10 of the Most Matured Nigerian Blogs and Bloggers

10 of the Most Matured Nigerian Blogs and Bloggers

Nigerian Blog

When you think of a Nigerian Blog , what comes to your mind? Well, these guys will give you an insight to redefine that brand, their approach to blogging will show you that a Nigerian Blog is not only a tool for desperados.

Every day, there are thousands of new blogs created. Even more blogs spring up in Nigeria by the minute, but the influx in the amount of blogs does not mean there is a rise in the amount of bloggers, on the contrary, there is a decline.

More individuals exit the blogging space in Nigeria by the day and at an alarming rate, however this is not so obvious to the onlooker who is not a blogger, or who does not have an in-depth understanding of blogging.

I chose to say there is a decline in the amount of bloggers because I don’t believe you are a blogger once you have a blog, many are out to tarnish the image of blogging as a result of their dirty acts.

Blogging like every other profession have best practices, And if you do not abide by them, you are bound to fail, and this is one of the major reasons the amount of bloggers in the nation is declining, no one wants to stand by the best practice of blogging anymore. Most want to hit it big in one week, they want to own exotic cars without giving what it takes to attain that level of success, this is why there are many so called bloggers jumping ship to be freelancers, and do all from of trading, and even advanced fee fraud, yet, they hide under the umbrella of the world of blogging. Because they own blogs does not make them bloggers.

This list should inspire you who is not yet an established blogger, to strive to make a name for yourself and to leave a footprint in the sands of time. It is possible if only you keep to the dream and the vision.

The bloggers listed in this list have been checked over time and their approach towards blogging have been different. They are those I call “bloggers”. They have distinguished themselves and are building brands for themselves with their blog (for those whose blog are not brands yet).

The yardstick which was used to measure these bloggers is simple, Quality, Creativity, Branding, strategy, craftiness, social media reputation, and a few others. A visit to their blogs will prove the point.

No blog which started as a company is on the list, (i.e. no site that started with a few employees is on the list, E.G Naij) also, there are not news sites on the list.
Though some or any of them is not riding a posh today, if they continue doing the right thing, they will arrive there.

Top Ten of Most Matured Nigerian Blog (s) and Bloggers

Here are my top ten picks matured Nigerian bloggers, you want to make the list? Get noticed, do the right thing, and wait for your time. The list is in no particular order.

1. Jide Ogunsanya : You know him? Many Nigerian bloggers do, he is the founder of the popular OgbongeBlog, a blogger par excellence, and it is a no brainer he has distinguished himself.
Jide is responsible for Bloggers lab, a Facebook group that brings thousands of bloggers together, he also pioneers BloggersNG, a Nigerian blog directory for bloggers.
He uses OgbongeBlog to teach how-tos’, blogging and money making.

2. Wale AdeKile: Many people know him as Don Caprio, he is one heck of a guy man. A visit to Geek NG will proof the class of the owner. Geek is a famous Nigerian blog where tech news and tips are reeled out on a daily basis, recently, Geek was mentioned by mashable.
Some years back, before he rechristened the blog to geekNG, he used it to teach blogging tutorials, an approach he suspended for reviews, although some months back, he re-opened Doncaprio.com to resume tech tutorials, a part of him he claimed has refused to die.

3. AdeSoji Adegbulu: Have you visited MMO NG? Goodness! The quality of that blog is charming. And you cannot but admire the brain behind it. Soji uses his platform to teach making money online, and he employs rear and obviously worldclass strategies.On MMO, I first observe a Nigerian blog offer premium content (readers pay to read some posts), that is amazing, it shows the desire and confidence in the quality of the administrator.

4. Toby Nwazor: I learnt about Toby when he dropped a comment on my blog, A checked on his profile made me realize hes an amazing bloke. I even had a brief chat with him earlier and a visit to Toby’s blog MystartupCeo will blow you away. Toby has contents of the highest quality, no wonder he is an author for Fortune, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, business2community, goodmenproject etc. Toby Nwazor is a business coach, public speaker, blogger, freelancer etc and he does it at the highest level. I think Toby has done the Nigerian blog as a brand proud.

