are very important if you want to know how to make extra money on the side or full time, working for yourself.

What are high income skills?

A skill is basically an expertise, the ability to do something very well. So high income skills are skills that add value to the market place or to those who seek them and generate revenue for those who possess them.

While a high income job is alluring, it is different from a high income skill. One of the most pronounced difference is in the fact that a high income job is valued and determined by your boss, while you call the shot while earning with your high income skill.

It goes without saying a skill in high demand but few experts will definitely pay more than those with quite a lot of experts willing to do them. Thank goodness for the internet, most of these are skills you can learn online.

5 Reasons why you must develop a high income skill for extra income

There are lots of reasons why you must learn at least one or two high income skills for extra income or financial freedom –whatever reason for which you want it. And in the next few paragraphs, I will highlight why these extra income ideas are non-negotiable.


High income skills make you valuable to either your employer or your community. If you work in an organization where your skill is being utilized as an addition to the other services you render, you’d be closer to being indispensable.

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Generate serious side income

With your high income skill, you are able to generate extra income, with which you can live more comfortable than your paid employment would have afforded you. Your skill is a good way of generating a side income, who wouldn’t want that.

Become self-employed

If you have one or two skills, you can easily move into self-employment after or when you chose to leave paid employment.

Own your life

With your skill, and as a business owner or self-employed, you own your life full time. You call the shots and determine how much you make by how much work you put into your business. What more? Your profit is yours to keep -100%.

Escape the machines on a rampage

High income skills are surely one of the best answers to job security. While many people are losing their jobs to machines, automatons or robots, you are safe because your business or source of income is safe.

So what are some examples of high income skills to learn to make money? We have curated 15 of them, so find below the easiest 21st-century skills, most of which are skills you can learn online.

15 top High income skills to learn


Is copywriting a high income skill? The long and short answer is a resounding YES. Not everyone can write, and there are thousands of websites in need of copywriters. There are lots of new products being developed every day, and copywriters are needed to write product descriptions, sales pages, etc.

Social media manager

This is one of the skills made popular by the emergence of social media. Every day, social media managers are needed several social handles. From creating posts, replying comments, manage social platforms, or maintaining the brand by creating an active social profile for the various businesses they work for.


If you want to know how to make extra money on the side but do not have a well-defined skill, then consulting may be your escape.
If you know a lot about an industry, you can convert it to a skill and become a consultant for businesses and individuals who want to venture or invest in your area of expertise.

skills you can learn online

Software development

As the world goes fully digital, there is an ever-increasing need for different software to do tasks that would take humans days and months to complete. This has prompted an increase in the need for software developers. They are also needed to help find and fix bugs in already developed programs.

Internet marketing

This is one of the easiest high income skills. With the knowledge of internet marketing, you can sell anything using the internet as a medium. Internet marketers use the internet to sell or promote whatever product or service, brands or business they are marketing or promoting.

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Financial manager

If you are good with numbers and or have a very good analyst mindset, then you can be a good financial manager. Companies are constantly in need of skilled finance managers to help them with their financial forecast, analyze trends, access risks, and several other tasks that are necessary to keep their finance in good standing. Although for this skill, you may need a college degree to stand a better chance of making more money.

Mobile app development

A look at the desktop of your mobile phone, and you’d understand why this is important. Businesses these days want to stay close to their customers, and one of the ways is to stay on their desktops in form of apps, so mobile app development is one of the high income skills you can learn to make even more money than you are already making.

Search Engine Optimization

One of the many possible ways of reaching this article is either through the search engines as you searched for “High income skills”, or through social media. And that’s what search engine optimization does. It puts your website in good standing, so when any information is searched, the search engines serve results from your website –if it has such information.
Of course, most business owners want search engine optimization for their website so they can make more sales or get more leads.

Public Speaking

Do you have the skill to talk to a large audience and possibly convince people to take certain actions? Then you’re in business. Like footballers, public speakers make thousands of dollars speaking and enjoying themselves on stage. To be a public speaker though, you need to have a very good knowledge of what your area of focus is. This is one of the high income skills Dan Lok boasts of, where he gets thousands of dollars monthly (Dan Lok is a popular high ticket closer).


As we enjoy everything digital, there is a need for programmers who’d program more and more of what we enjoy today, and in the future. Like software or mobile app developers, and others, this is a skill in high demand.

Few of the numerous programming skills you can learn include: JAVA, SQL, C++, iOS/Swift, PHP, Ruby on Rails, C#, Python, Ruby on Rails.

You can learn these skills on the following platforms: Coursera, EdX, Udemy, Github,etc. Some of these courses are free, while some are premium paid courses.


More than ever, there is an increase in the use of aircraft, including choppers, so the demand for pilots is and will keep increasing.

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Video production, animation or whiteboards

A visit to Youtube and other video sharing platforms, and you’d see the beautiful jobs done by video producers, animators, or whiteboard specialists. Videos are becoming an indispensable medium of marketing and if you know how to make good videos, you’d be smiling to the bank.


For years, I was a freelancer on Fiverr. This is simply helping people with tasks they can’t do, which you can do, and you get paid for it, it’s as simple as that. From article writing to graphics, web design, voice-overs, SEO, and virtually all the skills on this list can be offered on Fiverr and some of the freelancing sites around. (Do you want to learn how to make money on Fiverr without capital? Contact us, we’re able to help.)


In case you don’t know, you’re currently reading a blog. And this blog is used to generate steady income. So if you can blog, it’s time to convert your skill to a source of income and earn extra income. Blogging is one of the best skills to learn to make a side income, even while keeping your day job. The inspiredfully team is available to teach you how to blog like a pro to generate over $2500 regular in income while you sleep or keep your day job.

Graphic design

If you are good with colors or graphics and are a good graphic designer, then you have a very good high income skill. Graphic design is one of the best skills to learn to make money. There are lots of individuals and businesses in need of eye-catching images, logos, banners, etc. for their campaigns and websites. This is also a nice way to earn on freelancing sites like Fiverr.

Rounding up

If you wanted to know how to make extra money on the side, that’s it. These are all high income skills you can learn online. There are courses you can take to brush up your skill and be ready to offer your services. Remember, your knowledge of any of these extra income ideas determines how much you quote your clients, and the level of your delivery will determine if you will be rehired or not.

For skills to learn to make money, Amazon is a great place to get books and materials to learn these skills, you can also get video courses on Udemy, and you can offer these services directly on marketplaces like Fiverr. (Get 2 free audiobooks on amazon audible).

What are the high income skills you have? And which of the skills above do you wish you had and are willing to learn? Kindly share your views on the extra income ideas we’ve shared in the comment section below.

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