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Okoh Ibitade Chukwuemeke

I'm Bisco. A young writer and geek. As part of my dream to see everybody around me live an improved,first class and above average life. Feel free to read more and contact me when necessary using the social media links below.

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    thanks for this wonderful post it really great.
    Yesternight i enter a arguement with a guy that later lead to insults, fight and hurtness we both hurt ourselves and i had a bad night but today this morning i wanted to prove mature so i contacted him with a pleasant words and told him things he don't know and he properly thinks he know now we are happy friends again.
    I will get a link to this post and send him today.
    Thanks once again.

  2. 2

    Bisco Ibitade chukwuemeke

    You're welcome. You're a great friend, because it takes a great man to realise a mistake and make amend, and you did just that. I also want you to be careful to avoid any further avoidable argument having known the effect. I hope you find other of my posts as useful and helpful.

    Thanks for dropping by.


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