5. Awazie Ikechi: If you don’t know AwazieIkechi.com, you may be forgiven, because the owner strives for the most targeted traffic, I met him in Aha-Now bloggers forum own by Harleena Singh.
He is one of the most matured I have encountered, he doesn’t serve ads on his blog,(are you kidding me?, there are some others who don’t, but he is the first I noticed) I talked to him about it, and he gave his reasons and user experience was one of it, now that’s maturity. Some blogs force you to click on their ads, yet Ikechi respects your presence so much he doesn’t serve you an ad.
He uses his platform to educate, inspire and develop the world in his own way. You can read my post on the three emotions that determine our life long decisions on Awazie’s blog

6. Maverick Excel: Anytime I think of him, I think of his wide grin (am sorry). I stumbled upon his blog somehow, and I was swept away. I quickly went ahead and had a few minutes chat with him. He’s an amazing young lad who is striving to make a mark. His writing skills distinguish him, He’s one good writer. He uses MaverickExcel to teach blogging and do self-development.
I recently learnt of his podcasting series and this is a huge step in the right direction. One of his dreams is to write for Forbes.

7. Nosagie Nosa-Ero: This guy is an enigma. While I think he is in the wrong niche, there is little I can do. When I started blogging, I had flair for two Niches, Self-development and tech, I had to make a choice, I chose Self Development, Nosa was in the same dilemma, but he went the other way(he didn’t tell me, I observed from a distance, because Nosa had a Self-Development blog).
If Nosa makes a post – on Facebook, and that post does not radiate the hatred for failure or mediocrity, then that post isn’t from Nosa.
He owns TechREZ, which he advises is the Resurrection of Tech, and with Techrez, Nosa furnishes the web space with amazing tech write ups and reviews.

8. Otunba Sam Adeyinka: The owner of income splash, is one I respect from afar, I don’t know why, but I strongly think it is because he has a good knowledge of what he does, he is not scared of plunging into the deep world of the unknown. He writes in an amazing fashion and he is an amazing blogger who advises that he wants to help as many business as possible succeed online.
Sam uses his platform to reach out to businesses and entrepreneurs and helps them to use the web for the growth of their business.

9. Bisco Ibitade Chukwuemeke: So you are surprised I made the cut? Did you expect I don’t do blogging according to ethics? Anyway, Bisco Ibitade owns InspiredFully, which he uses to teach Self Development and it has been his medium to reach entrepreneurs who want to take their businesses online. He has helped lots of small business owners take their business online and has continued to impact in his own way.
With inspiredfully, Bisco Ibitade also reaches out to bloggers and direct them in the right path, and so far it has been working.

10. Samuel Afolabi: A visit to techlector will inspire you. Samuel is an undergraduate but maintains techletor as a pro. I appreciate his style and the passion with which he runs it. I do not have much to say about the blog – as it is a tech review blog, but the maturity he applies to the day to day running is very much recognized. He uses his blog to constantly release reviews of gadgets, and dishes out tech news.

The purpose of this post is simply to celebrate those who have been doing a good job in their industry. There are lots of other amazing bloggers who were not mentioned. Their efforts are well appreciated, and subsequently, they will be recognized too.

Also as I said before, this should inspire those who are up and coming to strive for excellence.
What do you think of the list? Are these bloggers matured enough for you in their approach to blogging? Share your thought with us using the comment area below.
What do you think of the list? What are your thoughts of the “Nigerian blog”. Are these bloggers matured enough for you in their approach to blogging? Share your thought with us using the comment area below.


  1. Hello Bisco,

    Thanks for the mention. And seeing Ikechi Awazie here is also phenomenal because he is the boss when it comes to personal development in this part of the world. I love the round up post and I appreciate the opportunity of meeting other great guys like Jide.

    Keep up the good work

  2. Oh wow! This is a really amazing list.

    Thanks to you Bisco for the mention.

    It’s a rare privilege to be mentioned with other veterans like Jide, Wale, Awazie, Samuel, Nosa and others.

    Continue with the good work.

    I like the responsiveness of your blog

  3. WOW… I am more than happy I made it to this list of 10. The truth be told, It is not easy to be on a list with other Nigerian pro bloggers like Jide Ogunsanya, Wale Adekile, Nosagie Nosa-Ero, Adesoji Adegbulu… just few to mention. It is indeed a privilege to be mentioned.

  4. Hey Ibitade,

    How are you today?

    Thank you so very much for mentioning my name alongside this blogging virtuosos, I really am grateful and trust me I am particularly ecstatic to have read the words you well phrased about me. I didn’t even know you have been understudying me like you said you’ve been doing. And it’s obvious that you’ve done your homework well with the quality and aptness of this post. Kudos bro!

    Jide I know. Wale I know. Promise I know. Adesoji I know. Awazie I know. Nosa is like my BIG brother to me, so i know him. Tony and Samuel, are my friends on Facebook only that we’ve not really had the opportunity to commune together. We should sometimes soon. Albeit, I checked the former’s blog and I thought he’s got plethora of powerful things going on there…i am still digging into his many great posts.

    So speaking of the intent and the exact reasons this posts was borne out, I think if you are going to do blogging, you do it well. The good book said, “Whatever your hands finds to do, do it well.”

    I hate mediocrity and I hate it with passion! Hence, I always like to throw myself out there to really add value with the quality of my posts and speeches and much about everything I do on the internet and elsewhere.

    And Bisco, these guys you mentioned are great guys, I mean I have read Ogbonge blog in the past and I thought Jide his a really cool guy, i mean he defined blogging as we know it in Nigeria. Wale too. I also checked Promise’s blog and I think dude is doing an amazing job with his blog too.

    You too man, you are such a great guy and I believe you are doing the trade proud!

    Thanks again for mentioning me in this definitive list of powerful and matured bloggers. I hugely appreciate it!


  5. Hi Bisco

    You did a great job and I must commend you for talking about blogging in Nigeria which is not in its best shape. Thanks for the mention and it is an honor to be among the pros. Take Care

  6. This is good work!

    Thanks for the love and mention.

    Your intro to this content means a lot. I’m hoping many people will read and understand this. It’ll help “bloggers” a great deal.

    In addition, I am glad to know (see their works) all of the people mentioned on this list. These guys are doing the work.

  7. Great work you’re doing here, Bisco. Thanks a lot for the mention. You know, it always feels good reading something nice about yourself. 🙂 It means a lot.

    Thanks again!

  8. All the blogs mentioned here and their bloggers are great. But Ther are several others that have proven their worth in the Nigerian blogosphere. Oscarmini.com by Oscar Frank and gulpmatrix.com by Tony Onwujiariri are also worthy of mention in the science and technology niche.

  9. Hi Bisco,

    Nice list.

    I know Ikechi and Sam well. All the other folks are new to me.

    I am happy to tweet this and spread the word. So many awesome Nigerian bloggers on the come up; by promoting each other we all help one another to succeed, from all around the globe.

    Isn’t blogging fun like that?

    Thanks for sharing.


    • Hello, Ryan,

      Thank you for coming over.

      I’m glad you know Ikechi, I know he does his stuff very well, and he is well known.

      and true, it’s fun when we promote ourselves.

      I like the name of your blog, BLoggingFromParadise.

      Enjoy yourself.

  10. Hi Okoh, I hope you are having a good day.

    This is an inspiring article, it’s good seeing Nigerian bloggers reaching heights. It’s very inspiring and motivating as I have heard there are also sometimes when there is a full electricity cut in the whole country so that’s very good seeing them passionate towards their goals and working hard for it.

    Darleen Prangue

    • Hello Darleen, the electricity issue is appalling, thank goodness it’s improving in some areas but its still too poor considering we’re in the 21st century.

      There are some Nigerian bloggers who are very amazing and these ten are some of them.

      I’m glad you took time to read and appreciate the list.

      Thank you.


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